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Victoria’s secret super-explosive and harassment is required to take off the underwear to go to the stage

The US Well-wrong Underwear brand Victoria’s Secret is a stage that many models dream of, becoming a “dimension angel” is a gold medal supermodel certification. Recently, the primary marketing leader in the brand is often speechless and limb harassment for models.

维多利亚的秘密超模爆遭性骚扰 被要求脱掉内裤上台走秀

According to foreign media new York Times, Victoria’s Secret Mother L Brands is now, former executioners, employees, contractors, models, and even some legal documents and files, have ED RAZEK to make improper harassment Allegations and content.

In addition to trying to kiss the model, Ed Razek called them on their own thighs, even in 2018, the Trome Show, touches a supermodel private place.

维多利亚的秘密超模爆遭性骚扰 被要求脱掉内裤上台走秀

The senior executives also responded to the F BRANDS founder, and the female employees who responded to this matter were retaliated. One of the supermodel Andi Muise was refused to refuse the advance payment provided by Ed Razek. Wi-secret dismissal.

It is reported that many brands must also agree that there is no compensation, naked makes photographers before the camera, and these photos are also used as “advanced hardcover albums” for their photographers.

维多利亚的秘密超模爆遭性骚扰 被要求脱掉内裤上台走秀

The well-known supermodel Bella Hadid has also been bursted by Ed Razek. The report pointed out that the staff was helping the Bella Hadid measured the size of the underwear, and the ed razek showed: “No underwear”. He also ridiculously: “The problem that really worried is that TV and network can accept Bella Hadid tall her to the perfect chest, walk on the stretch?”

In this regard, Bella Hadid spokesperson has not responded.

维多利亚的秘密超模爆遭性骚扰 被要求脱掉内裤上台走秀

In the face of all kinds of allegations, Ed Razek also responded to New York Times, wrote in the letter: “The accused of the report is the truth, not the truth, and added:” I feel very lucky and so many professional world-class models. For a work, it is also proud to respect each other. “