Why are those classic cashmere coats above 10,000 yuan? Know after reading this

The cashmere coat, from the heart of the nobles to the classic items that sweeping the fashion industry today, are good things that can be worn for 50 years, and because of their expensive prices, many girls are hovering between buying and not buying. Why is cashmere coat so expensive? Do you want to buy so expensive? There will be answers when you look at it …

All your questions about cashmere coats should be here

1. Why is cashmere coat so expensive?

We all know that cashmere coats are very expensive. The price of a pure cashmere coat is generally about 10,000 to 30,000. The price of small cashmere coats is higher and can be sold to more than 50,000. Why is the price so high?


With a cashmere coat, you don’t need to wrap yourself like a dumplings in winter.

Cashmere, cashmere, also transliterate to Cassi Mi. Cashmere is actually the close -up fluff that is naturally removed by the goat every spring. Because it is the hair used by animals to protect the cold, cashmere has a natural and powerful warmth function.

From March to May each year, the goats who experienced the cold winter and living in high altitude areas have excellent hair insulation in winter, and the diameter of each cashmere fiber is more than seven times thinner than our hair. This is cashmere. The coat looks very thin but very warm.

A cashmere coat = 10 adult goats

An adult goat only produces about 100 grams of cashmere every year, making one cashmere coat, and at least 10 adult goats are needed.


And small cashmere is even more golden in gold: Baby Cashmere is the cashmere that goats have taken off when they are not adulthood. They can only produce once in their lives, only 80 grams at a time. It takes about 58 cashmere coats to make a cashmere coat. little goat.


Unbearable people can’t do the job of collecting cashmere


After scraping with a brush and collecting wool, the herdsmen have to sort for up to two weeks, and choose the softest wool close to sheepskin. This is the real cashmere.

The more expensive the brand, the more sophisticated the collection of raw materials, and the stricter the quality of the quality. Sometimes it will choose the best quality of the cashmere coat from 250 grams of cashmere cashmere on a sheep.

After 73 processes, a cashmere coat can be made

The sorted coarse cashmere will be sent to factories around the world to be processed into a stronger double -share yarn, and then weave into cashmere sweaters, or textiles need to be woven into cashmere coats.

The process of making a cashmere coat is extremely tedious and complicated. Take MAX MARA as an example. The birth of a 101801 coat takes nearly three hours. Wait for 73 processes.


The full -handmade cashmere coat sewn sewn by senior craftsmen can not only be underestimated in the production time, but also doubles the price.

2. Where is the difference between cashmere coats, wool coats and camel velvet coats?

What is cashmere: The real 100 % cashmere is the top wool of animal oils, impurities and dust.

What is wool: wool is the general term for all the wool obtained from the sheep, including lambs, Angola wool, cashmere, etc. Generally, wool is cut directly from the sheep, which is far less soft than cashmere.

What is a camel velvet: Camel velvet is also a hair from the double peak camel, which is similar to cashmere. A camel can produce 8 to 10 kg of camel velvet each year and about 20 microns in diameter, so it is far less precious than cashmere.


Cashmere coat

Wool coat


Camel velvet coat

Let’s take a look at the order of magnitude between the three:

● Keep warm: cashmere> camel velvet> wool

● Comfort: Cashmere> Camel> Wool

● Dress resistance: camel velvet> wool> cashmere

● Price: Cashmere> Camel> Wool

Is it clear now ~~

3. How to distinguish the quality of cashmere coats?

There are so many cashmere coats on the market. If you don’t want to spend money, you need to know how to distinguish the quality of cashmere.


The skin of the cheeks is one of the most sensitive skin of the human body. 100%cashmere coat is close to the cheeks without discomfort or itchy.

Look at the tag

Try to choose a coat with 100%cashmere content, because only 100%cashmere is required to be inspected and officially authorized. Those cashmere coats marked with 70%cashmere and 30%wool blend may only be 5%cashmere.




Once a 100%cashmere coat is selected, the heavier the coat will keep it warmer. Because general cashmere is a double -share yarn textile, the coats made of multi -stranded yarn will be heavier.



Gently pinch the cloth cloth, the better the cashmere, the more cashmere will not be wrinkled.


Natural cashmere is generally white, gray and brown. In the process of dyeing, cashmere will lose some softness. Therefore, although the colorful coat is beautiful, in contrast, it is comfortable to be close to the natural cashmere color coat.





The price of a pure cashmere coat is generally about 10,000 to 30,000, so cashmere coats that can be bought by thousands of dollars are likely not pure cashmere.

