Escape from the Hairdressing Hall

From August 18, 2009 to June 25, 2013, Fang Yuan was imprisoned for 1407 days in the Lele Beauty Hall. At the age of 16 when I entered, the popularity of Nokia color screen keys. When I came out, I was 20 years old. It was already the world of touch screen smart machines. The first time I felt the change of the times, I saw the guests “cut watermelon” on the full -screen mobile phone.


The golden age of the rapid development of smart machines is youth. Fang Yuan and others were beaten and insulted by guests in the store. Fang Yuan’s dual -ear and ear membrane perforated, the right ear hearing was weak, it was the problem of falling from the water, but she refused to drop the potion. On the ears. The cold water washing her face would suffocate in an instant.

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Run away

In the midsummer night, the light box of Lele combed the beauty hairdressing hall had just extinguished, and there was a layer of rain falling during the day. This is the Sichuan sand in Pudong, the eastern suburbs of Shanghai, and near Haikou. The boss is not there. Most of the girls in the store are surrounded by a twenty -inch TV to watch the series. Fang Yuan seemed to be absent -minded, looking at the sparse road outside the door.

For Fang Yuan, this may be the most important night in her life. That day, the girl from the rural areas in eastern Hubei had been imprisoned in the Lele Beautiful Hairdressing Hall on No. 339, Xinde Road for nearly 4 years. Those girls who are watching TVs have been the longest one of them for 12 years, and they have been short for one or two years.

The car is here. A blue Chevrolet appeared from the west side and was very slow. Fang Yuan knocked on the girl’s legs behind him -when the two people tied their heads into the cabinet, Fang Yuan whispered to tell her.

The two of them were tight as if they were filled with string. Fang Yuan’s former guest is going to save her out. According to the plan, the single eyelids and some sisters will arrange two cars that night to come. People who chased them from the store.

The second car also appeared. The three men from the white car were moving towards the glass door -one of the round faces and heads- “Yes, came to save us.” Not long before that night, the guest just on the mobile phone just on the mobile phone. Let Fang Yuan get familiar with this face.

Fang Yuan pulled her companion out of the glass door, and the yellow hole shoes on her feet slipped in the floor tile in front of the door, but she still rushed into the night desperately.

The escape that occurred in the summer of 2013 must be successful, and she had too much torture. According to the first instance judgment of the First Intermediate People’s Court of Shanghai, they were “Zhang Jiuqin’s” seizure of ID cards, communications tools, personal money, forced signing of false contract agreements and lenders to restrict personal freedom, and used water, beatings, hungry, forced force, forced forced Drinking urine, intimidation and other means … long -term providing prostitution services such as masturbation, masturbation, etc. to many men. “

When meeting with reporters on May 8 this year, Fang Yuan chose the location on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street that must be gone. She was afraid that reporters would have no time to see the city. Nine years ago, she was 16 years old how longing for the metropolis, but after 4 years here, I had the opportunity to see the Bund and Nanjing Road that appeared on TV for the first time.


“I escaped, running under the eyelids.” Fang Yuan’s voice covered the noisy background sound in the Sichuan restaurant. Now that I remember it, she still remembers that for a long time, this escape only appeared in dreams. She dreamed that she had hid in the pigpen or invisible, but she failed to escape forever. The boss Zhang Jiuqin “knows that I am in this place.”

Many girls were deceived by the employees of the store under the persecution of Zhang Jiuqin. This small hair hall was depicted as an ideal site. Auntie, aunt also told her niece who could not stand for a long time because of her left -footed congenital lymphadenopathy.

In 2009, Fang Yuan went to Shanghai with her junior high school classmates. The Zhang Jiuqin in front of them combed into a small braid and folded back with the tied high ponytails on the top of the head, blue and black eyeliner. Zhang Jiuqin, 1.7 meters, put on a suit and looked at it at first glance, making people feel that “this woman is really a bit like the boss, with that fan.”

