“Lus” attended the show a lot, black lace with short skirts, “elephant legs” grabbed the mirror too

Rich black has always been “thin weapon”.

Colors and styles are the mainstream factor of clothing, and the reason why the clothing is different. By matching simple colors, it can be changed by constantly changing, which can present charming romance and luxury. The color changes, so the color is integrated or gorgeous,

Is it black or red, and the scene plays a certain role.



It seems to be painted, and it seems that there is no different color. “Black is invisible, but it is this intangible that gives black with soul and life.

King of all -go

, Loss of thinness, communication, and wait for the name to make black more mysterious, so how does black match?

The heroine of “Titanic”, Kate Winshlyt (Ruth), was rare, with black vest -style suit and hip skirts, slightly fat, and his temperament was still unabated. This is the real goddess of strength. After three marriages failed, he once confessed “Little Plum”.

The method and technique of black matching:

First: focus on the reflection of charm, layering is important

In the matching of clothing, the most afraid of pure black clothing is monotonous, that is, it cannot be used to shape the style with the same material, and it must be matched with different materials. The three -dimensional suit material is used for plasticity, personality of personality and personality. The tulle material is added to the clothing match.

Pure black suit shaping, creating a charming line, adding a lot of points to the clothing matching, and through the design of the opening, weaken the round face, and the material of the tulle is staggered. This is also the reason why clothing is different.

Second: thin and beautiful, remove bloated


The reason why black clothing is versatile is not only because it can be controlled at any occasion, but also one thing is to perfectly interpret the highest -level feelings through fashionable styles, forming a thin and beautiful beauty. Sexual matching, covering disadvantages.

The relatively wide suit vest covering the characteristics of the crotch is relatively plump, and it is thin and thin, and the black skirt uses a half -knee design.


It covers the characteristics of thicker thighs. By matched with extraordinary clothing design, it highlights the thinness of the calf, and the large garden highlights the beauty of the neck, which is not only too bloated and serious.


Black matching knowledge points:


Depending on the figure and age



Mature women, suitable for light and thin,

Mature women with black are luxurious and sexy. They are a kind of beauty and elegance after the precipitation of the years. It uses a suit -style shoulder design. The lace on the arm highlights the show. Sigh.


Young girl

Most of the lace black is mostly presented in a small range. It is mostly in the waist and legs. The purpose is to be sexy. It is a way to make other colors and styles. By presenting a unique beauty, it becomes the mainstream style of clothing.

In fact, the girls with lace or black clothing are more of a symbol of trend and reflection of style. Therefore, there are more accessories in the match, and they advocate short models as the main, supplemented by long models.


Proper use of fold skirts

The charm of the fold skirt is that it can weaken the slightly fat feeling of the figure. Through the staggering, the unique horizontal edges and corners, weaken the sense of wrapping and crowding brought by your figure, forming a visual illusion, and opened it. The pairing is noble and unique, adding points for clothing with clothing.

You need to choose the style of the fold skirt, it is best to choose the fold skirt of the whole body, adopt a skirt with the same figure, and through the outstanding matching concept,

The extraordinary matching style increases the smoothness of the thin part, increases the folds of the fat part, and forms an interlaced and visual impact matching method.



Internal and external matching

The mosaic match has a relatively noble color and style manifestation, which is the comparison of short and long models. Although the black monotonous, it will not be mediocre. Essence

Through jacket design, hip design, fluffy design, increase beauty, increase visual impact, add points to clothing matching, this is the most advanced clothing presentation, the meaning of clothing matching, the same color system also pays attention to skills and methods.


The shoulder “volcano” type presentation, thin and personality


The most important thing for black skirts is cutting, because cutting does not change the original color and meaning of clothing, that is, cutting can make your clothing look different, not so fancy and vulgar. This is the meaning of cutting. This is the meaning of cutting. It is also a new style that is popular now.

Shoulder cutting is the most commonly used cutting method, and it is also one of the most thin ways. Through the chic style, noble clothing matching, perfectly presenting exquisite aesthetics, a bit of points for clothing, at the same time, personalized personality, personalities, and personality. Silk satin gilt plastic tight material, which can highlight the figure, and the material

Sale is also a good way.

Through outstanding clothing styles, perfect interpretation of the highest level of feelings, highlight the beauty of the line, and use a narration style in the hips,

Not only perfectly interprets the sense of advanced, but also makes the clothing look different. This is the meaning of clothing.



Color splicing, forming streamlined visual impact

If black clothing is relatively monotonous and boring, it can be embellished and decorated with stitching colors, which means that through the stitching style, the clothing has a more liquidity and activity. Design, combination of hips, increase beauty.


In the matching of clothing, the scenes of color stitching are more common, and generally suitable for comparison

The lively and lively girls can increase the sense of youth, and inject vitality and confidence into monotonous clothing. This is the charm of clothing.


Summary: In fact, any clothing is not constant, and the figure also changes with the change of age, so we must know how to adjust our matching concept at any time.

Use your own matching style to embellish, add a lot of points to clothing matching, and it is more delicate and showfruit.

Black is popular, but to match your own characteristics and style, you still need to understand the brains and choose more. Outstanding means and skills to match.

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