Middle -aged women wear jackets, they need to refuse routine to wear, learning these methods is more fashionable

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In the autumn and winter seasons, it is bound to be indispensable for the items such as coats. Generally, the coats are relatively single, and they are all modes of base+jacket. Perhaps, for young girls, no matter how you wear it, it does not matter, but if you reach a certain age and you are so casual, you will show people an less stable and mature image.


When entering a middle -aged woman, when wearing a jacket, we must refuse the regular wear method.


Learn more about the following methods, more fashionable and beautiful! ▼

One: Wearing an outer jacket with a skirt, the most gentle and temperament


In a middle -aged woman, don’t choose a conventional way of wear when wearing a jacket, which is a bit too monotonous. If you want to show the temperament and charm that belongs to this age, Lily feels that you can choose a jacket and skirt, so it looks more gentle and temperament.

Tibetan blue suit jackets are relatively simple styles, and the foundation has not loses versatile. In order to weaken the seriousness and formal sense of the suit jacket. You can try a floral dress in the inside to see, is it quite fresh to wear?


The length of the skirt must be controlled. Generally, the position of the calf belly can be covered. This combination is neither decent and generous. The key is to be very familiar. Whether it is commuting to work or going out to go shopping.

In the autumn and winter seasons, I believe it will not be less? For middle -aged women, how to choose a suitable jacket for you? First of all, it is very important to choose the right color. Like the milk tea brown short cotton jacket worn on the daily miscellaneous body, this color is really elegant, and the material of the coat is not too thick, very light, just to wear it!


Choose a chiffon pleated skirt in the lower body to match, and the military green mid -boots, it looks fashionable and beautiful.

Two: The coat is wearing, simple casual and uniform

Most of the time, when wearing a jacket in autumn and winter, it is neatly worn, but the excessive method of wearing it does not help people create a static effect. Try to wear a jacket to wear, simple casual and uniform!

Look at this middle -aged miscellaneous, put a denim jacket on your shoulders at will, it seems casual, but it is fashionable! For middle -aged women, it is still more friendly and versatile. A bottoming shirt is similar to the coat, and the harmony is very high. Is there a wood?

The lower body is selected from a light purple suit nine -point pants. This color tone is relatively eye -catching. After wearing some necklace embellishments, I feel that the taste of the whole person has been improved, which is very fashionable.

In a middle -aged woman, we can’t dress too rigid and single. When you wear a choice jacket, you can’t blindly choose the conventional wear method, which is too monotonous. Therefore, you can try to wear a jacket to wear, and the overall look is quite atmospheric.

The dark coffee suit jacket, such a color that is so elegant, is too suitable to wear in autumn. Choose a white long -sleeved shirt and black jeans to match, some retro are not intellectual!


In autumn, middle -aged women may wish to choose more suits to wear. Such a capable and temperamental style, it is really fashionable anyway! Look at the method of wearing the same -age blogger, you know that the pale pink -colored suit jacket, together with the combination of suit pants of the same color, is harmonious and high -level.

The suit jacket is just on the side of the shoulder, it is very casual to look at. The key is that wearing it is very uniform, and the same color series of pants with the lower body are also loose. Not straight. A black bottoming shirt can be worn in the top, simple and not wrong!


Three: Choose the way of stacking to wear, it is fashionable and fashionable

The last way to put on the coat is stacked. Lily believes that most people have tried this way of wear. After all, after the autumn and winter season, it is still good to stack this method. fashionable!

A suit jacket with a darker color is really suitable for middle -aged and elderly women who are old and elderly. This color tone coat is thin and mature without stability.

It can be stacked, sweaters+T -shirts, or shirts are very good. This method of wearing is relatively richer and not so monotonous. The dark plaid long skirt selected by the bottom is quite elegant. After stepping on high heels, it is feminine.

Suit jacket+suit vest+small vest. This style of stacking is too fashionable. It not only creates a capable temperament, and it is decent. The lower dress chose a suit pants with the same color of the suit, which is full of sharpness! The pants version with excellent feeling can hide the shortcomings of thick legs, and the thin effect is superb.


Well, the above is the content that Lily wants to share with you today. Middle -aged women wear coats and reject routine wear methods. Learning these methods are more fashionable!