Quanzhi Technology launched V535 smart driving special processor

Quanzhi Technology


With the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles and smart cockpits, driving recorders are given more “active safety assistance” attributes from the original “passive safety record” products. Facing the increasingly intelligent trend of car loading on the back, in 2021, the full -time technology of the car field for many years has launched the V535 smart driving processor in accordance with market demand.

V535 is an integrated high -performance image video processing. The high -performance, high integration, and high stability chip that integrates AI vision is provided for more “active safety assistance” for driving safety.

Thanks to the high integratedness of Quanzhi V535 in the image and video and AI visual processing, the research fruit technology has independently developed a series of integrated solutions for the integrated algorithm+application based on V535. A series of intelligent driving recorders such as the behavior detector of the staff, and its excellent product expression brings an excellent user experience to consumers.


Active safety assistance one:

AI monitoring early warning instrument

The intelligent driving recorder equipped with V535 is an innovative AI recorder that incorporates visual blind zone monitoring technology in traditional vehicle monitoring products, covering AI applications for fast driving driving assistance, low -speed reversing safety assistance, and parking safety monitoring.

High -speed driving supports the rear overtaking warning, one -click calibration, opposite/third lane filtering, and active overtaking filtration.

Under low -speed reversing, it supports Daiguangjiao rear electric/bicycle, full -post (station/walking/squat) pedestrian testing and warning.

It supports fishy humanoid monitoring in the parking state, and there is a suspicious human shape near the vehicle near the vehicle.

Active safety assistance two:

Driver behavior detector

The intelligent driving recorder equipped with V535 is a special recorder for driving the driver’s driving posture in real time to detect the driver’s driving posture behavior. The instrument can be warned in real time according to the test results, and the detection results and image data are sent to the upper machine through UART/USB/AHD in real time to cooperate with the host to make corresponding measures.


The currently supported behavior detection is as follows

Fatigue detection

The driver yawn, voice broadcast reminder: Do not drive fatigue


The driver closed his eyes, and the voice broadcast reminded: Do not drive fatigue


The driver bowed his head or looked around, and the voice broadcast: Do not distract the driving

Smoking detection

The driver smokes, voice broadcast reminder: please do not smoke


The driver calls, voice broadcast reminder: please do not call


As a smart car dedicated solution provider with the ability to develop a chip, have advanced suits, provide typical software and hardware reference design and supporting AI development tools, Quanzhi Technology is committed to creating a professional smart travel solution, and for people’s transportation Travel provides more reliable guarantees. In the future, Quanzhi Technology will continue to focus on technology research and development, make full use of years of experience in the semiconductor field, and cooperation experience with many years of cooperation with industry partners to build a systematic, process, high -quality smart car full -stack product solution package, and common together, common together Create a new ecosystem of wisdom to help achieve new ways to road traffic safety.

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