What is the price of curtain fabrics? Tailor -made another style

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It is necessary to make a lot of different utensils and accessories, so reasonable matching is very important. At the same time, it also needs a good budget and design. This can not only save some cost costs, but also make the overall effect better. Curtain fabrics are a very popular trend at the moment. It has quite a lot of advantages, such as the color and style of curtains, custom forms, and its spatial functions, which can be tailor -made according to the indoor effect. Therefore, I will introduce the knowledge of all aspects to you in detail, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

After the overall installation of the room, the curtain fabric is made into a very important task. Before customizing the curtains, you need to measure all sizes and color matching. If you are a curtain in the living room, you can choose the same colorful fabric as the sofa. Similarly, the same bedroom needs to be consistent with the bedding. This will be better in coordination, not vivid, and change steadily.

When the curtain fabric is customized, the price of different specifications and colors is different. Next, take a large 4 -meter -wide window as an example to make rail curtains to make a price budget. The general price of the custom fabric is about 40 yuan to 100 yuan per meter. It also needs to be 6 to 25 per meter. It is used to fix the hook and you need to choose a better. The price of lace is about 6 to 10 meters. The market price is not much different, the price is not too expensive, and the decorative effect is better. However, it is necessary to remind everyone that you do n’t choose the all -round edge. The effect of the vertical edging is not obvious. It will also produce a sense of burden. It is also recommended that you choose only the horizontal edge. It is more beautiful and can save some fabrics.

If it is a small window or not a long curtain of the mop, do not choose the curtains on the edge, it will look very cramped and cumbersome, narrowing the indoor space. The rail price is generally between 6 and 30 yuan, and about 20 yuan is made of aluminum alloy. Consumers choose more. You also need to buy a few hooks, 1 yuan each. When you buy the above materials, you can ask the merchant to give away. The fabric is bought by yourself. You can buy a larger size than the fixed size, so that it will not be insufficient because of the operation error. The excess part can also be made into other small objects.

The above lists the basic materials and approximate prices of curtain fabrics, so that when you choose to customize your own curtains, you can have a approximate reference. Interested friends can take a closer look!