In the urgent search of family members! The 2 -year -old boy was found on the side of Shijiazhuang’s road! 14 hours have passed …

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3:55 this morning,

West Square at Shijiazhuang Railway Station,

Qiaoxi Sanitation Workers picked up a two -year -old boy.

The boy is clean and tidy,

Wear the sky blue cotton clothes on the upper body,

The gray jeans wearing the “Big Mouth Monkey” pattern.

The news of looking for the child’s family spread

The cute and naive appearance of the boy has aroused everyone’s attention

Netizens have reposted the news of finding the child’s family


What is the current child?

Is there the latest progress?

A reporter from Hebei News Network conducted an interview report on this

As of press time, the child’s family was not found.

Let’s see the latest progress together


In the morning of Shijiazhuang this morning, sanitation workers picked up the two -year -old boy

According to Environmental Sanitation, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City

Yang Fan, director of the brigade office, introduced,

At 3:55 am today,

A sanitation employee of the Environmental Sanitation Brigade of Qiaoxi District


At the intersection of Zhonghua Avenue and Xinshinan Road

Greenland in the east of 100 meters north (next to the small park)

I found a boy about 2 years old,

There are no adults around the child,


The little hand was frozen.

“The little boy was playing with the leaves alone,

After half an hour of our employees, our employees were observed,

I found that there were no adults around the child.

Because the weather is cold,

Our sanitation employees take the boy

Holding the lounge of our sanitation employee.

There are air conditioners, hot water and bed there,

Can ensure the safety and health of children.

Then we called 110 as soon as possible,

Report the case to the police station and look for their children’s parents with the police.

But there is no parental news until now,

The police said they did not receive the child’s family

Alarm information over there. “Yang Fan said.

The child is currently in good health

At 2 pm today,

The reporter saw the boy at Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Institute.

Staff of Shijiazhuang City Social Welfare Institute

Infant safety island outside the welfare home,

Do a preliminary health checkup for the little boy,

During the period of Qiaoxi District Environmental Health Brigade

Li Jianjie has been accompanied by the boy.

“After picking up the boy,


We have never left since the early morning,

He also depends on me with him. “Li Jianjie said,”

When the little boy was picked up by the hospital staff,

As soon as I left Li Jianjie, the child cried, “

The child’s physical condition is very good.

Very lively and very good,

From 4 to 6 am,

I ate three ham sausages,

I bought him in the morning,

He ate three.

I drank some soup and ate an egg.

The child was very obedient, and I hugged him for a day.

I also have children myself, so I feel distressed. “

The child has been sent to the pediatric department of the designated hospital for a 14 -day isolation and physical examination

Boys undergo a health check on Baby Safe Island. Photo by Zhou Ying

“Through the cooperation of the police of the police at the police station of Nanchang Street,

Sample samples to children,


It has been transferred through normal procedures

Shijiazhuang City Social Welfare Institute,

The staff of the welfare institution follows the shelter,

Take the green channel and send the child to

The designated hospital’s pediatric department lasted for 14 days

Isolation and physical examination. “

Environmental Health Brigade, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City

Yang Fan, director of the office, said.

The boy was taken to a designated hospital. Photo by Zhou Ying

Now there are many enthusiastic citizens call Yang Fan,

Carry about the progress of the child,

“At present, we hope that the majority of netizens can actively forward the message,

Provide clues,

Let your child find their parents as soon as possible. “

Yang Fan said.

The picture shows a boy. Photo by Zhou Ying


If you have a clue

You can contact Shijiazhuang Bridge West Sanitation

Office Director Yang Fan

Tel 15131114321

Everyone forwards more help

Let your child return to your parents as soon as possible

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