“For the ideal, I am willing to be a rivet on the boat …” This, just …

Red Boat full of faith

Listen to some people



We firmly

Belief in faith

That ship that can act as a lighthouse

Never get navigable

That ship that can set off the storm

Never be afraid of stormy waves

Nothing can stop your inner longing


Your original intention is the hope of the people’s happiness

Nothing can disrupt the singing in your heart

Your singing comes to the liberation of all mankind

Learn from the lake and put a lower body

The secret to carry the boat is to keep the people always at heart


Learn from the shore tree to embrace the sun

Being by the pool, I am full of heart

For faith

I am willing to do a drop of ink of history

Pointing to Jiangshan, texture

Live up to the mission, live up to spring light

Drimage of the wings of the dragon flying


For ideals


I would like to make a rivet on the boat


Tightly riven to the important interface

Will not rust or loosen

Thicking the loving chest of the big boat

For glory

I would like to do a keel at the bottom of the boat

A backbone of a spiritual inheritance


Don’t be afraid of bending, not afraid of heavy pressure

Bear up

Hope that never sinks