Large workers need weapon: Electric tools recommended after 800 pages of product manuals

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Creative position statement:


This post wrote more than 5,500 words, and checked the product manual of more than 800 pages of 7 brands. Several tables were made for 3 nights, demonstrated, overturned, and then demonstrated. Human manpower is endless and the knowledge is endless.


Thank you for your encouragement and rewards. It is not easy to be a professional text such as an amateur code. It is almost a good place for the major tool websites. There are hundreds of pages of rewarding tool forums. I will continue to work hard to write this series.

Some people say that Snap-ON, yes, this stuff is good, but there are many tools for repairing the aircraft, not just Snap-ON, such as Stahlwille.

My post is written by the tool rather than a brand, so that when you see it, you will also compare the system. SAM, FACOM, Proto, Stahlwille, Snap-ON. These brands have not had time to appear. They are all tools for repairing planes.

Large -scale mechanical repair is mainly wrenches and sleeves, so I pressed them in the wrench and sleeve stickers, so I had to wait for a while.


I did not say that the domestic tools were not good, and domestic tools, especially electric tools, have also been greatly improved in recent years. China’s house prices and decoration markets have greatly promoted the progress of domestic electric tools. Better sales and profits are invested in rolling circulation. There are also a large number of friends in the comment area to feedback the precision screwdriver South Banner. I have the opportunity to try a set.

The comment area is worthy of comments, I quote it:

It is this kind of concept that is almost the same, as well as, and can use the spirit of the craftsmanship that is lean and refined in China. There is a trace of here, there is a trace there, and the last one will go more. ——Fish on the ceiling

It can be used -that is, this view restricts the development of certain industries. ——Gsabre

Most of them are 1 point of money, 1 point, 2 cents of 1 score, 1 yuan for 3 points. Everyone has their own outlook on consumption, and we have no right to point to others.

I bought a screwdriver at 100 yuan, and I could continue to use my son in a lifetime. Hanging at home is the pendant to take it out and is a tool. It’s right, anyway, I am willing to pay for 100 yuan a screwdriver.

I bought a screwdriver at 5 yuan, and I lost it and bought one. I ca n’t spend 100 yuan in a few life. It is also a consumption concept. It ’s wrong.

But after the two consumption concepts, we may also increase the invisible cost of attitude, quality, innovation ability, continuous progress and environmental protection, and the concept of stealth consumption.

Behind these imported tools, I saw a craftsman spirit. They were seriously intentional, and they were really doing every tool. From the selection of steel materials and handle materials to the processing of every detail in use. These tools reflect the serious attitude of a craftsman.

On the other hand, TaoBao fakes are rampant, and JD, which claims to only sell genuine goods, also sells fakes, not listed one by one.

In fact, the Chinese do not lack anything. We have the spirit of innovation and we are willing to endure hardships. What we need is only a serious attitude.

Not in a hurry, not profitable is a picture, I believe we can do everything well!

The quality of imported tools is beyond doubt, except for the serious attitude, the implicit is advanced science.


High -quality tools also represent the performance of the overall industrial strength of a country, as small as a screwdriver, as large as an engine, and an aircraft. These are the performances of advanced science and comprehensive strength.

Soon after our large Chinese aircraft just went offline, how many Mitsubishi engines were used in civil cars, it was so difficult to count. We need to admit and face such facts, the quality of China needs to be improved. We have the responsibility to improve China’s quality together, starting from a screwdriver to improve quality.

About environmental protection and waste:

This topic is followed by the previous two topics. Wiha’s diamond -plated layer batch head, worth about 2 euros. TaoBao bought a domestic batch of 8 cents.

At the level of environmental protection, the fuel, water, electricity, and steel materials that may be wasted in two types of batches may be close. That means that the eight cup of cents is a waste of resources than 2 Euros. Because it is easy to break, produce waste resources, it quickly becomes garbage.

The waste of resources in China is quite serious, and I don’t understand where the confidence came from. China’s steel output accounts for more than 50%of the world’s total, consumes a lot of energy and water, and most of them produce are ordinary steel. In vain, it consumes energy and obtains the lowest value of fur material.

Our haze is serious, our water pollution is serious, our water resources are scarce, our land loss is rapid, and these are directly related to human activities and economic development. Can we take it seriously and improve the quality? Reduce waste?


