Qingdao’s “bus blue” 47,000 people like Douyin on the fire to like them

Qingdao Daily / Qingdao View / Qing Daily News Recently, two videos of the two staff wearing Qingdao bus uniforms to help the elderly cross the road on the “Douyin” fire. More than 500 netizens commented. On the 15th, the reporter learned that the two enthusiastic buses were the inspectors of Yin Cong and Zang Jinyan, a notice at the South Bus Fourth Palm Company of Qingdao Bus City, and the two said that if they did not see this “Douyin” video, I have long forgotten this inadvertent good deed.

According to the memories of the inspector Yin Cong, a few days ago, he and his colleague Zang Jinyan went out to eat with lunch break. On the way back to the branch, he suddenly saw an old man who was traveling hard on the sidewalk with the help of the disabled walkifier. “At that time, when I watched the elderly faltering, I was very bad in my heart, and I wanted to step forward subconsciously to help.” Yin Congnan told reporters that the old man was giving up in front of the zebra crossing when the old man crossed the road. In front, the old man helped him move forward on the left and right. What the two did not expect was that after passing the intersection, the old man who had just staggered raised his body! It turned out that the elderly across the road with the help of a pace was a test launched by a Douyin account team. It aims to test what everyone wants to do when facing the disabled and record the warmth of the heart of strangers. Yin Conggong said that the old man thanked him and his colleagues hurried away afterwards. It wasn’t until she saw the video on “Douyin” that she found that her actions were recorded by the camera and made into the video and passed on the “Douyin”.

青岛俩“公交蓝”火上抖音 4.7万人为她们点赞

The reporter noticed that the video received a message from more than 500 enthusiastic netizens and the likes of 47,000 people. awesome. In the face of the reposted comments from netizens, the two said that they should do it: “Everyone has an elderly person, compares their hearts, and anyone in this case will reach out,” Yin Cong Cong said. In the industry, employees often improve their awareness of service through service examples, and their actions and colleagues are completely subconscious. “In the future, we will also take this as an opportunity to continuously improve service awareness, improve service quality, and provide a warm and comfortable ride environment for the majority of passengers.” Yin Cong Cong said. (Reporter Zhou Jianliang Correspondent Han Yaoyu)

青岛俩“公交蓝”火上抖音 4.7万人为她们点赞

More warm news:

Route 304: Men’s nosebleeds, bus guests 120 urgently sent medical treatment

青岛俩“公交蓝”火上抖音 4.7万人为她们点赞

Qingdao Daily / Qingdao View / Qing Daily News At noon on July 14, a man in Qingdao was more than bleeding and was ready to go to the hospital for treatment. However, because the location was not easy to take a taxi, the man could only take a bus 304. The bleeding increased, the passengers jointly helped to stop the bleeding, and the driver quickly drove the bus directly across the hospital to fight for the treatment time for the passengers.

The male passenger covered his nose with his hands when he got on the car.

On the 14th, Li Fengning, a driver of the Fifth Branch of the Public Transport Group Tunnel and Bus Company, drove DD864 from a ferry to the direction of Liuqing River. When driving to Xijiang Station, a couple of about 50 years old got on the bus. Careful flight attendant Hu Xiumei found that there were a few drops of blood stains on his chest when he got on the back door as soon as he got on the car, and the male passenger’s nostril was blocked by a paper towel. After getting on the car for a while, the paper towel had been stained by blood. At this time, the female passenger said anxiously to the flight attendant Hu Xiumei: “His capillaries are broken, and he must go to the hospital immediately.” At this time, after hearing the conversation, the passengers next to the couple had two ideas, and the passengers handed the male passengers with paper towels to the male passengers. Essence “Then why don’t you get a taxi,” because there are still seven or eight stops from the nearest hospital, Hu Xiumei worriedly asked the two passengers. “In this position, I couldn’t get the car at noon. We waited for a while and didn’t find a taxi, because I was worried that I dyed the car for others. Although there were private cars passing by here, we did not stop.” The female passenger said anxiously Essence

The flight attendant helped the passenger handing a tissue.

青岛俩“公交蓝”火上抖音 4.7万人为她们点赞

After hearing this, the flight attendant immediately informed the driver Li Fengning in the car. At this time, more and more male passengers had nosebleeds, and they had soaked several paper towels. Because they were worried that the male passenger delayed the treatment due to too much blood loss, the driver Li Fengning sought the opinions of the passengers in the compartment. There is a hospital in the middle of the Shakou Station. In order to save time, the site will continue to drive the car directly to the door of the hospital. Passengers will support this proposal.

After getting the support of everyone, Master Li shouted, “Then let’s go to the hospital first!” Then he drove the car directly opposite the hospital’s entrance. After watching the two passengers got out of the car and went to the hospital, Master Li drove away and re -invested in re -investment. run. A total of 7 stops for passengers to get on the bus, Master Li took less than 10 minutes.

Afterwards, Li Fengning said: “Thank you very much for your help and support, especially the male passenger with children, because they make the car full full of ‘warm” atmosphere. “

Route 932: The female passenger is sudden, the driver and the mother and child passengers are escorted to the hospital all the way

Qingdao Daily / Qingdao View / Qing Daily News At 18:00 on July 14th, a female passenger on the 932 bus suddenly fainted. At a critical moment, the bus driver copied the road to Chengyang People’s Hospital. Passengers have gained precious time in time.

青岛俩“公交蓝”火上抖音 4.7万人为她们点赞

The passenger’s onset, the driver stepped forward to check the situation.

According to the memory of driver Li Xuegang, on the afternoon of the 14th, he drove a bus 932 to Nanya East Station. The voice of passengers suddenly came from the compartment. The air flow was smooth. At that time, the dizzy female passenger sat in the special passenger of the back door, her face was white, and she had no response to calling and shooting gently. At the same time, Li Xuanggang dialed 120 for help in time, and the 120 dispatch center replied that the ambulance was now ambulance. Due to the urgent situation, Li Xuegang sought the consent of the passenger on the car, and transferred the passengers on the car to other buses, and directly copied the recent road to Chengyang People’s Hospital.

In the meantime, a pair of mother and child passengers accompanied Li Xuegang to take care of the passengers, pointing to him and keeping in touch with the hospital. At the gate of the hospital, the bus could not drive from the emergency lane. Li Xuegang parked the car at the special lane for the ambulance, carrying the female passenger straight to the emergency room. Due to the unsafe location of the bus, Li Xuegang returned to the bus to stop the car and return to the emergency room. At this time, the passengers and couples have helped female passengers register the number. Friends who fainted the passengers also arrived in time. The mother and child passengers left quietly.

It is understood that the fainted female passenger’s surname is Zhang, a native of Heze, Shandong, who lives in Licun, because the first night and night before the night, the second tonight, did not eat or drink in the afternoon, wake up in the afternoon, take a bus No. 932 in the afternoon. Chengyang was looking for friends, and the previous scene occurred on the bus. At present, Ms. Zhang has not hindered to discharge home to rest.

Wang Guoli, Secretary of the Party Branch of Chengyang Bus Fourth Branch, introduced that the hottest time in Qingdao’s weather is now the hottest time. The air conditioner is turned on, and the air in the carriage is not smooth. It reminds the large passengers to drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, and ensure diet hygiene. If passengers feel unwell, please inform the driver in advance. The compartment is equipped with motion sickness drugs, Huoxiang Zhengqi and other commonly used first aid drugs. (Reporter Zhou Jianliang Correspondent Xing Yongan Zhang Xiaoming)