At noon, Zhang Jiuqin took Fang Yuan to the opposite opposite side of the Hairdressing Hall and his other business Dio Coffee to eat. Qiu Yue always remembered, “I ate a lion head, delicious.” After this meal, They were brought into the Lele Beauty Hall.

More than a hundred square meters of barber shops only set up 4 hairdressing chairs at the door. Someone always spoke behind the wooden boards. Fang Yuan’s probe went in and found that he was washing his feet. They said at the time that they did not want to wash their feet and massage. They just wanted to learn hairdressing. Zhang Jiuqin agreed.

But the next day, the old employees threw them a big red bra to each of them obviously passed through. Qiu Yue also got a pair of high -heeled shoes that were also worn -black and fine heels. I won’t go, pull it.

At that time, Fang Yuan was 16 years old and Qiu Yue was 15 years old. In the past, those junior high school men would stare at the girls’ bulging breasts and laughed at them. Half an hour later, Qiu Yue, who was still holding a bra in the bathroom, was unwilling to wear, and the old employees who came in slapped it directly. The empty red bra is covered with cheap white POLO shirts and black skirts, and then drawn blue eyeshadow, like a toy doll just out of the factory.

They were brought into the massage room. The guest’s hand touched Fang Yuan, and Qiu Yue’s lower body was stabbed. The two were frightened, but they were beaten because of resisting the guests -the water was grasped, and they were grasped and feet. Tone, torture repeatedly.

Fang Yuan’s face was small, white, and bright eyes. But in the past 5 years, the fear accompanied by pain in the body was still there. She was most afraid of water, and every time her ears had to be “buzzing” for several days, she dipped in a cotton swab, all pus, and others could not hear. What is like me in the world, “she was so scared that she couldn’t sleep.


The rolling pin is dedicated to hitting people, slipping like an oil. At the same time, he was beaten. Fang Yuan’s feet could not be hit, so he spanked his buttocks and turned purple. Fang Yuan said that this was Zhang Jiuqin’s usual method. He hit you to no bold resistance, and he did not boldly run away. It is best not to have such a mind. The girls try to avoid contact with Zhang Jiuqin’s eyes, and they just look wrong if they feel wrong. I just want to think that the feeling of suffocation and water in the bucket and the moment when the water is poured into the head of the head, you have already begun to tremble.


Lele Beauty Hairdressing Hall and Dio Coffee on the map

The Hairdressing Hall faces north. In front of the door is the New German Road of the East and West, near the river, and the more east side of this road is squeezed into a single line by the private car on the opposite community. If you want to escape, you must not choose this road. Once you are blocked, you will finish it. You can only go west, the streets over there are unblocked -this information was asked by Fang Yuan when washing his feet for the guests. At first, it was only because of her curiosity about the outside world. I did not expect that it was an important one of the escape plan. ring.

Take risks to the west. It is difficult to say whether it is intentional, Dio coffee operated by Zhang Jiuqin at the same time is in the fortress not far from the west. Whenever the girl in the hairdressing hall escapes or someone is in trouble, the male employee will rush over.


Zhang Jiuqin often sat on the second floor window of Dio Coffee and stared at the hairdressing hall. Whenever a police car appeared on the road, Zhang immediately called the store to see it strictly. It is also necessary to prevent the Shanghai girl’s father’s car -there is a deceived Shanghai girl in the store. Later, Fang Yuan heard that the girl’s parents entered the prison and lived in relatives’ houses before entering the store. Once the Shanghai girl was seen by Zhang Jiuqin when she was standing, she immediately asked the shopkeeper to pull the Shanghai girl back -what if her dad’s car saw it from the door?

The manual standing Chevrolet turned off the fire while turning around by the river, and Fang Yuan stood around the road anxiously. The people in the store didn’t know what happened, and thought the three men who stopped hunting were guests who came to wash their feet, and kept calling Fang Yuan to go back.

When the car finally stopped, Fang Yuan pushed his companion to the co -driver and squeezed himself on the co -driver. Now when I recall everything, she only remembers that she was “panicked at the time, and she didn’t expect to be up later.”