Let people get along with nature, let the forest enter the city, let the green water surround the high -rise buildings, and let everyone in the blue sky breathe?

Save and avoid waste. Starting from a screwdriver, I posted an original advertising slogan of PB here. I recognize this concept. I hope that Made in China can make me proud.

Aunt Zhang is a good platform. Here you can learn from each other. I hope that everyone can buy good things with quality and improve their quality of life and taste of life.

The pull is a bit far away, come back and talk about electric tools …

The focus is concentrated into this paragraph:

Electric tool wired wireless mixing, electric wireless tools choose the battery system first and then enter the pit!

It is recommended to go directly to 18V brushless+7.2V electrical, and the silver is shy to take 10.8V (12V).

Cable tools to buy saws, grinds and electric hammers.

Buying the most expensive one you can afford.

1. Safety and protection


The speed of electric tools can be turned into units, turning everywhere, and do not pay attention to killing melon and cutting vegetables. Human meat is as soft as tofu.

In case the arteries break the blood, they can spray the ceiling to ensure who see who is aggressive, and I have never seen it. The experience is from the “hearing” from the forum.

Safety is the most important and important. Please pay attention to safety with electric tools. My article is positioned as tool enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts. After all, everyone does not take this as a profession. Disabled and piaoline or something. I feel that this is not safe. I ca n’t grasp it myself. Please do it to do it.

My ski stickers and motorcycles have been repeatedly emphasized. I can ski for so many years. The four words “greedy for death” are constantly inspired me to admit it in my heart.


In particular, the corner grinding machine is needed alone, (the following experience comes from the forum “woodworking enthusiast”), and the picture may cause discomfort.


Do not put the corner grinding machine woodworker sawing wood. Do not press the corner grinding machine to grind or cut the object. It is easy to break the sand wheel.

The sand wheels cannot be tide, and the individual use of the storage conditions is limited. If the corner grinding machine is not used for a long time, it cannot be installed on the corner grinding machine. This is susceptible to moisture. It must be removed and stored alone. Unused sand wheels or spare new sand wheels should be placed in a hard carton (such as shoe box). The sand wheels are wrapped in moisture -proof in the paper box. The preservation method can be kept for 3 to 5 years, and there will be no problems with it. If the wheels are moldy, it will never be used.


Installing sand wheels, you do n’t need excessive strength to fix the fixing nut, but you cannot remove the nut (not loose or too tight) with your hands. The situation where it cannot be removed, because the direction of the rotation of the sand wheel is the tightness of the nut, the sand wheel will get about tighter, and the just on the sand wheel cannot be put into use immediately. It shows that this sand wheel is parallel, and the middle holes are not standard. Excessive gaps cause different hearts of the wheels; if the sand wheels are installed, there is a slight vibration, you need to find a piece of metal with a small force to polish it. Automatically eliminate the smaller concentric error of the grinding wheel, and then put it in normal use until the rotation is rotated, so that the sand wheels will not be absent.


2. Battery system

When talking about electric tools, the battery system must be talked about. The battery is a relatively large pit. If you are not careful, you will buy a 18V radio hammer, Bosch’s 12V curve saw, Makita’s 14.4V shock, and then you will find out The batteries are not universal, and different voltages are not available. Even the charger is not universal. Is it possible to fall into Shenkeng! Just like the CF cards, SD cards, and Sony memory cards that year, they were not universal, just like the mobile phone charger of the year and not universal! Intersection

The key is that this situation cannot be changed in the short term, so before entering the pit, think of the voltage you need to enter, and the brand you need to enter, otherwise the battery charger at home also needs a cabinet. It is recommended to use the 10.8V (12V) system lightly. There is a certain workload or enthusiasts to enter the 18V system. For example, I finally chose Makita’s 18V system.

Fortunately, there are artifacts that can change the embarrassing facts that are not compatible with batteries. TB search Makada to Dewei, which can at least achieve different brands at 18V voltage.

But for batteries at different voltages, it is really incompatible!

Choose which door and choose voltage. This is the first question you have to consider!

3. There is no brush

There is a brush motor in a traditional electric motor form. The stator is a shell and a permanent magnet. The rotor is connected to the central coil winding and the output shaft. The electricity brush enters the central coil group through the brush to generate magnetic field changes, and the interactive force is generated with the stator to drive the rotation.

The brushless motor is relatively advanced. The rotor is connected with the permanent magnet and the output shaft. The stator is a winding coil. The brush is removed by the brush to connect to the central coil.

