The road hair dryer solves problems such as the difficulty of cleaning the corner of the highway

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The car road hair dryer develops a pavement cleaning equipment developed by the current highway road corner of the highway highway, and has the advantages of low work intensity to solve problems such as cleaning difficulties on the corner of the highway. The advantages of low work intensity have solved problems such as the difficulty of cleaning the corner of the highway.


Pavement hair dryer

The daily cleaning of the left and right emergency lanes on the road lane is difficult. Using a cleaning car operation, the cleaning speed is less than 5 km/h, and the fuel consumption per hour is 40-50 liters, which has a greater impact on normal driving and excessive costs.

Road hair dryer


The sweeping machine uses a design high-pressure fan, equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine driver. It has a compact and light structure, low noise, fast operating speed, low fuel consumption, etc. The operating speed can reach 30-60 km/h according to different road conditions. Consumption is consumed. The amount of oil is about 7 L/h.


Highway hair dryer

Main applications: 1. Daily cleaning of highway emergency lanes; 2. snow blowing on the occasion; 3. Sprinkling snow melting agent.


Road windfish hair dryer

Product structure characteristics: 1. The design of low -noise and high -voltage fans designed, forming a good match with the engine 2. Automatic clutch with configuration to protect the engine and adjustable angle of the hair dryer, and meet the adjustment efficiency of different operating needs. Equipped with the water inlet interface, and the water flow is fogged by the airflow, which can reduce the dust.