The car was driving, but when Fang Yuan looked back, she found that her aunt Ma Nan also sneaked into the back row. At first, she cheated Fang Yuan into the Hairdressing Hall. Fang Yuan’s brain was blank. She didn’t know the aunt -the victim of the former, the helper of Zhang Jiuqin later -what to do, escape together, or catch her back?

No one speaks. The car drove out very much, and Ma Nan drove first. “I didn’t expect you to come to this set.” Fang Yuan understood that Ma Nan came to catch himself, but they all realized that only Ma Nan could not do it alone. Essence Seeing that people couldn’t get back, Ma Nan got out of the car when the red light was. Later, when he returned to the store, Ma Nan slapped by Zhang Jiuqin with his sole.

The hairline of the hairdressing hall has a 6 -story old residential building on a gray exterior wall. At most, there are 17 girls. Open the door at 8:30 in the morning, and BMW or Buick at 9 o’clock at 9 o’clock will stop at the door of the store. The girl inside gave her water to wash her face, squeeze toothpaste, and facial cleanser. Ma Nan helped her comb. After dressing up, Zhang Jiuqin took her legs to sit on the sofa. The girls stood in a row from the door to the cashier table and reported to her one day. Zhang Jiuqin ranges from 400 to 900 to each girl. If you do not meet the standard one day, you will be pulled to the sofa in the sofa until the guest enters the door.

Salary is 10%of his performance, but money can’t reach the hands of girls. The monthly salary is to put the money into a salary bag with a name and lock it in the drawer of the cashier. Each time you can help the cash register help from the bag to get one or two hundred yuan for people to buy daily necessities on behalf of them. At the beginning, Zhang Jiuqin’s second brother was responsible for buying. Later was a mature guest of Fang Yuan, and then Ma Nan. They also have to take turns to take a bath in the store, because Zhang Jiuqin feels that people take a bath too much. Every year, Zhang Jiuqin will send money to the girl’s house to soothe family emotions, which is also one of the strategies that keep them here. It ’s so confused to give one or two thousand, and the house like Fang Yuan has not caused 10,000 to get the most.

The cashier Chen Lihua entered the store in 2013 and was Zhang Jiuqin’s fellow. As soon as she entered, she found that the girls talked about their own dialects. Dialects communicated in dialects, fearing that they discussed the frustration of the countermeasures.

Zhang Jiuqin cares for these girls with an extremely strict system. When entering the store, everyone’s mobile phones, wallets, and ID cards will be detained on the cashier. You can only use the landline on the cash register, and you must drive freely, otherwise you will have a handset with Zhang Jiuqin’s face. When I called the New Year’s family, I said that the shop could not leave. It was right to say that Zhang Jiuqin was still thumbs up. If he did not say or cried according to her instructions, the phone would be hung up immediately, and then a poison was beaten.

In winter, they slept above the lofts of less than 10 square meters separated by wooden boards, covering moldy quilts, and dullness. Zhang Jiuqin will arrange an old employee to sleep with the new employees to monitor the newcomers. Sleeping the floor in the summer is opposite, and it is strictly preventing from speaking privately.

If two people are seen “chatting with a smile” together, they will be picked out and hit the rolling pin and fight. Fang Yuan told the “Character” reporter that every time she and her classmate Qiu Yue took advantage of the toilet and went in and out of the door to say a few words or two, the two usually deliberately found a fault quarrel, and it seemed that the relationship was very bad. , I won’t be beaten, both sides are fine. “

It’s even more impossible to go out. Except for the cashier, Ma Nan and Zhang Jiuqin, they can go out when buying football powder or daily necessities, and other girls are seen. Throwing garbage 30 meters away makes them feel extravagant. “You can blow a wind and feel that the whole person is floating.”

Qiu Yue remembers that everyone’s skin in the store was very white. As long as he bumped a little bit, there would be scars or purple scars. Walking on the overpass of Xujiahui, the sunlight in the afternoon shot Qiu Yue unable to open his eyes, and the corner of his eyes continued to flow out of the secretions -this is one of the sequelae in the hairdressing shop because it was too difficult to see the light. Even the station door was blocked behind, and the sun could not be exposed at all.

