2021 Yiwu International Knitting Factory Fair opened in June

2021 Yiwu International Knitting Factory Fair opened in June

Xinzhan Net Lianxun:

The Yiwu International Knitting Fair, Yiwu cross -border e -commerce, and underwear site supply chain procurement conference is a grand event in the Hangzhou knitting industry. With the sweeping wave of digitalization at home and abroad, the rise of emerging cross -border e -commerce platforms, the outbreak of new retail. The Yiwu International Knitting Fair actively embraced new retail, laid the global O2O shopping network for Chinese knitted companies, and established overseas business departments to further help Chinese knitting companies explore overseas market innovation measures. The 2021 Yiwu International Knitting Factory Expo will be held at the Yiwu International Expo Center from June 8th to 10th, 2021. With the best cost -effective single -product brand model, reconstruct the knitted underwear industry chain and extend the value chain. At the same time, new industries such as group purchases and social e -commerce, shaking new sources of sources, unblocking the circulation in the knitting industry chain, and empowering the layout of retail channels for the knitting industry.

The driving force for live new retail development is business innovation and value creation. Through the upgrading of people, goods, and market elements, the industrial chain is restructured and the value chain is extended. And join new business forms such as group purchase and social e -commerce to stimulate the new supply and smooth circulation of the knitting industry chain.


2021 Yiwu International Knitting Factory Fair can integrate industrial chain resources, innovate and optimize the supply and marketing model, combine the technical means of the Internet, create greater value in R & D, production, intellectual manufacturing and sales, optimize efficiency, reduce costs, increase the turnover rate, help enterprises healthy growth.

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