Therefore, as long as it is not bad, there is no brush. However, it is easier to change the brush with a wired brush for a round sawnut. Anyway, I still use my electric hammer and corner grinding machine to change the brush …

4. Classification of electric tools

4.1 Classification by function:

It is enough to deal with most of these tools in daily homes. It is not easy to make a watch. Readers look at it at a glance. , Nearly half an hour, you can watch more …

There is no round saw and cloud stone machine in my house, because there are too few woodworking work


Electric hammer, impact drill and shock

These three types should be talked about alone, especially the impact drill and impact.


The red area is an electric hammer. It can be seen that the shape structure is different from the impact of the electric diamond drill by the design of the principle design.

The yellow area is an impact drill. The blue area is an electric diamond/electrode. There is almost no difference in appearance. They are dependent on the drill or head of the head in front. Diamond will have an additional work content adjustment circle, allowing you to choose to impact drilling function/diamond function/screw screw function.

The green area is the impact of the child and the impact wrench. The more significant feature is that it directly provides the hexagonal interface or the square interface of the batch head. Many shocks have no torque adjustment ring.

There is no doubt about the electric hammer. Rotary Hammers, electric hammer, Chinese and English are unique and no ambiguous, that is, the rotating hammer, rotating while using the hammer hammer, high efficiency is high, and reinforced concrete granite depends on it, multifunctional multifunctional There is also the function of electric picks, and the removal is the work of electric picks.

The impact drill and shocking Zizi seem to be the same in Chinese, but English is very clear. The impact drill is Hammer Drill. The hole ability is not recommended to buy a wired shock drill, which is a big chicken rib, and nothing can be done. The wireless shock drill can be used as an electric diamond/electrode to achieve one machine and three functions. It is still very recommended.

The impact is an instant impact in the rotation direction to increase the torque. Even the 12V impact can easily reach 100Nm torque. Note that the impact force of the rotation direction instead of hitting the drill head!

This diagram is the torque chart when the child works. It can be seen that it is obviously a strong torque impact of pulse form.


The main working environment of the impact is like this. There are many wooden structures in North American houses. Such a large wooden threads cannot be hit, so the impact is born, and whether domestic needs depends on your work needs.

4.2 Classification by voltage:


Why not write other brands? Because I really have no energy to check more product manuals, such as Hicathi, Milwaukee, Ryobi, I can’t help but feel that the manpower is endless and the knowledge is endless. I made almost a night, because I had to turn around for each product’s product manual, cross comparison … After turning the 7 brands of websites and product manuals, I suddenly realized! The 12V and 18V systems are the rights of the world!

First of all, 36V and 60V can be abandoned. These are not for Chinese families. Makita’s 36V is a chain saw, grass cutting machine, grass cutting machine, fence pruning machine, and BOSCH 36V systems are also heavy -type electric hammer, impact drill drill , Dewalt’s 60V system does not need to mention it.

Secondly, Metabo’s things can not be bought. It is more important in industry. It is estimated to be very strong in Germany. The promotion in China is too bad. The battery is not systematic and the products are not much. A entire battery system, a few electric tools at home suddenly popped out a Metabo. It was a bit strange.

The BOSCH 10.8V system is not entered again. Bosch has already been pitted, and the entire system jumps into the 12V system.

The last 14.4V system should not be entered. It is not high or low, is not strong or weak, is not light or heavy. There are very few 14.4V products except Makita.

Therefore, which brand chooses is completely personal preference, but only the tools to buy 12V or 18V voltage system are the mainstream! Intersection

Domestic brand Dongcheng has not yet involved too much in terms of voltage, but the most mainstream 12V and 18V product lines are also basically uniform, and the 18V battery system can be used across the brand.


Therefore, you can only buy the tools of 12V and 18V systems to make your unified battery system.

18V can completely achieve a unified battery system across the brand. 12V needs to pay special attention to choosing the brand to buy.

This is the conclusion that I watched 7 brands and more than 500 pages of PDF product manuals.

I hid so many pits for everyone, let’s recommend some specific tools below.

5. Tool recommendation

According to the voltage from low to high, the last 220V wired tool. Recommend one by one.


