Single electric heating pipe performance introduction

Single electric heating pipe (bomber -type heater, single -end heating pipe) is to put the spring electric heating wire in a metal shelter, and fill in the gap part evenly to fill the heat -conducting and insulatability. The machine shrinking the tube, which makes the electric heating wire insulated from the air. It does not occur in the center of the center and touch the tube wall.

Single electric heating pipes have the advantages of small size, light weight, cheap price, safe and reliable, easy installation, high power, high heat efficiency, fast heat dissipation, long life.

1. Product parameters:

1. Small tube diameter: φ2mm-30mm;

2. Single root tube length: 15mm-6000mm;

3. Power: Design according to the heating medium and size;

4. Tube materials: iron, stainless steel, copper, titanium pipe, imported materials;

5. Surface temperature optional: 0-800 ℃.

Second, the technical parameters of the single -headed electric heating pipe:

1. The working voltage should be equal to the rated voltage or 10%of the rated voltage;

2. The components with a rated power less than equal to 100W are: ± 10%. For components with a rated power greater than 100W is+5%~ -10%or 10W, take the larger value of the two;

3. Leakage current: The leakage current after the cold leakage current and the water pressure and sealing test should not exceed 0.5mA; the thermal leakage current at the working temperature should not exceed 0.12mA;

4. Heating tube insulation resistance: The cold -state insulation resistance should not be less than 50MΩ during the factory test.

5. Insulation and pressure resistance: cold -state electrical strength 1500V/min, without flashing and breakdown.

Third, the scope of application:

Single -headed electric pipes are used in the application of mold heating in modern industrial applications. They are used in plastic machine heating systems, pharmaceutical production lines, laboratory thermal treatment tests, dry air burning, chemical industry, etc., for plastic molding molds, flat tablet vulcanization Machinery, squeezing tube, C02 decompression installation, molds and castings, cigarettes, packaging machines, bag making machines, medical pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, bread machines, printers, easy melting metal melting furnaces and other metallurgical industries.


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