27 -year -old Wu Qianyu swimsuit photo exposure! The body curve is super sexy, the whole body is firmer, and the body is firmer.

On April 13, Wu Qianyu shared a set of beautiful photos of swimsuit on his social platform, and responded in the text that wearing a swimsuit in front of others would be embarrassing. She said, “What do you wear without a bathing suit by the sea?” At the same time, she also encouraged everyone not to wear her favorite clothes because of other people’s comments.


In the photos shared by Wu Qianyu, you can see that she wears less fabric clothing, directly exposing a smooth beauty, as well as slender long legs, and the bumpy curve is very sexy. The firming figure is really enviable.

In addition to the black swimsuit, Wu Qianyu also showed a green swimsuit photo, which can control this fluorescent green. It can be seen that Wu Qianyu’s skin must be very fair.


However, in one of the photos, Wu Qianyu’s armpits have a suspected scar, which also aroused the attention of netizens.

In this regard, Wu Qianyu said that it was just the water of the pool.


After Wu Qianyu shared the beautiful photos, netizens also gave face, and they all said that they were beautiful, and they praised Wu Qianyu’s figure.


Speaking of Wu Qianyu’s name, everyone’s first impression may be Lin Feng’s girlfriend. The two were also photographed to go shopping in hand. They were very close. Go to the end.

After the breakup, Wu Qianyu was also very chic. He went out to travel some time ago and was very leisurely.

In addition to travel, Wu Qianyu also likes sports. Earlier, she took photos on the social platform and could see her standing on the surfboard. Surfing can be regarded as a difficult exercise. Wu Qianyu can also control it freely, showing that there are also a lot of sports cells.

Although Wu Qianyu has no new boyfriend in emotional life now, it is also very good to be able to travel everywhere and do what you like.