It’s too depressed, you can’t speak casually, can’t get angry with the guests, can’t get angry with colleagues for no reason, can’t even cry, and you will be beaten again when you see the red eyes. This is too painful for Qiu Yue, who is usually unable to talk. She hid in a place where no one was bite on the wrist that can be covered by clothes. She could not be seen by Zhang Jiuqin, otherwise she would be beaten. A circle of teeth on the skin gradually becomes black and painful, but at least it can make you feel more comfortable. Someone had tried to commit suicide, and the wrist was found in time, but the hanging was not successful due to the low of the loft.

Sometimes, there will be a family who come to see them, but they have to listen to Zhang Jiuqin’s arrangements. When Qiu Yue’s mother came, Zhang Jiuqin repeatedly instructed Qiu Yue not to talk randomly, otherwise “let your mother go to jail.” For more than a month after entering, Qiu Yue and Fang Yuan were called to the bathroom by the contracted object of the hairdressing hall by Zhang Jiuqin’s nephew. The mother who listened to the phone before said that there was a distant relative in Shanghai who came to see her, but did not know the specific time. After a while, Qiu Yue heard someone calling her name outside, and she shouted “Help” as she was crazy. But as when fighting people, the music will always be very large, and relatives cannot hear her call for help. Yu Hong Ling held Qiu Yue’s mouth hard to hold her on the ground. At that time, the cashier Wu Shuhong came in and pressed on Qiu Yue. Fang Yuan was frightened and did nothing.

Without the time, there was no sound outside. Qiu Yue lost a chance to escape. Her lips were bleeding, eyes were swollen, and his face was beaten beyond recognition. She can’t go anymore.

The shops are usually old employees in the store. If who is light, it is themselves. Fang Yuan’s feet were not easy to use, and only the adopted daughter of Zhang Jiuqin once hit Zhang Jiuqin -the adopted daughter is an orphan. She was adopted first, and she ran away due to unbearable abuse at the age of 13. She was adopted by Zhang Jiuqin. Work. After escaping, the adopted daughter felt helpless and ran back by herself. Fang Yuan was angry and felt that she was stupid. She took her stick with others.


In 2011, a girl took the opportunity to roll the curtain door in the middle of the night and got on the car waiting for the guests on the roadside. Later, Zhang Jiuqin coerced all the girls in the store and signed a lack of 100,000 to 400,000, saying that who would go to find their family for money.

Can’t tell the truth, and you can’t see the light. Except for the glass door towards north, there are only three tight cross -bars and iron windows sealed on the back wall, which are smoked black. Fang Yuan wanted to wipe it clearly, but was found by Zhang Jiuqin. He could not straighten his palm, and the bowl could not be brought.

Every time he said that he was beaten inside, Fang Yuan and Qiu Yue laughed as if he was about to go back.

It was an unexpected smile accompanied by the brutal past. “It’s really ridiculous and stupid.” Sitting opposite the reporter, Fang Yuan shook his head with a smile, “If you are more brave, you can’t sleep well, now you want to be true, just like a dream.”

Fang Yuan’s hand -painted Lele Beauty Hairdressing Hall’s layout

One day’s freedom

In the two years when I first entered the store, an uncle on the same street was the only comfort in Fang Yuan’s dark time. Every rainy day, the uncle went to the store, lying on the massage bed without a project, chatting with Fang Yuan, and the money was paid.

Sometimes the music outside was very large, and Fang Yuan told him who was beaten in the next room, and the two wiped tears. But he didn’t dare to help Fang Yuan escape, because Zhang Jiuqin also knew his family, and Fang Yuan said that he didn’t want to harm him, and felt that he was like a relative.