These big stars all love to wear cashmere coats

Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump, the first daughter who has recently become red, is one of the loyal fans of cashmere coats. The cashmere coat is the favorite of the ladies in Shangdong District, and Ivanka Trump not only puts the coat out of richness, but also interprets a variety of styles such as ladies, criticism, and career.

Camel lace -up coat is the basic model in the cashmere coat, with pointed shoes of the same color, harmonious and affinity.

The peacock blue is a relatively high -profile color in the coat. Choose black high -heeled shoes and commute bags to transform a professional woman with aura.

If you usually prefer a slightly ladylike suit, in winter, you can use the collarless falling coat with the same color bag.


Selena gomez

The SELENA GOMEZ of Tongxing’s background has gradually been longer, and cashmere coats appear delicate and confident in her.

Red and black coats are her favorite. Through relaxed inside and accessories, black coats also look less mature and dull on her body. The red sports suit plus small white shoes, black cashmere coat becomes younger It’s lively.

Wearing a red coat is a bit like the New Year, but the nine -point pants and pointed leopard shoes have become festive to elegance and sexy.


Both color -colored bags and high -heeled boots can light up the winter shape of black and white gray.


Straw hats, handbags and unique horn sleeve coats, will you still talk about all black?


Blake lively

Blake Lively is the iconic fashion idol of the coat with a dress. The style of the cashmere coat she chose is very sophisticated: there are different pinks, and there are high -adjustment of embroidery and beads. , Make people have to admire her profound styling skills.

If you want to wear a pink coat, you might as well try the same color system. With pink wide -leg pants, you do not have to worry about coloring, but also freely switch between girls and capable.

At the official occasion, you can wear a cashmere coat like Blakelively. It will not be frozen in the middle, and it can look more prestigious in wearing.

The cashmere coat is not just a cold jacket. It can be embellished with a slight embellishment in details, such as the eyelashes on the cuffs.

Gigi Hadid


Since Gigi Hadid walked to the runway wearing a Max Mara camel coat last year, her love for cashmere coats is out of control. Looking at her expression and putting on a cashmere coat, she can step on the fashion world.

If you are worried that you can’t control the light color, you can wear nude colors from head to toe like Gigi, sexy and white.


You can choose this easy -to -wear cloak with dining and participating parties. The full white color is more eye -catching than wearing a dress.

Landmaking cashmere coats and flat -knee boots are a must -have with high legs and long legs.


Kardashian family


Although the Kardashian family is often not good -taste, the women in her family are definitely true love for cashmere coats: a classic fundamental person’s hand, I really doubt whether they make an appointment with cashmere coats to concave the shape.


Sister Kourteny Kardasian


Second sister Kim Kardashian

Taste as Kendall Jenner

Little sister Kylie Jenner


And mother Kris Jenner is not far behind


The temperature of the demeanor is not wrong, and the new way of dressing of cashmere coats

Cashmere coats are so precious, and it is naturally not sloppy. If you still match like a general coat, is it too sorry for your wallet? So, let’s take a look at what fresh gameplay in cashmere coats this year to make you fashionable and warm.

Cashmere coat with a short jacket

In addition to sweaters, wearing short coats in the coat can also protect the cold, and at the same time, it can allow your autumn equipment to continue the whole season. Leather coats, denim jackets, and suits can not only make your coat change to a different style. After taking off the coat in the warm room, you can show a different shape. Smart choice.

Designer Jenna Lyons usually loves the style of female elites in the workplace. It is cold and put on a cashmere jacket, and he can also go out of the street with high heels.

Different fabrics are mixed and match, plus ripped jeans, have a casual beauty.


Usually denim jackets with jeans will look like women who come out of Western movies

It looks much easier to wear a cashmere coat, and then on the same color scarf, the feeling of the costume disappears.


Cashmere coat with the same color suit


The coat with a smooth -colored suit was first evolved from men’s clothing. Gentlemen who loved to wear a suit love to wear a coat in winter, and gradually began to learn from this method of wearing and interpret the “power set”.

The trick to wear a suit is to wear it. Women wearing suit suits are already handsome and sexy. If you put on a coat, you will change the “husband” in their mouth in seconds.

The Russian lady Miroslava Duma has raised the same color set to the level. Choosing a slightly deeper color than the coat will make the whole body look more sensible.


The silk suit will form the contrast of the material with the hard silhouette, and the rigidity and softness will also have all kinds of style.


Milk white cashmere long coats and white sweater are very clean and neat, big handbags and beige wide -leg pants make the whole look handsome.

