Three thousand yuan goose down was washed into a puppet, but the laundry was said to be a goose down?

Three thousand yuan goose down was washed into a laundry shop into a cricket


Consumers come to ask

The staff pushed again and again

Product test report clearly displayed at 95%water washing white goose down

The laundry is called a goose down? Intersection




3000 yuan goose down was sent to the washing shop to clean

After washing the dry goose velvet distribution

Wash again


Fluffed no longer keep warm and discount


Not long ago, Ms. Peng in Changsha was washed away from the “Yiku washing” fine cleansing shop near the house.


However, after the quilt washed, the goose down in it formed a lotus, not only without fluffy, but even the warmth was greatly reduced. Ms. Peng believes that the laundry was washed out of the quilt.

Ms. Peng told reporters that this goose down was bought by her in December 2016. She had been used for several years. At the end of last year, she decided to send the quilt to a special laundry to clean it.


According to the mobile phone photo taken by Ms. Peng at the time, the reporter can see that when the bed quilt can indeed see the goose down in the case of light, it is very uneven.


After the second washing, it was already on December 20th. It took nearly a month before and after washing, but the quilt that got the hand was completely changed before cleaning, and the warmth effect was greatly reduced.

On January 27th, Ms. Peng took the quilt to the “Yiku washing” fine washing shop located outside the Jindu Community of Berlin, Tianxin District.

-02-Cut the velvet of the velvet into a velvet in the scene believes that the product test report of the goose down the quality problem is 95%Washed white goose down on the spot. She complained to the Xinkai Market Supervision and Administration Office of the Tianxin District Supervision Bureau. Originally, she had made a mediation at the Municipal Supervision Office on the morning of the 27th. I did not expect that the person in charge of the Yiku Washing Store was not present.

In the store on the 27th, Ms. Peng was washed into a cricket in order to confirm what she said. She cut a quilt with scissors on the spot. The goose down in it did form a large and small pills.

At this time, the clerk still claimed that they were washed according to the identification of the quilt. Such problems occurred. She believed that the problem was on the goose down.


In response to the clerk, Ms. Peng also found a test report of the brand’s goose down, showing that the filling white goose down with 95%of the fillers.


In this regard, Ms. Peng believes that it may be the problem of detergent used by the store, which is damaged to goose velvet.

Because the person in charge of this store did not go to mediation at the agreed time, the Singapore Palace Market Supervision and Administration Institute of Tianxin District Supervision Bureau terminated the mediation.


We will continue to pay attention to this.

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