After being imprisoned for a year, Fang Yuan was bravely asked the uncle to ask for help with her mother -she dared not ask the guests to believe it. When I asked the guests to help the mother a letter, when she heard that she was a strange man. The call was called back in the shop, and Fang Yuan not only escaped but also beaten. This time, the uncle secretly gave her a pink slide mobile phone. Fang Yuan’s legs and feet were not easy to climb the attic, and there was a “privilege” who could sleep downstairs. During the day, the phone is absolutely afraid to take it out, only to study quietly at night. Fang Yuan, who has never used the mobile phone, will not send text messages. That’s it. Until more than ten days later, Fang Yuan failed to send any help information.

Soon after, the uncle died of illness, and Fang Yuan’s world was dark.

Many times, the hope of “going out” is tied to Zhang Jiuqin. Zhang Jiuqin is good at both soft and hard, first hit people, and then use the attitude of “trying to do for a month, really not used to go back”.

In the description of the girls, she is very magical -she never dares to travel easily; the Hairdressing Hall only snores at 1 or 2 in the middle of the night, but the cashier often receives a call from her at 3 and 4 in the morning. “I am Dreaming of the wolf (Zhang Jiuqin’s name to a girl in the store) ran away, and you tightened the wolf. “The jade bracelet on his hand was broken and his eyelids were jumping. Personally fight.

Someone still ran away. Zhang Jiuqin met in the store overnight, and suddenly yelled, “Do you want to force me to death? Can you let me save snacks? Do you want me to kneel and you do n’t play tricks?!” Fang Yuan and Qiu Yue were scared. After a jump, watching a lot of people to comfort her, I felt very funny, “a bit of spiritual abnormal.”

She also gives different people to different people -for example, to bring Fang Yuan to cure her feet. She also told Ma Nan many times that she would give her the store in the future. According to the judgment of the first instance, the contractual contract document found in the store proves that on September 30, 2009, Zhang Jiuqin did let the niece Fish Hongling contract Give Ma Nan, the period is 1 year, and the total contracted amount is 96,000 yuan. On May 23, 2013, the contract was signed again, with a total amount of 400,000 yuan.

Ma Nan was originally a victim. In 2002, the second year of the Lele Beauty Heroes began to carry out prostitution, 15 -year -old Ma Nan was deceived in the shop by Zhang Jiuqin. According to Ma Nan’s confession in the first trial, “she did it for a few days and found that the guests had hand -in -law. If she wanted to leave, Zhang Jiuqin called another little girl to drag her to the bathroom, took turns to slap in the slap, and also stunned her water. Forced to drink urine and pour clothes in winter and pour cold water … “In 2008, 6 years later, Ma Nan became a foreman, and the role became a victim. Because he was the most severe” sister -in -law “in the girl’s mouth, like a monitor, like a monitor, Walk back and forth in the store.

Zhang Jiuqin also said that he would find Ma Nan’s house in Shanghai. Chen Lihua, a cashier, didn’t believe it. “Doing it to see the little girl under that under that for so many years and loyalty to me, you will marry you to Shanghai … If this girl is not brainwashed like this, with Zhang Jiuqin, this The store can’t control it. “Chen Lihua and Ma Nan should be the same as the manager, but she saw the girls pitiful and walked up” formalism. “

Zhang Jiuqin’s psychological control made the shop spontaneously monitors. Zhang Yan entered the store in 2006, counting an old employee. Zhang Jiuqin promised to let her go home for the New Year. She was afraid of the newcomer to run away, otherwise she would “be beaten by the old witch again.” There are fewer girls in the store, and the possibility of being able to go home to go home is even less likely.

This is too much hope for Zhang Yan to go home. She likes standing doors the most. In addition to receiving more business, she can also watch people. Qiu Yue told the “Character” reporter, “She is standing at the door every day, but she is smart, her eyes are separated, for fear that we will run.”

Zhang Yan with a single eyelid has a slightly taller cheekbones, the corners of the eyes are down, and the smile is bitter. Rubbing his hands on your legs, his eyes fluttered. She found that she had no other people who had been interviewed. Early the next morning, she sent a message to the reporter: “Yesterday you asked me the question, how did I reply? Is it not so real if I didn’t cry?” Qiu Yue felt that Zhang Yan was sensitive. But she may just recover too slowly, and she maintains it as in the hairdressing hall -too afraid of doing something wrong. No matter what she does, she is frightened and will be beaten with a little carelessness. After a lapse of 5 years, her recognition of herself is still very low.

