The newly opened “Adult Toy House” in Beijing Road, a chair is worth tens of thousands of pieces

I don’t know if everyone found it, deeply printed in our childhood memory

Uncle McDonald’s

It seems that it hasn’t appeared for a long time. If you want to take a photo with him now, you have to look for it deliberately.

On Beijing Road

Yanyun West Community


There is a “Uncle McDonald’s Museum” hidden. Adults come here and become big children in seconds.

PART 01.

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Season fruit

Here is Uncle McDonald’s that you haven’t seen

Those who often mix in Jiangnan and West probably have heard of “

“In the name, the boss moved a large number of antique toys he treasured into a small restaurant and turned into a family.


Toy museum


Season fruit3.0

Moved to salt and Yunxi. Compared with the vibrant Jiangnan West, the hidden atmosphere of the old city here may be with this

American retro style

The small shop is more matched.

The moment I opened the door, I felt on the green leather train and traveled to

American restaurant in the 1960s and 1970s

Toy ornaments can be seen everywhere in the store, and even the corners are filled. Uncle McDonald’s, a full set of McDonald’s toys, cute M & M bean men … Tongtong is all

8090 childhood memories

I have been a “McDonald’s enthusiast” since I was a child. I opened my eyes here and re -felt the happy childhood time.


These antique toys may be “older” larger than us, all of which


Blew the ocean

The collection of collections; preciousness is now

It’s hard to repeat or produce

Those who know how to see at a glance can see that those eye -catching stools are actually

McDonald’s in the 1970s and 1970s


The children’s seats have been used;

Collection value

All this is the purpose of the owner: these old toys may seem to be too angry to children, but they are indeed childhood memories of a generation.


Instead of becoming a collection in the cabinet, it is better to presented to everyone,

Give play to their original value


So Season Fruit, said that it is a simple dining restaurant, but it is actually more like the owner

Rent the house and put the toys

By the way, make some delicious.

PART 02.

The “Fruit Lab” returned

The antique toys of Season Fruit are attracted. But as the store is named, it has another identity, that is, “

Fruit laboratory


The original intention of the owner was “

Make fruits no longer limited to a certain season

“Here you can eat all kinds of light food with fresh fruits on the season. In August, the hot summer, exactly


The maturity period, so many dishes have its figure.

The signature in the store before

Caramel pineapple


No longer selling alone, but with and


Make partners, adding green sauce more fragrant. The pineapple is sweet and crispy, and the cow is soft on the brain. It is recommended to eat it as soon as possible.

*Pineapple green sauce valley feed cow’s brain skewers 36 yuan

Pineapple cheese beef burger

It is more suitable for the meat -eating beast that likes to eat meat; the crispy neutralization of fruits and vegetables and the thickness of large pieces of beef and cheese reduces the burden.

*Pineapple cheese beef burger 48 yuan

Before, because of the “green”


Avocado crab willow rice


Also upgrade with the store. Put on a large piece

rack of pork ribs

, Mixing crab willow, avocado, and time vegetables, etc., is very suitable for the fresh sweet taste in summer, and the satisfaction is added.


*Pork ribs avocado fruit crab willow rice 56 yuan

Drink a bite at the end


Grapefruit peach soda

, Fresh and greasy.

*Grapefruit peach soda 36 yuan

PART 03.

Come on the right store, spend Children’s Day every day


When we explored the store, we met a mother who came to eat with the child. She found a toy when she was a child and couldn’t wait to introduce her daughter. When it comes to this,

She seems to be excited about her daughter

Season fruit is such a place, let adults

Retrieve your childhood

, Make children feel novel.


As the owner said, every antique toy here is the treasure for them. In addition to collecting value, it is more

Priceless memories

This simple dining restaurant labeled with the “adult’s toy shop” wakes everyone sleeping or disappearing during a meal.

childlike innocence

it’s here,

You can be Children’s Day every day


Everyone can be a big child

Essence Occasionally, it seems that the feeling of making an older child seems pretty good.


Not only children can visit the toy shop, perhaps adults who wear masks on weekdays need more than children

For a moment

Essence Don’t forget that every adult is also a child.



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Season fruit


Season fruit


Season fruit