Simple telephone history

The word telephone appeared in Europe in the 18th century, using a microphone formed by wires. The telephone is the terminal device that transmits the voice through two -way transmission.

Mu Qi showed his invention to the public in 1860 and published an introduction to the invention in the Italian newspaper in New York.

Alexander Graham Bell applied for the exclusive copyright of the phone in March 1876.


In 1881, Ying Ying’s electrical technician Pi Xiaopu started a pair of open -air calls along the streets of Shanghai Sixteen Panels and paid 36 civilian money to call once. This is the phone used by my country.

In 1896, the Americans Ericksen invented the rotary phone dial. From the 1940s to the 1960s, it was quite popular.


In 1958, the domestic 12 -carrier telephone equipment was successfully developed in the Shanghai Postal Appliance Factory.


The prototype of the drawing phone number is the Bell 500 phone.

The initial telephone (terminal) was a magnetic telephone composed of micro -generators and batteries. Convert the voice to the passage of the current to the telephone line, restore the current transmitted by the other party as a voice, call the other party’s dial or button, send the ringtone of the call sound, and the functions that connect these functions on the phone line to execute their functions on the phone line. Composition of line networks. There is a small box full of carbon particles in the delivery machine, and there is a thin hard aluminum alloy vibration board in front. The vibration board vibrates, vibrate carbon particles, and carbon particles conducts current. With the degree of contact of the particles, the resistance changes, and the voice current is generated. After receiving the other party’s voice current, the phone generates the magnetic force caused by the voice current on the coil.

Since the invention of the phone, there have been many changes from work principle to appearance design. We have been in contact with the time of the phone and the invention of the phone more than 100 years in our lives. No matter what period of the phone, the use of the phone is that the other party can be used in time without traveling. At important moments, realize the desire of expressing emotions and closer each other’s distance.