In 2009, Zhang Yan asked the guests for help. Later, the two strong men dragged her out of the hairdressing hall under the gaze of everyone. “I received me in the shop of him (guest). The next day I bought a new clothes to wear and take me to dinner.”

The information of all the returned guests is required to be recorded, such as “Putison, a tall one, and combing hair back.” Once a girl escapes, Zhang Jiuqin will investigate based on this information. The guests who rescued Zhang Yan were found out, and Zhang Jiuqin called to threaten the other party to send the girl back, otherwise he would tell his wife.

In this way, Zhang Yan only enjoyed the freedom of the day outside, and was sent back to the store. Zhang Yan did not escape until he was rescued by the police in August 2013. Later, Zhang Jiuqin said to every new girl as a allusion, so that they could not escape.

Zhang Jiuqin (right)


Ma Nan got out of the car, and the guests who rescued them had drove far away. She crowded her companion Yang Liu on the co -pilot and looked outside. Fang Yuan didn’t know where. I finally met with the second car. Fang Yuan and Yang Liu changed to another car squatting under the back seat, hoping to throw away the tracking as much as possible. The car finally stopped in front of a hotel, and the guests used their ID card to help them move in. Entering the house and locking the door, Fang Yuan and Yang Liu couldn’t sleep excitedly.

In a conversation half a year later, Yang Liu suddenly said that she hated Fang Yuan because Fang Yuan cheated her in. Willow was a relative of Fang Yuan. She had been a haircut before. I heard that Fang Yuan learned the phone in Shanghai and made the phone in the shop. Zhang Jiuqin heard that a girl wanted to come, and she was so happy that she was so happy that she did not dare to have any throughput and doubts. Fang Yuan immediately said that the shop was very happy. “Don’t come” -the did not dare to say anyway, she would think of calling her mother before, and the number was faster. Zhang Jiuqin felt that she would have secretly hits the house, otherwise how can the number remember so familiar with so familiar? Intersection

On the day of Yang Liu, Fang Yuan couldn’t sleep, and felt that I was harming. “I am in hell, I also want to introduce personally to hell, my heart is the same as death.”

Part of the girl in the shop was forced to call from his hometown to deceive, and some were Zhang Jiuqin’s coaxing or coercion from Dio Coffee. Liu Hua told the “Character” reporter that she was originally a cashier in Dio Coffee. She was deliberately found two VIP cards. Two slaps dragged their hair and dragged the Lele Beauty Hall, and stayed here for more than 3 years.

Qiu Yue can see that Zhang Jiuqin likes people with less social experience and simple thoughts -precedent you, there are relatives and friends here, and then understand your family situation, depending on what kind of personality you are Weak.

During the meeting, Zhang Jiuqin said to a 28 -year -old girl at the time, “You are not young, you should find a mother -in -law. Now there are not many people. When I recruit two new ones, you bring them. A sum of money lets you get home to get married. “Since then, at the age of 28, he has become the expectation of many girls in it, hoping to get home to 28 years old. At that time, Qiu Yue was 18 years old, and I had to wait for 10 years, so despair. But the fact is that the girl was not released at the age of 30.

Qiu Yue sometimes felt that “there should be this robbery.” Just like her cousin Xu Li, she also wanted to come to Shanghai to learn hair, so she came to Qiu Yue with Qiu Yue’s mother. Zhang Jiuqin disguised the dormitory of the employee dormitory of the “Mingguangyuan” house opposite the store. In order to prevent Qiu Yue from talking with his mother, Zhang Jiuqin also squeezed to a bed with his mother and daughter.

No one has a haircut. There are a lot of men who wash their feet and massage. Xu Li thinks that this shop is strange and has no interest. But after an accident, she put her mobile phone in Zhang Jiuqin’s house. The next day, she folded back to pick up her mobile phone. At the same time, Qiu Yue’s mother was sent to the recent train by Zhang Jiuqin. When Xu Li followed Ma Nan to return to the shop, Qiu Yue knew that his cousin could not leave.

