“Tide” I look at it, baseball uniforms are fashionable and age -reducing, 8 collection played to different styles

Baseball is one of the wardrobes of fashion darlings. It is particularly applicable for the little mushrooms. It will lengthen your figure and look tall. Baseball uniforms are fashionable and age -reducing, so that the baby value and real -wear will make people fall in love immediately. There are 8 different styles of collection. There is always one of your dishes!


1. Street hip -hop wind


The tough jacket tailoring is very outstanding, outlines the body curve, giving the unruly fashion sense, the addition of letters and striped elements, make the overall more interesting, put on it, and tell the rebellion of youth.


2. Put on both sides of the Hong Kong wind

Many of the baseball uniforms will be designed to wear on both sides, as if I bought two new clothes, pink and blue switch each other, the hat part can be disassembled, I have to say that the designer’s mind is clever. What happened a week!


3. Little incense wind rough flowers

Chic beaded and pearls let you bring your own protagonist’s halo. What you have to say is that in general, the baseball uniforms are either handsome or cool, but this time it is Xiaoxiangfeng’s ladies. The route has to be liked.

4.BF boyfriend style


The loose version of the retro baseball uniform Oversize is always equipped with a baseball uniform. The letters and the contrasting letters are full from the details. The thread standing collar and the classic of falling shoulders are not losing their attitudes. Attitude, welcome the new season!

5. Vented embroidery model

The velvet won from the material, as if the naughty of the boy was locked with the charming girl’s coquettishness. The designer used the exquisite and vivid embroidery and the gorgeous and noble velvet. He wrote a gorgeous dream about time, and one turned away.

6. Loose Korean version


The addition of cartoon patterns is even more youthful. The ribs at the cuffs and the hem are upgraded to the fashion segment. It is a fashion choice for updating the wardrobe season.

7. Retro Chinese style

Printed short coat retro dragon -patterned Persian murals, the picture is rich and luxurious, colorful and durable, the shape is unique, and the overall feeling is bright. The upper body is like a woman who came through time and space.

The cool girl always exudes the madness ~ cool ~ handsome ~ handsome, baseball uniforms can promote this feeling. Are you get? Creation is not easy. “Wall cracks” recommend friends to like, comment, forward and follow, three grams of oil!



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