If you want a high -performance mini computer, there is now a RZBOX optional with Ryron 9 4900H

In the past for a long time, the MINI computer host is the most well known for everyone’s NUC, but in recent years, AMD’s efforts on mobile CPUs provide higher -specified products, so that some mini computer hosts have begun to turn to red camps, such as for example There is a MiniSForum abroad, and now the domestic Chuwi also brings them a MINI computer host Rzbox, which is equipped with a Reriven 9 4900H.

Chuwi is not a new brand, but they seem to prefer overseas markets, and they are relatively rarely promoted in China. Maybe crooked nuts are more friendly to relatively novel products. They used to make cheap Windows tablets, but in recent years, they have also available in recent years. For the launch of some MINI hosts, the most eye -catching is the LARKBOX with only tennis size. They even have Aerbox, which uses the same CPU as Xbox One.

RZBOX is a new series of Chuwii. From the name, it is known that this is the MINI computer series equipped with AMD Ryzen CPU. The first model is equipped with Ryzen 9 4900h. CPU, this is not difficult to understand, because compared with the shipments of notebook manufacturers, small factories such as Chuwi are difficult and not cost -effective to get a new CPU.

想要个高性能迷你小电脑的话,现在有个搭载锐龙9 4900H的RZBOX可选

Of course, the specifications of Ryzen 9 4900H are still very good. The 8 -core 16 thread of the Zen2 architecture, the largest BOOST frequency 4.4GHz, it must be very strong among these small machines. The thread, and it is also equipped with 8 CU Radeon Graphics nuclear display. It is still possible to play 1080P online games, and it also has a built -in active radiator, so it should be able to give full play to the performance of this 8 -core CPU.

The volume of Rzbox is only 2 liters, using the all-metal body, which uses two DDR4 SODIMM slots and two M.2 2280 slots, but only PCI-E 3.0 speed. In terms of body interface, HDMI provides HDMI. 2.0, DP, and even a VGA interface, but its USB-C is actually only 2.0. In addition, it also needs external fire cow (power adapter), so the travel volume will be larger.

想要个高性能迷你小电脑的话,现在有个搭载锐龙9 4900H的RZBOX可选

Chuwi provides three configuration RZBOX sales. The first is of course the quasi -system. In fact, there is no memory and SSD. This is almost difficult to assemble, but if you still want to use it or give it to others, there is 8GB memory. +256GB SSD, or 16GB memory+512GB SSD configuration can be selected. As for the price, it is not yet determined, but it can be reserved today. The first batch will be shipped in October.