Harley Davidson announced the new 5 -year plan “Hardwire” strategy

Harley Davidson announced the new 5 -year plan “Hardwire” strategy

For Harley Davidson, 2021 is an important year.

Former CEO Matt Levature and a large number of former executives, and the new boss Jochen Zeitz

Posted a relatively conservative new plan

Harley Davidson still has many jobs to do.

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

Starting in January 2021, the new plan has been implemented slowly. The initial measure was to confirm which models will return in 2021, and which models will withdraw from the stage. At the same time, after more than a year of hype, the long -awaited Harley AVD model

Pan America finally confirmed that it will debut for the first time on February 22


哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

And yesterday, Harley announced

The next five -year plan is called “Hardwire”

Although it is not like the last time it is announced by the new plan, there are still some interesting points worth our attention.

The reorganization of the previous strategy “REWIRE” began in the spring of 2020. It mainly involves allowing Harley to restore the basic business, and

Put more points on the main products

The new “Hardwire” plan covers the basic route from Harley Davidson from 2021 to 2025. The plan can be seamlessly connected with the task left by “REWIRE” at the end of 2020. The common points between the two strategies and the overall theme are very similar.

Harley Davidson’s goal is to continue

Establish and strengthen the company’s industrial pillar

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

The main outline of “Hardwire” strategy:


Concentrated and developed and invested in the most powerful and sales models (including cruise, travel and tricycles) to increase profits.


Verseledly expanded popular models (adventure station wagons and medium -sized cruise cars) extremely core markets (the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand).


Create a separate, power department, mainly attacking power technology to produce the best electric motorcycle in the world.


Carry out more complementary businesses, not only in the motorcycle industry, including parts and accessories, goods and financial services.


Put the customer experience in the first place and establish a close connection with the riders and non -riders.


Adjust the compensation of employees and shareholders, encourage the establishment of a more diverse team of employees, allow dealers to establish a closer community awareness and realize the impact of a net zero environment.

Jochen Zeitz said that Harley Davidson’s future work is allocated as


: 70 % focus on core models, 20 % focus on new models, 10 % focus on other opportunities, including small displacement models.

Putting most of the energy on the existing business is a conservative choice. Although this method can easily cause a group of critics to laugh at, this is a wise decision because

Cruiser, station wagon and tricycles have proven to have high profits to Harley Davidson

And rich profits.

Critics believe that Harley Davidson needs to expand new areas, which is not wrong, but before that, a strong core business needs to be established in order to

Provide funds for the development of new areas and balance inherent risks

For new businesses, only 20%of the energy invested also reflects that this is a conservative strategy. Zeitz said that Harley Davidson will selectively invest in new business,

Strive for a balance between quantity, profit and potential

Zeitz said: “Choose and focus on the opportunity to meet the standards, we clarify our intention: we want to win among them.”

Harley Davidson believes that

Pan America meets this standard

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

And with strong growth potential, it will treat adventure stationary models as an extension of the Harley station wagon.

In the entire motorcycle industry, we have seen

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

The ADV model effectively replaces the sports station model

Therefore, maybe Harley Davidson also saw some potential customers’ choices in traditional station wagon and ADV models.

Farewell, bronx

The BronX model is not mentioned this time, which means that Harley cannot see profitability or potential on this model. Therefore, the Bronx model is planned to be postponed indefinitely. But through the content above, it is delayed,

It’s better to directly describe it as a stop

Because it is no longer suitable for the company’s plan

New engine

On the future medium -sized cruise vehicle, Harley Davidson intends to use it

New Revolution Max engine

That is the engine that will be used on Pan America.

Zeitz said: “The new Revolution Max engine provides a

Multifunctional platform

It can achieve the expansion of the cross -car series. “This will provide us with a highly competitive and profit path, which will expand our relationship with our customers to products other than our core business. “

New models launched in the future

Harley Davidson also released before

Custom 1250

The conceptual model is a new type of medium -sized cruise vehicle. Zeitz said that we will see it on February 22 with the press conference of “Pan America”

More information about it

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

The remaining 10 % of the company will focus on other new ways, including high -quality and low -displacement models that cooperate with partners. Harley Davidson has previously been with China

Qianjiang cooperates to develop small displacement models

And in October, I signed a license and development agreement with Hero Motocorp in India.

Independent electric motorcycle department

Harley Davidson recently deleted the relevant pages of its electric concept on their official website. Although this moves some questions about Harley’s electric motorcycle industry, Hardwire has reiterated the company’s commitment to establish a new electric motorcycle department.

“Our fuel motorcycle will promote our business development in the next few years, but our

Electric motorcycles are very important for our long -term success

Essence “” We are completely committed to and keen to lead electric motorcycles. “

The new department will have all the autonomy of electric vehicle development and operate separately from the development of internal combustion engines. This will make decisions and implementation more flexible and provide potential external partnership for future development.

Interestingly, Zeitz said,

Traditional fuel models are not suitable for electric motorcycles

Essence For all electronic products, the focus is on new technologies, not annual iteration. This can explain why LiveWire was not mentioned in the release of the model in 2021 in January.

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

Growth of complementary business

Although the sales of motorcycles have promoted the development of the company, this is not the only area for Harley Davidson to make money. Harley

Sales of parts and accessories and extended peripheral goods

It will be an important part of the hardware strategy. Under the Hardware strategy, Harley will update its product series and promote online sales and distribution. It will also be targeted at the same time

The “Harley Davidson Certification” program for second -hand motorcycles

Customer group and customer experience

Under the Hardware strategy, Harley will continue to seek new customers and try to retain the existing customer base. Zeitz talks about

Harley customer aging

His views, the age of its customer base is the same as the development of Harley’s entire industrial culture.

“Our data shows that although our customers are diverse, there are (including young ages) at all ages,” Zeitz said. “But our future

The main model is biased towards middle -aged riders

This is because our customers age is very similar to our greatest competitors’ customers. “

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

According to Zeitz, the company’s advantage is that

With the age of customers, customers will be more oriented to choose and buy Harley Davidson

Essence Therefore, Harley’s digital marketing will target this age.

哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略

Attract and retain employees

The important part of REWire includes 700 layoffs in 2020, but under the Hardwire strategy, Harley

It will focus on attracting and retaining talents now

Essence Harley will provide about 4,500 employees with stock options from factory workers to executives.

Hardwire also sets a goal for the company to make its net environment affect zero.

Harley also announced its performance in the fourth quarter of 2020. Although the performance in the third quarter was relatively good, the net loss of the last quarter was $ 96 million, resulting in the year -end profit of 2020 only 1.3 million US dollars, and 2019, and 2019 The annual net income was US $ 423.6 billion, a decrease of 29 % over the previous year, and the sales of new car in the world decreased year -on -year. Among them, the Asia -Pacific region decreased by 8 % and the Latin American region decreased by 39 %.

These numbers are not unexpected. 2020 is a challenge year. In this year, Harley

Exit the market in some areas

, Delivery to dealers has dropped by 32 %, the purpose is to make

Create more demand and correct the market for excessive demand.

No one can determine whether the Hardware strategy is a correct and feasible strategy. Harley is facing many challenges. It will grow steadily and steadily in the future in the future in the future.

The Hardwire era has begun.




哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略



哈雷戴维森 公布全新5年计划 "Hardwire"战略





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