Xinhui Chenpi’s diet health culture

Chenpi can enter medicine, meals, tea, and wine, and can enter millions of households. Chenpi, like ginger, licorice, and ginseng, is the carrier of Chinese medicine food and food.



Out of the hall

Enter the temple


Worth collecting

The above sixteen characters are really a concise interpretation of Chenpi. Chenpi not only entered the kitchen (cooking, soup), but also out of the hall (Chenpu tea and Chenpi wine prepared with tea and wine), but also entered the temple (Nixon’s visit to China. The red bean paste) is even more worthy of treasures (more Chen Chen is more fragrant, Chen Jiu is good, and the value is more valuable).

Xinhui is “

The hometown of Chinese Chenpi Road Purple Medicine Industry

“, Tongrentang chose Xinhui Chenpi as material, Chen Liji used Xinhui Chenpi as” positive “,

The important position of Xinhui Chenpi in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has been established, and a special seat in the great pharmaceutical book of the motherland


How Xinhui Chenpi sees the opportunity and enters the first place in Chinese food culture.

Traditional Chenpi casual foods have been widely known. For example, Xinhui cool fruits include Ah Mold Ginger, Chenpomei, Chenpi Yingzi, Nine -made Chenpi, etc. Among them, “big cool fruit” has more than 200 years of history.

New food varieties such as Chenpi soy sauce, Chenpi moon cakes are inlaid into Chenpi elements, and have entered the market. Nowadays, Chenpi Cake, Chenpi Tea, Chenpi Wine, Chenpi Sauce, Chenpi Moon Cake, Chenpi Shi, Chenpi Lold Fruit and other series of products. It is developing emerging products such as Chenpi health products and Chenpi sports drinks.

Whether it is the medicine for the disease or the nourishing medicine, it is impossible to be “three meals a day”. The people of the people take food as the sky, and the biggest customer of Chenpi is “diners”.

The largest market for Chenpi is in terms of diet


Essence therefore,

Chenpi culture must fall to the “food” place

, Make a big article in diet and make an article.

On the basis of Chenpi cuisine, the integration and upgrading of Chenpi Banquet and Health Chenpi Meal, Health Chenpi Decoction should better launch the new club and launch a simple way for Guangdong, which requires government, industry associations, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises Participate and promote with the people of Xinhui.

The “Guangdong Herbal Tea”, which was originally regarded by the northern consumers, has become the experience of Wang Laoji and Jiaduobao, who is now the “first can of Chinese beverages”, and it is worthy of our reference.

In seasoning,

Except for 膻 and Zengxiang is the core value of Xinhui Chenpi consumption


, Xinhui Chenpi is the best meal condiments, and Chenpi’s contribution in Cantonese cuisine must be contributed.

And the larger core value of Chenpi’s meal is health care. Chenpi has the effects of qi, healthy spleen, dry and damp and phlegm. Chenpi Health Health Products and Articles need to be done by us.

Xinhui not only has health care foods and raw materials, but also the “treasure land” of health care -Tianma Village.

Tianma is a treasure of Feng Shui, not only in the pen of Bajin


“Bird’s Paradise”

,even more”

Palace of Volkswagen Health

“, Can be called” the first village in the country “.


There are about 10,000 people in Tianma, more than 300 people over 80 years old, and many older people in their 70s are strong and strong, and they can go to the fields.

Tianma Village is an ancient village that has maintained intact in the past 400 years. It was the title of “Natural Ecological Most Beautiful Rural Tourism Demonstration Zone / point” in 2006, which is “

Guangdong’s most beautiful countryside


The elderly in Tianma Village can live healthy and longevity, which is the result of harmony between man and nature. When the experts and scholars of CCTV’s “Human and Biosphere” column group were filming the outside scene here, it was speculated that Tianma Village was likely to be the earliest place in the world to advocate environmental protection.

It is not surprising that the “treasure” such as Xinhui Chenpi in Xinhui, the treasured land, is not surprising.

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I am Chenpi people, I believe that old Chenpi will tell stories.

Focus on the spread of Xinhui Chenpi culture.