Buy a gas stove alone to save money, or to buy a smoke set to save money, and understand the less IQ tax

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As a big food country, we are particularly particular about eating in this regard, and when we think of making food, we are naturally inseparable from the gas stove.

I believe that at this time, another problem will be tangled, is it whether the gas stove buys it alone, or does it save money to buy a hood and a stove?

本期内容,如果你家要准备装修或者已经开始装修了,也特别关注燃气灶方面的事,那么就要仔细来看,因为内容很有参考价值,能让你了解更多燃气灶选购和Knowledge in use.

About how to buy gas stoves


As a family “cooked woman”, a perfect family meals,

The key factor of success is on the body of the gas stove at home, because gas determines the quality of meals.

Once the gas stove is small, it is basically impossible to stir -fry the dish, and naturally you can’t make the food that wants to explode.

If the firepower is unstable, the fried vegetables are cricket, and it is not tender at all.


Especially if you want to make a stew, because the firepower is difficult to control, it causes the flutter to overflow, and the firepower will not go out automatically, it is even more worrying …

Based on the above reasons, you need to choose a high -quality gas stove for your family to make it easy to use, save gas and worry! Intersection

To this end, I also combined with my parents’ experience in using the gas stove. How to choose a high -quality, efficient, and safe gas stove to share it, this opportunity to tell you:

1. Safe

no doubt,

Safety is the first to consider


This is related to the safety of the user’s life and property. The safety of the gas stove is not high, mainly depending on three aspects


: Flameout protection, air inlet method, safety protection function


Flashing protection:

When choosing a gas stove, you must choose a gas stove with a flameout protection device. In this way, once the flames are being used by the wind or water accident, you can automatically cut off the gas to ensure safety. There are three common types of flameout protection devices of gas stoves: heat -sensitive, thermocouple, and ion induction. It is recommended to use an accidental flame at the gas stove, which can generally cut off the gas source within 10 seconds.

Method in the wind:

The burning of gas is inseparable from oxygen, and according to the method of oxygen entry, the gas stove is divided into upper wind, downwind, side wind, and full wind. Recommended

Wind in the combination of upper and lower

Because it combines the advantages of upper and downwinds, it is highly safe when used.


In addition to the gas stove, the gas stove is recommended to match other safety devices.

2. Firepower

Buy a cooker,

As a secondary consideration, it is the problem of firepower

Because the firepower is too fierce, it is easy to burn the gas without saying the gas; it is not enough firepower. It takes a long time to cook for a long time. It is too wasteful. The food made is not necessarily delicious.

The firepower of the gas stove is not fierce, and the firepower can be seen


Heat load

(That is, power), there is energy consumption logo, with KW as a unit. Generally speaking, the gas stove used by our family can meet the basic practical needs and take care of the stir-fry.

Under the premise of protecting the firepower of the gas stove, it depends on another parameter, that is

Thermal efficiency

Essence Only the higher the thermal efficiency, the more heat generated by combustion can be absorbed by the pot. According to national standards, thermal efficiency is higher than 63%, and the heat efficiency should generally be higher than 55%.

When we buy, we can recognize the first -level energy efficiency. This method is the simplest, but also the most practical.


Notice! Intersection Intersection

In order to improve thermal efficiency, some brands of gas stoves will continuously improve the heat load of central fire, but ignore the uniformity of burning of the stove head, which is not possible.

3. Furnace head material

Whether the gas stove is durable, mainly depends on


(Fire Cover)


Submarine core

Material. The furnace head is good in order to achieve good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion, long service life.

At present, the material of the gas stove is the most common material.

Cast iron, aluminum alloy, copper

The cast iron is easy to corrode and rust, and the heat conduction difference;

The material of aluminum alloy is slightly stronger than cast iron, but it is not the best choice;

The performance of the copper furnace head is the best. The fire cover of the brass is fast, high, and not easy to deform. It is the best choice.

4. ignition method

If you want to make the gas stove easy to use, ignition is a very important factor. If you use the ignition every time you use it, it will cause unpleasant use.

There are two main ways to ignite the gas stove, that is,

Electronic pulse and voltage ceramic.

The electronic pulse type needs to install a battery or external power supply at the bottom of the cooker. It is convenient to use, fast, and the power of ignition is high, generally more than 90%. At present, there are semi -automatic and fully automatic. From the perspective of ignition experience, it is recommended to choose automatic pulse ignition.

Pocket ceramic type does not require battery or external electricity. This is its biggest advantage. It is to generate high -voltage electrical energy through the button under the action of the button. Living successful power is about 70%. Generally speaking, the ignition is slow and unstable, and it has gradually been eliminated.

To sum up, if the use of the cooker is high, it is recommended to choose a full -automatic electronic pulse type; otherwise, if the frequency is used, the piezoelectric ceramic type can be used.

5. Panel material


The material of the panel of the gas stove determines whether the gas stove is durable, the case, and whether it is easy to clean.

At present, there are generally three types of panel materials on the gas stove on the market, which are

Stainless steel, tempered glass, ceramic

The gas stove of stainless steel panel is cost -effective, because it can resist high temperature and does not have a hidden danger of burst. The deficiencies are relatively troublesome to clean.


The tempered glass panel has high face value, easy to clean and take care, and resistance to corrosion is that there is still a certain chance that there is still a chance;

The enamel surface is the best performance, and it is generally used for high -end gas stoves, because the price is too expensive.


In general, there are differences in appearance, hardness, scrubbing, service life, and easy cleanliness. It is recommended here

Stainless steel

Because the cost -effective is high, the most important thing is high safety.

6. Additional function

The current gas stove is also equipped with a hot air of smart homes, which incorporates a lot of additional functions on the gas stove, and it belongs to the scope of the smart home.


Safety protection functions (children’s lock protection), multi -gear fire control, intelligent APP control, intelligent display, etc.

In the face of these additional functions, you do n’t have to tangle in choice, because this is not the focus of the purchase of gas stoves. It is appropriate. It can be determined according to its actual situation. There is no need to have blind requirements.

In addition, what I want to say is that when the gas stove is selected, you must pay attention


Whether the pot rack has a non -slip function

, Especially the wok, small milk pot, etc., the key points are relatively small.


Is the gas stove buying alone or saving money, or to buy a smoke set to save money

When buying gas stoves now, merchants generally recommend other supporting products. The most obvious performance is the range hood. This is also because when using the gas stove, the range hood must be turned on to discharge fuel.


After such recommendations, consumers often do not know how to choose, and the current smoke set is the mainstream of sales of major businesses.

Here I want to say that when buying a gas stove, it is best to buy it alone, because it can be worthy of money.

As for the reason, it is actually very simple, because some merchants sell the cigarette stove combination,

Sometimes I am taking the opportunity to “Mongolian” consumers

For example, I chose a set of cigarettes of about 5,000 yuan. According to the price of the merchant, the price of the gas stove is 2,000 yuan, but in essence with the combination of smoke stoves, the gas stove is worth hundreds of yuan low -end gas gas. The stove, the focus is on the range hood. This is because the merchant also understands that most consumers do not understand the gas stove. As long as the gas stove can be used, the range hood is different. I will find it, so the focus is on the range hood.

Finally, talk about the decoration and summarize for everyone:

Once you buy a cigarette combination, it looks a little less money on the surface, but the products given in essence are low -end machines, most of which are paid.

“IQ Tax”

Essence Therefore, it is recommended that when you buy the gas stove, you must buy it separately so that you can value it.

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