Primary school students enter the police camp, and feel different “police” color from zero distance

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Learn the knowledge of immigration certificates from various countries, contact various firearms and police equipment, and experience protective clothing in zero distances … On the occasion of the second Chinese People’s Police Festival, the Jiangmen Border Inspection Station of Zhuhai Border Station to celebrate the Chinese people Police holiday camp opening day activities invited more than 40 teachers and students from Lilele Street Central Elementary School in Jianghai District, Jiangmen City to experience the police’s life on a close distance.

“Jiangmen Border Inspection Station is a team with excellent traditions. At present, it is mainly responsible for the entry and exit border inspection tasks of the two -type ports of two countries including Jiangmen Port, Heshan Port, and high -tech ports. Heroes and soldiers of 46 students from school bus and many advanced collectives and individuals in the country’s civilized posts … “

At the scene, the students visited the British Model Promenade, Professional Cultural Corridor, Strong Police Cultural Wall, and Party Member Education Base with the police’s explanation. And the fine style of the border inspection police. The police’s good spiritual style and professional professional skills won applause from the students.

“Those who bring us happiness and tranquility are the cutest people. I hope you can learn their dedication spirit, study hard, and determine to grow up.” During the event, the police of the station Xu Han The theme of people took a vivid patriotic education lesson to students, guiding students to study modeling from the times, and will be a social pillar in the future.

“Through today’s open day, I feel the selfless dedication of my brothers and sisters. I will be full of the whole process. I will study hard in the future and become a useful person to society in the future.” Said Zhou Qilin, a student of Lile and Mile Elementary School.

Fu Shihua, the principal of Lile and Mile Elementary School, said: “The in -depth interaction of ‘Warnity’ and ‘Tongxin” not only broaden the horizon of the students, strengthens the understanding of public security and border inspections, and strengthens the sense of safety protection in daily life. It also allows children to attend the different patriotic social practice courses. “

Zhang Zhongchun, director of the Political Division of the Jiangmen Border Inspection Station, introduced that the police camp opening day invites elementary school students to enter the police camp. It is an important supporting activity at the station to celebrate the second Chinese People’s Police Festival. There is a deeper understanding, showing the spirit of immigration management police officers, and also stimulating the major aspirations of the majority of students to establish a youthful power to the national rejuvenation.


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