Is it illegal to settle in the car center console? It’s best to choose these ornaments

We all like to swing on our own car center console. I feel that there is nothing empty, and putting our favorite items on the center console will make us feel happy when driving, but many people are thinking: “Zhongzhong Is the console ornament illegal? “Let me tell you about how to choose the decoration by the way.


Is the center console illegal?

Want to talk about the questions that many car owners care about. Do you want to let the center console illegal? It is recommended not to place too many things, which may disperse the attention of the driver. If things placed in the center console affect the driver’s sight or safety hazards, it makes it difficult for the driver to maintain concentration, which is illegal.

Category of car ornaments

1. Decoration

This category is relatively simple decorations, and some beautiful girls will put some small dolls or small pendants on their own car.


2. Believe in Buddhism

We also have some mature men in their own cars, wealth, Guan Gong, and Maitreya Buddha.


3. Practical class


These are relatively rational owners. Put some perfumes and draws on their own center console. It is more convenient when we use it, especially when perfumes can make us easier when driving. , Practical ornaments will not be worse than decorative jewelry in terms of aesthetics. We can rest assured that it will not affect the aesthetics.

Selection of car ornaments


1. wide vision

When we place the accessories, we must not affect the sight. Not only will we not have a sense of security when driving, but we will also make the vision blind area larger, which is definitely not good for us to drive. If it is more exaggerated, it will be deducted by the traffic police, and it will be lost.

2. Good fixing


When choosing a car ornament, we must check the fixing of the ornament. If the fixedness is not good, when driving, a sudden brake is likely to throw the ornament on the windshield. The damage to the windshield also costs money, remember to put a non -slip pad on the center console.

When we place car jewelry, the most important thing is safety. Please choose the premise of safety in the car ornament.