Of course, women’s clothing is more than men’s clothing. In contrast, the knitted skirt or knitted pants suit that is popular this year can also show a relaxed and casual attitude.


Cashmere coat with a hooded shirt

After the sports style was scratched, it never stopped, and almost a hoodie on the street. The version of the loose hooded shirt with a thin jacket is sometimes slightly far -fetched, and cashmere coats and hoodie jackets are a positive solution.


The stars and bloggers in the street shots like to wear a hat concave shape. The sports shoes on the accessories can strengthen the casual style. The conflict brought by the mixing and match of high heels also increases fashion.

Kendall Jenner is the trend of sports style. If you do not have the proud abdominal muscles to expose, you can also choose to show your ankle like her.

If you don’t want to wear sports shoes, then put on a loose suit pants to put on a hat shirt and step on high heels.

If you want to create a relaxed style, you need to open the coat and let the lace dancing with the wind.

How did cashmere coats change from monks and cold tools to fashion items?


As early as the 14th century, cashmere was a tool for the people of the tribal people in Nepal, Persia and other regions. Monks of high altitude temples even put it on the wall to keep the temple insulation. These practices seemed to be extravagant today, but they were them at that time. To be able to survive the cold winter.

By the 18th to 19th centuries, due to the innovation of the industrial revolution technology and the nobles’ love for natural fabrics, people’s demand for cashmere has reached an unprecedented peak, and the cashmere production center has also shifted from South Asia to Western Europe. At that time, wearing cashmere shawls and scarves in political and religious rituals was a symbol of power.


Girl Portrait wearing cashmere shawl (1824) by Eduard Friedrich Leybold


It is worth mentioning that the popularity of cashmere in the European noble class is also due to the wife of Napoleon, Queen Josephine. According to rumors, Queen Josephine has more than 400 cashmere scarf collections, and she has exquisite craftsmanship, and even complicated embroidery embellishment, which makes her a trend vane in the period of neoclassicalism.

Queen Josephine and her cashmere shawl


By the 20th century, due to the impact of pragmatism and sports trend on the history of fashion, designers such as Coco Chanel, Jean Patou and Elsa Schiaparelli began to gradually turn cashmere from rare aristocratic clothing to practical mass items. Cashmere is also popular culture. Repeated interpretation. However, at this time, the use of cashmere still stays in the design of sweaters and cardigan.


In 1937, LANA TURNER’s “Sweater Girl” in “never forgets” has promoted the popularity of cashmere

In recent decades, as women’s coats have designed classic styles such as 101801 in the fashion industry’s popularity and MAX MARA brands, cashmere coats naturally entered women’s wardrobes.

Max mara 101801 classic coat


Like a warm -hearted boyfriend, cashmere coats should be taken care of

How to prevent hair balls?


Before washing the cashmere coat, it is best to use a professional brush to comb the surface of the coat. One is to remove the dust, and the other is to brush the ball on the surface of the cashmere surface to prevent repeatedly.

How to wash and dry?

Cashmere coats are best dry cleaning. On the one hand, professional dry cleaners can indeed bring the best maintenance services, and on the other hand, because the volume and weight of the cashmere coat can also make hand washing very difficult and difficult to operate. If you want to wash at home, first turn the coat into the washing bag, and then select the wool washing mode with a water temperature of about 30 degrees.

Cashmere washing must use professional detergents. The laundress from New York and the Australian brand Mr. Black are good choices. After washing, choose a smaller speed to dry the coat. When drying, you need to avoid direct sunlight.








How to iron it?


It is best to use the hanging steam iron to iron at medium temperature. When ironing, the steam port should be kept from a distance of about 0.5 to one centimeter from the coat. Direct contact with the clothes will hurt cashmere fibers.


How to store it?


After the ironing is completed, when the coat is cooled, you can hang the shelves and put it on the dust bag to store it in the wardrobe. Don’t forget to put some camphor pills such as camphor pills in the closet.After returning home, the cashmere coat should not only be hung on one hook, and it is easy to shape.

These cashmere coats are worth buying

Ordos Erdos pure cashmere coat


Reference price: 13906 CNY

MAX MARA double -sided pure cashmere coat

Reference price: 21400 CNY

Valentino light powder cashmere coat

Reference price: 23237 CNY


Chloé belt details cashmere coat

Reference price: 23664 CNY

Loro Piana white pure cashmere coat


Reference price: 26278 CNY

The row lace cashmere coat


Reference price: 32105 CNY