After two months of escape, Qiu Yue escaped, and went to Shanghai to rescue Xu Li with Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan’s father and Xu Li’s mother. Qiu Yue told Xu Li’s mother that after entering the store, she dragged Xu Li out, don’t ask anything. But when she saw her mother rushing into the hairdressing hall that day, Xu Li was still in fright. Later, in an interview with “Character”, Xu Li said that at that time, he was too afraid that his family would be retaliated as Zhang Jiuqin threatened them before.

After being rescued, Xu Li returned to his hometown in Hubei. Qiu Yue was still in Shanghai. The two had little contact. “She hates me, I can’t help it.” Qiu Yue bowed her head and fiddled with her mobile phone.


Dio coffee that Zhang Jiuqin once operated at the same time


On the second day of the escape, guests came to Fang Yuan and Yang Liu to the bus station, and Fang Yuan wanted to go to Wenzhou to find his parents. The guest also gave Fang Yuan a old phone. The car was moved, and the phone was passing. Fang Yuan shouted, “I’m going to you, don’t say more, let’s talk about it at that time.”

Fang Yuan once thought that one day Zhang Jiuqin really put her, she would not go home directly. “Because my dad will make a haircut. If I don’t understand anything, what do he think I do outside?” She had to go to a regular barber shop to learn about haircuts, and then go back to deal with my family.

After Qiu Yue returned home, the first thing was to ask Dad to buy her a 1300 yuan vivo mobile phone, otherwise there would be no mobile phone for so many years. How can I say it? I haven’t returned home for 4 years, my brother -in -law has an opinion on Qiu Yue and stabbed in the words, “Do you know that you come back? I think you don’t want to come back in Shanghai. I mixed there for 4 years.” It came out, uncomfortable in her heart, and she couldn’t say.

The family only knew that they were deceived, and they were cleaned in the store to wash their feet and could not come out. Fang Yuan didn’t say anything. “I can’t say. The village is the old grandmother. As long as someone knows it, she will talk about it. Why do she do outside every day? The tone of everyone is different, and it will deteriorate immediately.”

But every time I see the picture of the legal show on TV, Qiu Yue saw her mother secretly wiped tears. “She would think in my heart, did you suffer this kind of suffering in it?” Qiu Yue I cried on the bed, “I never brought my parents this emotion, and it felt like I didn’t cause much to me (harm).” Qiu Yue gave herself brainwashing and told her that she had passed. In the end, it seemed that she couldn’t believe that this happened to her.

Seeing the strict cash register and the decoration in the store in May 2013, the people in the store were restless, and also brought a gold opportunity to escape. Qiu Yue and Zhang Jiuqin’s adoptive daughters used the opportunity to go out in the middle of the night to escape with the help of guests. Fang Yuan and Yangliu are the second wave, and the other four people fled at the same time in the early morning of August 19. The girl in Shanghai was one of the last four people who ran away. After she escaped, she reported to the police through the acquaintance relationship in the police station.

Three days later, the police rushed into the Lele Mei Hairdressing Hall and took away Zhang Jiuqin, Ma Nan and Chen Lihua to rescue the remaining six girls including Liu Hua and Zhang Yan. In August 2015, Zhang Jiuqin was sentenced to life imprisonment for the first instance of forced prostitution. Fang Yuan’s aunt Ma Nan was sentenced to 7 years as a criminal.

Zhang Jiuqin appealed and was sentenced to 15 years in the second instance. Zhang Jiuqin’s first instance defender Zhao Neng said that the information was confidential and did not accept the interview with the “Character” reporter. A case from a criminal lawyer saw Zhang Jiuqin’s second instance judgment in the case. In an interview with the “Character”, he recalled that the judgment may be due to the relevant reply made by the Supreme Law in the same period. “Prostitution” in sin. “

No one hates Ma Nan at home, but even more worried about her future -33 years old in two years, no work experience, and the bottom of the case. What should I do in the future? Fang Yuan’s mother went to the prison once, saying that her hair was long and reached the buttocks.

