Selling during the Spring Festival! When you arrive, you will be “grabbed” …

Spring Festival this year


my country’s consumer market presents new features

Upgrade consumer demand is concentrated on release

The gold market has appeared in the peak consumption season



The latest data of the China Gold Association shows

Chinese New Year holiday

my country’s gold consumption increased by more than 80 % over last year

In many gold malls in Beijing and Shanghai, many consumers have been surrounded by each counter, and the sales are very hot. Various types of gold specialty products are especially favored by consumers. According to reports, the price of gold jewelry this year is between 490-495 yuan/gram.


Zhu Zhuzhu, a shopping guide for a gold shop in Zhengzhou, Henan, said that the passenger flow during the Spring Festival is 2-3 times that of usual. Basically, people will buy it, and the unit price will be relatively high. Zhang Yongtao, Secretary -General of the China Gold Association, said that during the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival, the sales of gold jewelry soared. Some companies have increased by 100%year -on -year, and some companies have increased by 6.5 times year -on -year.

During the Spring Festival, the gold counters of the seven major comprehensive shopping malls in Guangzhou ushered in a small peak of sales. The sales of gold and investment funds increased by 20 % year -on -year. The reporter learned in a shopping mall in Guangzhou that since February, the wedding gold jewelry in the gold store in Guangzhou is very popular. Coinciding with the Spring Festival holiday, each overcome gold sells for 480 yuan, which is 16 yuan cheaper per gram than before the festival, which has attracted many consumers. In addition to the wedding gold decoration, the “Taurus New Year” gold pendant and the golden tag of “Niu Da Ji” are also hot.

In the Spring Festival holiday, in addition to the hot sales of gold, the investment fund is also welcomed by everyone, and the sales of investment funds have risen by nearly 30 % year -on -year. After the first batch of the New Year’s gold bars arrived, it was sold immediately. Golden analysts believe that the New Year’s New Year this year, the people who stayed in Guangzhou during the New Year increased and stimulated consumption. In addition, the wedding population was affected by the epidemic of the wedding crowd last year to extend the great joy to this spring. This is also one of the main reasons for the increase in gold sales.


Source: CCTV Finance