Knowledge point 3 minutes learn to choose fur coat

With the arrival of autumn and winter, a large number of fur jackets are launched. So, how to buy a suitable fur jacket in a variety of fur jackets? What are the precautions when buying fur jackets? The following is a detailed explanation for everyone.

“Five flowers, Qianjin Qiu”, has been known as the best mink clothing for clothing since ancient times. With the sharp decline in temperature, it has gradually entered the peak season of sales. “The price of a fur shawl, from 100 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There are no differences in the price, but there is no difference in appearance, which makes people wonder!” Because of the experience of choosing fur, facing many styles and prices of mink clothing costumes Some readers can’t help asking questions, how to distinguish?


Elected options: Four steps should remember that the basic principle of choosing a mink clothing is: one look, two touches, three blows, and four wear.


At first glance: look at gloss. The brighter the brighter appearance of the mink, the higher the price. (Reminder: There was a common counterfeiting method on the market: “oil”, that is, to add the light of the fur with hair wax. The method of identifying is to gently brush with your hands, and some hair needles will be briefly sticking together. This coat touches touches After that, I feel a little greasy. Wearing such a coat, as the hair wax is volatilized and stained, it will soon lose light.

Two touches: Feel the density of the needle velvet with your hands. The proportion of good mink, needle, hair, and velvet must be moderate, the needle should not be too long, and the hair should not be too sparse.

Sanbiao: Blow a large piece of mink, and within the range of the air flow, the needle and hair can be restored immediately after the needle and hair are down, indicating that the quality of this mink is good. At the same time, while the airflow passes, you can also notice the density of short fluffy in the inside.

Four wearing: When trying on, buyers can feel the version of the clothing, as well as the weight of the clothing, the same length, the same style of mink clothing, and the commonly used raw materials for quality It’s a female mink. Usually the raw materials of small mink are good, and the price is the most expensive.


Look at the source: eat seafood? Or eat feed? In recent years, after the price of fur has continued to rise, the price of fur in Shenyang this year is basically the same as last year. The same is artificially cultivated. Why is the price of European and American mink and domestic mink? At present, the raw materials for foreign mink clothing are basically auctioned in the Seattle market in the United States, and European and American countries have reached a very high level in the feeding technology of mink. For example, the size of each mink cage of some minks must exceed four or five mink bodies. The mink has a large space for activity. Usually they eat seafood products. “Feeling”. The living environment of the mink has improved, and its hair quality is naturally lit. In contrast, many mink cages from Hebei and other places are small, eating meat or feed simply. Therefore, the coat is far less than that of European and American mink.


Picking the process: a few millimeters of small strips sutured. When buying mink fur with a flat face on the back of the back, you can touch it carefully. You can feel the edges of one by one. This is the process used by processing mink, also known as the “knife” process. The mink is cut into a few millimeters wide strips, and then sutured. The stitching is particularly fine, sometimes it is much thinner than the embroidered needle. The suture of the mink is difficult to see, and it is easy to produce a large amount of wrinkles and the effect of not serving. In the suture, the stitching of dedicated lines is very fine.

Little trick

1. Use five fingers to continuously pinch the surface of the mink on the surface of the mink. The more marks left, the better. Then, after shaking the clothes, the mark just left can be quickly restored to the original state, indicating that the quality of the mink is high.

2. When choosing, you should look up at the bottom of the clothing, which can distinguish whether the fur is uniform.

3. Usually, the superior mink clothing clothing is generally pregnant in the clothing to indicate the origin of the raw material. For example, a brand of clothing is directly marked with the United States Baojiamei or the North American NAFA five -star pure bar mother.

4. Most of the fine marten is black, brown, dark gray, light gray, white and other natural colors, and will not be dyed into color, because the dyeing process will affect the quality of fur to a certain extent. Good leather, processors are not willing to dye it.


The fur coat is a very expensive clothing in fur clothing. The fur coat has always been a symbol of distinguished identity and status. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the popularization of the clothing industry, the fur coat has also entered the lives of civilians. However, when buying a fur coat, you must understand some identification, so that you will not buy low -quality counterfeit products.

1. Dyeing products


Dyeing products require uniform dyeing and luster. Wipe the hair several times with white paper. There is no dust, no oil, no odor, no odor, no hair removal, no needle skating, and pushing the hair with the hair.

2. Leather


Rubbing the leather for a few times. If the fur this year makes a cowhide -like sound or stiffness, it means that the leather tanning has poor permeability and the quality of the leather plate is not good. Listen to whether there is no sound and feel stiff, check its softness, and be soft.


The coat of the coat of the hair surface is lustful, smooth and smooth, and the needle plush is complete; it cannot pollute other colors. If the luster is poor and the hair is messy, the hair rod is often crispy and easy to break. The cavity is found in the hair surface. You can use your hand to push the plush to check the light board. Gently push a few times on the hair surface with your hands to see if there is any hair loss. Secondly, pay attention to whether there are leaks at the gap.

4, taste

When buying fur, you smell the frying furnishings. It is better to have no smell. You can also take the weight of the fur coat clothing. The same size leather and the clothing are light. For example, the overall harmony of the lining workmanship and the overall harmony of clothing, pull the leather plate with your hand to see if the leather plate falls off. Blow on the fur with your mouth to see if there is a lack of hair.


5, texture


Check the texture of the fur, whether the fur processing is good, the fur needs to be complete, the plush is full, the hair surface is flat, the color is well -proportioned, and the luster is bright. When buying, you can shake the clothing a few times, and you should not have hair loss, and then put the clothing on the counter to grab the hair properly. You can also see if there is no hair removal. Essence


The predecessor’s placket is naturally straightened when it is drooping. The chest is full, the shoulder seam position is moderate, and the length and height are consistent. Pocket position is accurate. Symmetry on the left and right, the bag is closed, and flat. The fur large clothes are loose and suitable, must be well -proportioned, not distorted, the back is flat, the split is straight, and the length is consistent.


When choosing a fur coat, with these tips, you don’t have to worry about buying low -quality inferior products ~