The latest spring and autumn Korean windbreaker jacket in spring and autumn 2018 looks good at will!

This autumn is a windbreaker as a fashion industry. The trench coat has always been known as a must -have item in autumn. Whether in terms of style or color, the trench coat is worth your start. So how to wear a trench coat can be more fashionable. Today, I will talk to you about the style of the trench coat and the style of the trench coat.

1. Khaki mid -length windbreaker


This autumn tide windbreaker, irregular hem trench coat, waistband version, lantern sleeve design, gives people a small fresh and beautiful, autumn street, khaki trench coat is basically not absent, khaki color is very autumn, it is very very khaki is very in autumn. It is very in autumn. Common classic colors are very popular styles and colors in autumn. The khaki trench coat is very versatile. , Also show tall figure, look good!


2. Purple mid -length trench coat

There are many girls who do n’t want to wear too loose trench coats in autumn, that is, they are afraid that the effect of putting on the body is too fat, so choose this mid -length purple cardigan belt for this autumn in 2018! The lantern sleeve design is elegant, generous and beautiful, showing your small waist curve. It is very suitable for how to match clothes in casual clothes. It is definitely beautiful.

3. Red long trench coat

The most popular Korean windbreaker this autumn is full of enthusiasm and vitality. The suit collar double -breasted and long cuffs is tightly designed. The belt is tightly designed with the oblique pockets on both sides. The style is relaxed and elegant. The shirt is more dynamic and the effect is very good. It is not stable, but also full of cheerful street style. This dress is very young and fashionable.

4. Pink long trench coat


Why not wear it in the early autumn, give yourself a sweet and beautiful pink love! The suit collar version and lantern sleeve design style, the windbreaker is also so beautiful with a light pink lace dress. The pink and tender shirt supports the white and translucent skin, and the waist has a tight design of the pumping rope. That’s it. It is easy to show your small waist curve, and the effect of putting on your body is also thin. It will definitely not show fat. It is full of elegant and generous temperament. It is simply beautiful.

5. Blue long trench coat


Watching the most common khaki, trying to wear blue tones, very white, slim -fitting, is very small and exquisite to wear. It is paired with a blue and white ripple dot skirt, which is very feminine. Intersection It is more capable of being capable. The little fairy who wants to try the trend can start with one ~

Today, the 5 windbreakers shared by Xiaobian are here. Have you bought a satisfactory trench coat? If so, hurry up and take advantage of the autumn to end the concave shape! Let the classic trench coat feel different.