The full text concentrates into this paragraph: Electric tool wired wireless mixing, electric wireless tools choose the battery system and then enter the pit! It is recommended to go directly to 18V brushless+7.2V electrical, and the silver is shy to take 10.8V (12V). Cable tools to buy saws, grinds and electric hammers, buy the most expensive one you can afford.


1, 7.2V (3.6V) light electrical upstream, very recommended.

Top three finalists: Hitachi DB3DL2, Makita DF012D, DEWALT DCF680


After comparing the parameters, the DCF680 was terrible. It was ranked at the end of the speed or torque, but its gyroscope sensor -based way of working is very interesting. You can buy it according to your preference. Anyway, its battery is in its own brand. The battery system is also independent.

Why recommend this light -type electricity because it is really easy to use. After winning the DCF680, I have almost no screwdriver. The head with lights is particularly convenient to work, and it is very recommended.

2. 12V tools:

After turning the three 12V product manuals, 12V is the best of Makita, whether it is brushless technology, torque or speed or product line. Dewalt has no brushless technology at all. If you want to enjoy the world’s top technology, you still have to enter the 18V system.

If you want to solve all the problems in a 12V, buy Makita’s HP332D shock drill.

Under this voltage, only the electricity is impacting the drill. I can barely enter a curve to see it as a fascia gun. Do n’t think about the round saw, and the electric hammer is basically impossible.


3. 18V tools:

Finally, all the 18V voltage systems that must be competed for all electric tools. I didn’t dare to write it. Each family has invested great energy to do the 18V system. Dongcheng and Da Da do well.

It’s too difficult, but it is simple. You can recognize the big factory and brushless. For example, I recently started Makita DHP484, 18V brushless impact drills, there are 3 features to choose from, perfectly down compatible with electrical. There is also a very saliva Makita DTD171 18V shock, reaching 180Nm torque, and providing 8 working modes to choose from.

The DCD996 18V brushless impact drill, and DCF895 are also good stuff with face value and performance.

Each family generally provides wireless tools such as electric hammer, corner grinders, and round saws in the 18V system, but I suggest that these are still wired.

4. Wired tools:


Electric hammer: Dongcheng Electric Hammer, simple and direct, is the hammer hammer, and the house is punching at all.


Dongcheng Electric Hammer impact drilling drilling Double-use Z1C-FF02-20 multi-function light-type light-type electric hammer home set electric tool Z1C-FF02-20358 yuan

Corner grinding machine: Dewei angle grinding machine, fewer daily use, it is still cheap and sufficient to buy wired.

Dewalt angle grinding machine 850W cutting and polishing corner corner to the polished electrometer grinding machine grinding wheel mill hardware tool kit (side switch) DWE8200S349 yuan

Curve saw: Buy it at will … This is also recommended to buy wired, vigorous, I bought Bosch.

Round saw: DEWALT DWE364 industry evaluation is quite high, and DWE575 is also good. I didn’t buy this, I don’t need to cut the board for a long distance.

Electric grinding machine: Telling Mei, it must be Zhao Mei

Dremel 4300 electric grinding machine 4300 5-50 F0134300NC1029 yuan

Electric grinders are very worthy of having. If you only leave me 2 electric tools, it is electrical and electric grinders.

There are many similar products in the market on the market, and even some designs are more reasonable than Dremel, such as Black & Decker, but on the level of product line breadth and accessories The status of the boss still cannot be shaken. There are none of the advertisements of other types of similar products. You can use all bits of Dremel, which shows the position of Zhumei in the market. The characteristics of electric grinding are high speed, which is very important when polishing. Therefore, the axis of the electric grinding machine is directly connected to the motor or coaxial axis without any transmission device. At the beginning of Dremel’s birth, the maximum speed of the motor was around 15K per minute (RPM). By the 1970s, it had reached 26K. In the 1990s, it reached 3W. It is now 35K.


This post wrote more than 5,500 words, and checked the product manual of more than 800 pages of 7 brands. Several tables were made for 3 nights, demonstrated, overturned, and then demonstrated. Human manpower is endless and the knowledge is endless. If there are errors or not, please give me more suggestions. Please do not simply throw a few words. If you have your own experience and industry knowledge, please leave a lot of messages, please leave a lot of messages, please leave a message, please leave a lot of messages, please leave a message, please leave a message, please leave a lot of messages, please leave a message, please leave a lot of messages. Communicate with each other.

Next post: sleeve, wrench, spiny wheels, I guess to wait …………….

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