The cat’s food basin is particular, don’t put these 6 places

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Cats do not like to eat, which are related to many factors, such as getting sick, bad cat food, etc., but do you actually know? Cats do not eat. The location of the rice bowl is also related. After all, cats are a picky pet. Today, let’s talk about some misunderstandings of cat rice bowls. See if you have committed it?


1. Put it with cat sand pots

Many shoveling officers put cats’ food pots next to cat sand pots, which will affect the cat’s appetite. Who wants to eat by the toilet? Besides, the cat is so sensitive to the smell, and if some older cats encounter such a situation, they will flip the food basin to express their dissatisfaction. The shoveling officer can put the cats and basin in the diagonal line.


2. Put on the corner


Many shovel officers put the food basin in the corner in order to save space. You should know that the cat’s beard is a sensitive information receiver. When the cat eats and drinks water, if the head and beard are about to touch the wall, they will cause them to put pressure on them. You can choose to be placed flat on the wall.

3. Put it at the door of the house

If the shoveling officer puts the basin in front of the house, it will cause the cat to be vigilant and make the cat feel uneasy. As soon as he heard the movement, the cat looked up to observe the surroundings, which will allow cats to be in a relatively nervous state when eating. In the long run, cats will decrease appetite.


4. Don’t sunbat


After the sun is sunny, the taste may deteriorate, which will reduce the appetite of cats for cat food, and it is not good for the cat’s body. The best way is to put the cat’s basin in a place without direct sunlight, and cats also like to eat hidden and quiet places.


5. Do not put the pots at the air outlet

This is related to the genetic habits of cats. If the cat’s basin is placed in a place with a faster airflow and a large air outlet, the taste of food will be blown away, attracting other animals to fight for, and the cat’s territory awareness is very Strong, if you put it like this, the cat will often observe the surroundings, and the speed of eating will become faster, making the cat nervous.

6. Do not put the basin around the toys

For cats to eat better, please do not put cats and toys around the rice bowl to prevent them from distracted. It is best to put the food pot in a place where the entertainment facilities are a little far away from the entertainment facilities, otherwise the cat may not want to eat for playing.

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