Self -made night fishing lights, small and convenient, not shocking fish

The equipment of your own D is comfortable and optimized at any time. Fishing is the mood, just for entertainment instead of fish. As long as the heart is comfortable and the artillery is also enjoyable, the small fish can also be used as a giant.


I basically have wild fishing, and it is night fishing, and it is wild. The bait technology does not work, it has to be a starting light, it is too easy to shock. When I was bored, I saw the bait light on a treasure. When I thought of the bad toys and old mobile phone batteries of the children in the family, I wanted to D, and whether it was used anyway, it was used.

Let’s take a look at the one who just started to do:


Tools: rubber gun, electric soldering iron;


Materials: plastic board, fine iron wire (for line support), infusion pipes (used for waterproofing, also increases beauty), heat shrinkage;


Light beads: The LED lamp eliminated at home, only one lamp bead, add a small resistor (the resistance is to prevent the lamp beads from flickering);

Power: Waste Camera Battery / Old Mobile Battery,

Light bowl: The tube removed from the detergent is brighter inner walls and easy to reflect.

Advantages: The actual measurement continues to be more than 48 hours (the limit is not measured), and the bait and fish collection are sufficient, not as bright as the headlight. You can clamp the bait plate or on the hat, very light, do not,

Disadvantages: Weak white light is relatively injured (can be ignored), and the battery must be deducted when charging. The battery waterproof effect is not good. The angle of the lamp bowl should be made 90 degrees, which can reduce the length of the lamp.

The figure below is recently made, and it is relatively satisfactory:


Material: green lamp beads and switches remained on the bad toys;

Plastic bottle for children’s snacks (switch to battery box);


The battery (500 mAh) and the data cable charging port (T -port) of the POS machine (500 mAh);


Disasted buckle on the box;

Bamboo slices (fixed switch, charging port and buckle);


The pen (as a lamp bowl), the non -slip cover on the ballpoint pens (the lamp head, because the pen will be transmitted to the somewhat transmittance, preventing the eyes of the night fishing from dispersing the eyes).

The lamp beads are green, blue, white, yellow, and red. I use green, and the eyes are not shocked.

Advantages: With the advantages of the previous lamp to solve the shortcomings, it is smaller and lighter. Because of the green lamp beads, it hurts the eyes at night, and the brightness is also available. Use universal charging charger, data cable charging (detailed explanation below), 2 hours full. The switch and charging port are at the bottom. The waterproof effect is very good. As long as it is not heavy rain, it will be fine.


Disadvantages: It continues to light for 6 hours, and it is enough one night.


Look at the night vision effect


Let ’s take a look at the charger. I will bring a USB charging port (the function is the same as the mobile phone charger, does not display the charging progress). I cut off the line inside and re -cable to the contacts so that I will see the charging progress.

The wiring chart has been forgotten to take pictures, and the line is very simple. If you do n’t understand the old iron, you can send me in private at any time, and then take a photo to send it to you.

The above is the upper bait light created at present. Welcome everyone to give pointers!


I have always wanted to engage in a nesting boat. My son has a remote control car that does not like to play. Considering the D remote control nesting boat, he can also play for children.


Buying a new one to get four or five hundred oceans, the money saved can buy new toys for children, spend the same money, exert the maximum value, the child is happy, the daughter -in -law is satisfied, and the road to fishing is no longer bumpy.

When the new toy is bad or the child doesn’t like it anymore, then D, hehe …

As long as you have the heart, you can dyeing the fishing equipment. When the remote control nesting boat is successful, you can post it to let everyone give pointers.

Finally send you a beauty

This post has ended, thank you for your support!