2 -ton food factory ice machine, 2 -ton chip ice machine

Huayu Brothers Film Introduction:

The chip ice machine is a type of ice making machine.

Freshwater sliced ​​ice machine


Sea Water Boat Crown Crown


, Distinguished according to the field of use, can be divided into


Industrial ice machine

Commercial film ice machine

Essence The piece of ice is a thin piece, dry and loose scales -shaped white ice, with a thickness of about 1.5mm ~ 2.2mm. The one -sided shape is irregular, and the diameter is about 12mm ~ 45mm. There is no sharp edges and corners, and it will not stab the frozen objects. It can enter the gap between the frozen objects, reduce thermal exchange, maintain the temperature of the borneol, and have a good moisturizing effect. The refrigeration effect of the ice machine is excellent and has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and rapid. Therefore, it is applied to various industries such as various food processing, seafood freshness, fast frozen food, aquatic product processing, fishery, chemical dye, medicine, concrete cooling and cooling and other industries.


Features of Huayu Brothers Film Film: 1

Refrigeration units: The main parts and components are from countries with superior refrigeration technology such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Denmark.




. Intelligent system: International Electric PLC Control (LG, Siemens, Schneider and other imported brands), intelligent control ice -making process, fully automatic protection, such as full ice, water break, high and low voltage alarm, voltage, current, phase, phase, phase -sequential automatic detection Essence



Safety and convenience: European standard pressure container: Huayu brothers ice made through the CE standard instruction, regardless of the storage gas storage evaporator, no matter, there is no threat to the human body.



Strong and stable: one -type ice knife, welding -free stainless steel ice knife cuts and processes it at once, rotating the ice for a long time, still maintains strong, and the ice is uniform, and there is no powder.


. High -heat conduction evaporator: The alloy material of the international technical conduction coefficient is used to maintain the effect of evaporator through surface treatment and fine welding: good refrigeration effect and strong durability, thereby realizing the stability and efficiency of the ice -making system.



Low energy consumption and high accuracy: Selected accessories, after countless tests and screening boutique accessories, through the compatibility of equipment matching, the performance and cost can be combined to achieve business value!


Precision pipelines and strict control of details, the welding and design of the Huayu Brothers Ice Machine Pipeline enables the refrigerant to play a strong effect.

The principle of fully automatic ice made by Huayu Brothers

The water replenishment valve of the water inlet of the water storage tank (water tank) is automatically entered into the water storage tank. On the inner wall of the device, the water film, the refrigerant in the water film and the evaporator runway for heat exchange, and the temperature is rapidly decreased. A thin ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. For 1.5mm ~ 2.2mm), under the rotation of the ice knife, it was broken into boring slices. The bornery was freely fell into the ice storage library from the lower ice mouth. Part of the water that is not tied into an boring piece returns from the backbone to the water tank from the back of the water.

The principle of control of the Huayu Brothers fully automatic film ice machine:

The Huayu Brothers Filter Ice Machine Control System uses a fully automatic micro -computer control. It is automatically controlled by the PLC programming program to open and stop the film ice machine to coordinate and match the mechanical operation system and water supply system of the ice machine to achieve efficient operation. The entire ice -making process of the film ice machine has intelligent control such as water deficiency protection, full ice protection, phase -sequential protection, high and low pressure protection, compressor and hypopoter overload protection. When the ice machine is protected, it is automatically stopped and protected, and the fault indicator light is displayed on the PLC output point (the PLC failure point flickering at the time of the fault). When the fault recovers, the PLC receives the signal and automatically start the ice machine to achieve fully automatic control to achieve fully automatic control. Essence

Compared with similar equipment, characteristics and advantages

A. High cost performance and stable quality;

B. Beautiful appearance and small area;

C. Full automatic control, convenient operation;

D. Perfect protection device, more secure and stable operation;

E. Perfect after -sales service team, thoughtful service system.

The installation requirements and precautions of the Huayu Brothers Film Crown Crossing Machine

1. The ice machine should be placed in a place where air circulation, safe and clean surroundings.

2. The ice machine should not be placed in the open air, it should not be directly shot and rain forests of the sun, and it cannot be close to the heat source around.

3. The use environment of the ice machine cannot be lower than 5 ° C, no higher than 35 ° C, and the standard environment temperature is 25 ° C.

4. There should be sufficient space around the chip ice machine, especially the heat dissipation part (condenser), and there must be a sufficient heat dissipation environment.

5. Please adjust the foot of the bottom of the ice storage tank to ensure the stable level of the ice machine.

6. Please connect the standard water source, water pressure 0.01MPa -0.05MPa.

7. The voltage of the chip ice machine must be consistent with the signs on the nameplate of the ice machine (ie 3P-380V-50Hz or 1P-220V-50Hz), and the voltage fluctuation must not exceed ± 10%of the rated voltage. Reliable grounding, grounding lines must meet electrical standards.

Maintenance method of Huayu Brothers Crossing Machine:

1. Use the ice machine ** to replace the reducer gear oil once after 30 to 60 days. After the new machine running in, there will be impurities in the reducer oil.

2. Time to clean the condenser (usually washed once every 30 ~ 60 days). When cleaning, turn off the power supply of the icing machine and rinse the coagulator heat sink with tap water for 5-15 minutes.

3. Washing the water tank impurities of the ice machine (generally cleaned once every 30 ~ 60 days) to prevent impurities from spraying the water tray spray pipe.

4. Perform dust removal and maintenance of the ice machine regularly, increase the service life of the ice machine, and prevent dust accumulation and corrosion.

Huayu Brothers Crossing Crown Crown Bar Machine Ice Tablets Advantages:


Due to the flat morphological characteristics of boring slices, it makes it larger than the surface area of ​​the various forms of the same weight. The greater the contact area, the better the refrigeration effect. Taking comparison as an example, the surface area of ​​1,000 kilograms of ice reaches 1579 square meters, and its type of ice is like tube ice. The granular ice can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters. Therefore 5 times.

The ice quality is dry, soft and sharp, and can protect the packaged foods during the refrigerator. Its flat shape will hurt smaller damage to the refrigerated object.

Due to the huge surface area of ​​the film ice, its heat exchange process is rapid, and the film ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and increase moisturizing the mixture.

Huayu Brothers Film Blind Machine Usage and Customer Cases

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