Let a man jealous “mechanical” crossbody bag! Someone calls you pretty when you go out on the street

Now what bags are tide and eye -catching, I observe the crowds who come and go,

I found that there is a function!

Small bag,


Suddenly dragging and cool;

Whether you go to work daily or go out to play,

Go on your back and be smart and handsome ~

And just welcoming the holiday,

There must be a suitable bag to go out to play. (Reasons to buy a bag plus one)

A lot of recommended by Xiaohongshu, I am directly

Pick your eyes.

But in fact, some wrapped in your hands and regret it,

The material is too soft, the design is too exaggerated, and the mini can’t install something,

Buying it is a decoration.

I really don’t want to discover this before I discovered this

Good -looking and installed niche style messenger bag,

I had to find a satisfactory one like a big waves.

Don’t pick people at all, this is like this ↓



Xincada function crossbody bag,


Not only the face value is full, the capacity is also very large,

Can install tablets, mobile phones, water cups, umbrellas …

The fabric is stiff and dirty and waterproof.

Small details are very good,

The overall collapse is not soft, and the design of the umbrella at the bottom is very intimate.


Four layers of large capacity can be installed with 9 pieces+,

Umbrellas, water cups, mobile phones, tablets can be brought, and you need to bring it in the bag for a day.

The back is still stylish, and it is carried on the holiday.

Hidden umbrellas, water cups, tablets …

4 layers of large capacity can be installed 9 pieces+

If you want to go out of the door with a beautiful look, ZUI is worried that you can’t install anything, and become a decoration;

So it looks good, practical is also important ~

There are a total of this machine package

Four layers of space,

The three major layers of storage can be equipped with paper towels, cups, charging treasures and the like.

Put your wallet and mobile phone on your back, easy to get,

It will not be planned to the mobile phone screen, and the storage is also very regular.

The main collection bag in the middle, after opening

It’s more than enough to install a tablet.


And there is still


Small compartment,


The headset, mobile phone and the like are well -installed.

I used in one day

Mobile phones, headphones, charging treasures, keys, umbrellas, cups, paper towels

Can be installed.


Compared with the things before and after the things are installed, in addition to the drum, you can see the bottom out of the bottom.

It really changed.

Before installing things ↓

After installing things ↓

When you go out, you do n’t have a sense of security without an umbrella.

So this bag is set at the bottom


“Small organs” with umbrellas,


Hang outside

Don’t worry about wet things on the umbrella. (Photography tripod, bicycle lock can also be put)

In addition to being able to install umbrellas, the water you drink cannot be dropped.

Hidden storage on the side can


Easy to loosen a bottle of water,

It is easy to take it in easily, and it is convenient to replenish water when going out.

After installing the daily necessary things, the bag is still stiff and stylish, there is no drums,


The back is still beautiful!

Usually a backpack is always a bit annoying, such as

The fabric is not waterproof, there are

Maybe I accidentally wet the bag;

The backpack is not easy to pick,


It is also easy to get the headset.


There are no such problems with Xincada cross -body bag.


This bag is very intimate in details, adopted

Anti -watering fabric, and fast -lifting magnetic straw,

Can pick bags 1s.

Waterproof fabric of the shoulder bag

The waterproofness is very good,

Also flexible and wear -resistant,

Smooth, I don’t like wrinkles.

Pour a glass of water outside, the water will flow down the fabric, and it will not be soaked inside.

The things in the bag will not be drenched.


Magnetic buckle

It is convenient to save effort. If you want to pick up the bag, you can remove it quickly with a rope.


Drag the shoulder bag with one hand, and the other hand is gently pulled,


Quickly remove the backpack;

This seemingly inconspicuous small design is used to use

Great convenience.

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New chest bag men’s messenger bag waterproof shoulder bag messenger bag men’s Oxford cloth men’s shoulder bag casual


¥ 59