Why is the hotel’s sheets white? It turned out to be because many people don’t know

People who have experienced hotel residence should find a problem. Why are different users such as hotels living frequently? Even some theme hotels did not cooperate with the theme style to change colors. From the perspective of sanitation, isn’t white more easily dirty? Have anyone thought about why?


The hotel’s sheets are covered with white?


It turned out that from the beginning, the hotel’s sheets and other textiles were not white, but also various patterns. With the entire decoration, it would look more warm. Until the “Bed of Tianmeng” launched by the Westin Hotel at the end of the last century, the unified white white was used, but it was found that the guest feedback was more good, and this initiative quickly spread in the circle. So why is white more liked by users?

First of all, from the perspective of hygiene, we all know that white represents clean and tidy. Because the sheet is white, although it is easier to provoke dust, as a hotel, if it can be replaced, it will give customers a clean feeling. In addition, the same uniformity as a towel bath towel is white, which will be more convenient to clean, and do not have to worry about fading dyeing problems. Cleaning can also save a lot of costs.

Secondly, white is white, and white can conform to almost all decoration styles. Although some room decoration can use the corresponding sheets to make a finishing touch, it is obviously even more than to adapt to more themes. easy. In terms of comfort, white is the warm color that everyone is happy to accept, which not only makes people feel relaxed, but also gives people a sense of cleanliness.

Finally, it is convenient for cleaning staff. The whole side is white. Even a little stain or impurities can be clear at a glance, that is, it is convenient for users to check in, and it is convenient for cleaning. Of course, it is also convenient for users to leave the bed to the greatest extent when checking out the bed.

The hotel’s bed is uncomfortable after sleeping?

If you wake up and find itchy on your body, you can simply think that it is not convinced by the soil and water, it is likely that the sheets are not cleaned by the sheet. If the alkali degree of textiles exceeds the standard and exceeds the standard, it may cause itching and excessive symptoms such as skin. In addition, alkali can also destroy the skin’s immune barrier and induce skin diseases. Therefore, if these problems occur, it is best to ask the hotel side to give a statement.

Benefits on the insurance, in the hotel room, it is best to wear your own pajamas. Do not let your body’s excessive skin directly contact the sheets to cover the sheets, or the sheets are covered by the sheets to prevent more than everything.


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