How do you spend without heating? You need a graphene electric blanket

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In the northeast, mid -to -late October should be a difficult day for the year, because heating can not be delivered until early November, and it is really cold every night when you sleep. At this time, many electrical appliances can come in handy, such as electrical heating, but the range of electrical heating is limited after all. The most uncomfortable thing when sleeping is the cold bed. Electric blankets seem to be a better choice, but the experience of ambassadors with electric blankets has been easy to get angry, because electric blankets accelerate the loss of human moisture, and there are many safety accidents in ordinary electric blankets. So is there an electric blanket that is high and difficult to get angry? The answer is definitely there, that is, graphene electric blankets. Today I will introduce to you what graphene electric blankets and their own experiences. I hope to help everyone spend the cold winter!

1. What is graphene electric blanket

1. About graphene


Graphene is a new material that is tightly accumulated into a single -layer two -dimensional honeycomb -shaped lattice structure with SP² hybrid. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical characteristics. It has important application prospects in material science, micro -nanoid processing, energy, biomedical and drug transmission. It is considered a revolutionary material in the future.

In fact, graphene originally existed in nature, but it is difficult to peel off a single -layer structure. The graphene is layered in layers of graphite, and a 1mm thick graphite contains about 3 million layers of graphene. The pencil is gently scratched on the paper, and the traces of the leaves may be several layers or even only a layer of graphene. Since the birth of graphene, it has become a kind of influencer material, and the application of various fields has come. Graphene is the highest heating coefficient so far. It has very good thermal conductivity. It is different from conventional metal wire heating membranes. The graphene material is hot and safe, and the infrared rays emitted are called “life light”. Therefore, graphene is also applied to many heater, but there are relatively few applications to electric blankets.

2. Graphene electric blanket vs traditional electric blanket

When I was young, most people had slept with “electric mattresses”. It was really a warm quilt artifact. Plug in the power, spread the quilt, and went in half an hour later in the cold winter.

However, the traditional electric blanket uses resistance wire heating, high voltage, and has a certain danger in terms of electricity.


And due to the existence of electromagnetic fields, long -term use of electric blankets will cause harm to the body, which will have some adverse effects on the elderly, women, and children.

The electric blanket that uses graphene fever has avoided the shortcomings of many traditional electric blankets:

(1) Electricity is safer,


Generally, graphene electric blankets do not require 220V electricity, only the voltage of more than dozens of volt values ​​can be powered. For electricity, it is safe.

(2) There is no metal resistance wire in the graphene electric blanket, which belongs to the carbon fiber material, so it can be made very thin and folded. The most important thing is that it can be washed.

(3) Graphene fever releases distant infrared light waves, which is close to the infrared factor of the human body, thus forming heat reactions, can activate tissue cells, accelerate blood circulation, etc. Far -infrared light waves have many benefits for the human body, which can be referred to the figure below.


Second, Eneca graphene electric blanket unpack

The packaging box mainly uses white color schemes, which looks clean and simple. The English letters above mainly emphasize the lightness, safety and heating performance of this electric blanket.

The “12” logo here indicates the power supply of 12V DC voltage.

After opening, there is a electric blanket, two sets of power adapters and controllers, a storage bag, and a manual.

The first impression of the electric blanket is very thin, and it feels like the sheets, which subverts my impression of the electric blanket.


The workmanship of the electric blanket corner is very fine, and no line head is found. The lighter black line in the picture above is the heating graphene material.


The overall length is about 180cm and the width is about 150cm, which is a double style.


3. Eneca graphene electric blanket experience experience

1. Extremely light and thin, it has become my “royal” sheet


The graphene electric blanket is thin and thin as 1mm. Through this picture, it should be able to feel its lightness, and it is obvious in the sun transmission in the sun.


Due to its lightness characteristics, the storage is very convenient. It can be folded and put in a storage bag. It is also convenient to carry when traveling on a business trip.

In the days without heating, it plays an important role. Because there is no radiation, it can sleep directly on it, because the fabric is relatively thin, and it will not affect the softness of the mattress itself on the mattress. There are elastic bands in the four corners, and people who are not sleeping honestly can use it to use it, so that even if it moves, it will not be easily shifted.

2. Convenient cleaning, health and guarantee

After the traditional electric blanket is dirty, it can only be wiped simply, and it really breeds the bacteria after a long time. The electric blanket of this grapheohe can be washed as long as the controller is pulled out, and it can even be washed directly in the washing machine. In this way, families with small bonsai do not have to be afraid that the child will stain it when playing in bed.


3. Low pressure without radiation, guarantee the safety of use

The power adapter converts 220V AC into a 12V DC to power the electric blanket, and the low voltage guarantees the safety of electricity consumption. Retreating 10,000 steps. Even if the power is leaked, the voltage of the 12V will not cause damage to the human body. If there are young children in the family, even if they urinate at night, don’t worry about a safety accident of leakage and electricity.

In addition, the electric blanket material is resistant to fire -resistant, and has passed the safety testing standards of the European Union, Italy, and South Korea, and rest assured.

4. Partition temperature control, no longer need to fight with the family leaders “

This electric blanket uses partition temperature control, equipped with two sets of adapter and controller, which can be adjusted into different gears on the left and right sides. In the middle of the figure above, it can be clearly seen that the dividing line of the temperature control on both sides of the electric blanket can be seen.

The temperature of men and women is different, especially when the family leadership always says that they are hot after pregnancy. Now there is no need to fight, and each can choose their own appropriate gear.


5. Quick heating, don’t be afraid to forget to turn on the electric blanket

I used to forget to turn on the electric blanket in advance before going to bed at night. The electric blanket of this graphene is very fast, which can be heated in 10 seconds, and 30 seconds from cold to warmth. You can feel the temperature when you feel almost taking off your clothes. You can feel warm.


6. Regulate regularly, rest assured to sleep safely

The controller of the electric blanket can adjust the gear and set the heating time, and turn off regularly. Don’t be afraid to forget the impact of long -term heating on the body.



In general, the experience of this graphene electric blanket is still very good. Finally, summarize the advantages and disadvantages.


: Graphene heat, fast heating speed, release far -infrared waves, which is good for health; low voltage power supply, no radiation, high safety factor; support partition control, more convenient to use; support water washing, convenient cleaning; slim blanket body, storage folding folding folding folding folding, storage folding folding folding Do not take up the place.



: The power adapter is slightly larger, and it is better to control the volume; the price is high, you can wait for activities to start.

The above is the experience of the use of Eneca graphene electric blankets. I hope to provide a reference for everyone.