“One more possibility”, Volkswagen releases electric beach cars

A few days ago, overseas media reports said that Volkswagen will release a pure electric beach car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.It is understood that the new car may be created based on the Volkswagen Buggy UP concept car released in 2011.

▲ buggy up concept car

■ About the buggy up concept car

1. In terms of size, the body is 3584/1672/1288 mm, which is positioned as a small sandy off -road vehicle.

2. The interior can be used to prevent sand and waterproof. The drainage outlet and the design of the side without door can effectively prevent stagnant water.

3. The new car will be built based on the MEB platform.


4. The new car may be released at the Geneva Motor Show 2019.


■ State Review


There is no doubt that this electric beach car will be very interesting, but of course it is not a product launched by the public to make money.But no matter what, the public let us see more possibilities for electric vehicles.Looking forward to the day when it appears, the little detective will continue to pay attention to the report for you.