Worth $ 10 billion! Afghanistan has the world’s largest lithium mine. How to develop a problem

In the middle of the night on August 30, the last transport aircraft carrying the US military flew away from the capital of Afghanistan Kabul, which marked the 20 -year Afghan war. The actual controller of the country.

(The last American army was evacuated by Afghanistan)


But now the relationship between Taliban and the international community is sensitive. Many countries have refused to recognize their legal government status, how to deal with the relationship with other countries, and develop the country’s economy without relying on the conditions of the United States and other Western countries. problem. At this time, Afghanistan now has a trillion -dollar “Jinshan” that may help the Taliban’s power, which is Afghanistan’s mineral resources. Among them, the most prominent is the lithium ore of Afghanistan.

After the U.S. military launched the Afghan war and overthrew the Taliban government in 2001, although it also conducted geological survey of the country and found some minerals, because there was no development wave of new energy vehicles at that time, Allen Musk’s name also It is not known, so it is not as “how many resources to theft Afghanistan” like Syria. If the development strategy of new energy vehicles in the early 21st century is as high as today, it is estimated that the United States is making a decision to withdraw troops. It will be considered repeatedly.

(If you know that Afghanistan’s resources are rich, the U.S. military may not be so easily evacuated)

Lithium is the third element on the element cycle table. Although theoretically it is abundant in nature and is widely distributed, but because lithium is a very lively metal and is very easy to be free, it is impossible to be as golden as gold. Exist in the crust in a form of element. At present, it is known that lithium has more than 30 minerals, such as pyroxyl, lithium long stone, and lithium cloud mother.

Unlike oil and copper resources, lithium minerals are generally not large. Today, the world’s largest lithium storage country is Chile, with only 7.5 million tons of reserves. The annual output does not exceed 10,000 tons. In June 2010, the New York Times reported that the US Geological Survey found a large number of lithium deposits minerals in Gazi in Western Afghanistan, and the mining potential exceeded Bolivia’s largest single lithium ore — Uyuni salt Marsh (5.4 million tons).

Afghanistan has the world’s largest lithium mines and the world’s third largest copper mine belt. It is called “Saudi Arabia in the lithium mining industry” by the Pentagon! In 2010, the US personnel evaluated that the value of mineral resources in Afghanistan may reach $ 1 trillion. In 2020, Afghanistan’s former diplomat in the United States, Qatar, said in the article that “Afghanistan minerals are valued at $ 3 trillion.”

(The famous Uyuni salt marsh, which contains a large amount of lithium ore)

In May of this year, IEA, an international energy agency IEA, issued a warning again. In order to cope with the imminent climate crisis, human beings must develop new energy as soon as possible, reduce the use of fossil fuels and the discharge of carbon dioxide. The mining and supply of cobalt and other resources to develop new energy. Lithium and cobalt are the two most important metals in the development of new energy industries, which are used in manufacturing batteries and solar panels.


But since the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the war of this Central Asian country has never stopped. Afghanistan’s infrastructure can be described as badly, and the entire country is poor. However, the mining mining industry requires a large industrial investment and supporting facilities, especially the lithium mines that are not very good. In view of the current situation of Afghanistan, the Taliban can never develop the mine in the premise of not relying on foreign aid, and let Afghanistan let Afghanistan On the road of Fuqiang, even the world banks that have been providing economic assistance to Afghanistan in the past have now announced a suspension of assistance to Africa.

(Lithium has an important application in the field of new energy)


In fact, as early as August, Taliban had thrown olive branches to countries. On August 23, Taliban said in an interview with the Yonhap News Agency that he was willing to establish economic cooperative relations with the world’s leading South Korea, but “South Korea needs to acknowledge Taliban as legal as legal. “Regime”, because the international community’s attitude towards the Taliban was not determined, South Korea still did not respond positively and kept a wait -and -see attitude.

(Lithium metal suspended on kerosene)