The last time she saw Zhang Jiuqin’s trial in the first instance, her hair was long and chaotic. Fang Yuan and Qiu Yue sat in the seat and shouted in their mouths that Zhang Jiuqin scolded them.

Fang Yuan and they were conducting civil lawsuits and strived to compensate Zhang Jiuqin to them. The lawsuit has not ended for 4 years. For the lawsuit, they built a group called “each management”, and occasionally determined whether the original memory was correct to the reporter’s question.

In order to cooperate with the court, Fang Yuan, Qiu Yue, Liu Hua, Zhang Yan, and other two victims returned to work in Shanghai, and four of them became the old names in front of the Pudong New District in the area where Sichuan -Lele Beauty Store was located. Essence

Chuansha is so small. The bustling belt is on the sides of the east and west on the east -west side.

Why return to Chuansha? They said they were used to it. Although they have been locked in the store in those years, they can still bring them a sense of security that is difficult to explain. Liu Hua also often bypassed the hairdressing shop in the car and went to see what it became like. “Later, it was changed to a pet hospital, and now it is a cigarette hotel.” Qiu Yue felt irritable when he went to the city in Shanghai with reporters. She said that she didn’t like more people.

When Liu Hua was dismantled at the Hairdressing Hall, he took a photo

Except for reporters and partners of the year, Fang Yuan and Qiu Yue have never mentioned this experience with others. Qiu Yue had tried to tell a good relationship with a relationship, “Do she think you can’t run? Why are you so stupid?” Qiu Yue no longer made such an attempt, “Forget it, it’s the past, the past is, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s the past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s past, it’s the past. “,”

“She doesn’t understand, she hasn’t experienced your experience.” The interview was rainy days. Fang Yuan often doubted life at this time. “Why are I still living in this world?” I wanted to commit suicide, no courage. When others asked her what happened, she raised her head to reveal the pear vortex on the right.

From August 18, 2009 to June 25, 2013, Fang Yuan was imprisoned for 1407 days in the Lele Beauty Hall. At the age of 16 when I entered, the popularity of Nokia color screen keys. When I came out, I was 20 years old. It was already the world of touch screen smart machines. The first time I felt the change of the times, I saw the guests “cut watermelon” on the full -screen mobile phone.

The golden age of the rapid development of smart machines is youth. Fang Yuan and others were beaten and insulted by guests in the store. Fang Yuan’s dual -ear and ear membrane perforated, the right ear hearing was weak, it was the problem of falling from the water, but she refused to drop the potion. On the ears. The cold water washing her face would suffocate in an instant. According to the first trial judgment, Fang Yuan, Qiu Yue, etc. suffer from traumatic stress disorder.

Both Fang Yuan and Qiu Yue are very confused -have they in love? How can a boyfriend explain to him in the future? I haven’t talked about it, what’s the matter with that body? Talking, where is love? Qiu Yue hated her first guest and said he ruined his first love.

Later, they were either lost expectations for men, or they were easily moved by the little goodwill of others. Liu Hua had been with a man who was willing to accompany himself to the hospital, but the man ran away after the accident. She finally gave birth to a girl and became a single mother. Most of the monthly salary was sent back to her hometown to buy milk powder and diapers for children.

In the final stage of escaping, on the train to Wenzhou, Fang Yuan wanted to explain to her mother’s things in the past few years. Information- “If you make any noise, I will disappear in Shanghai and make you never find it.”

When the car arrived, the sun in Wenzhou stabbed Fang Yuan at 9 o’clock in the morning. The office building across the road was so big that her mother came from a distance and seemed to have changed. Fang Yuan shouted “Mom” and didn’t dare to look at her, narrowing her eyes and smiled embarrassingly, “It’s hot today.”

(At the request of the interviewees, the rest of the characters except the lawyers, Zhang Jiuqin, Yu Hongling, and Wu Shuhong in the article are pseudonym)

The article was first published in the character (ID: renwumag1980)