Suitable and low noise 125kg bearing big load, extremely Chuangyoupin Computer lifting table

The first two days before the medical examination at the school, the spine was a bit deformed. She could only go to college. She checked the information. At the age of 17-19, the spine was developing. It was also a critical moment of learning. Seating for a long time and bad sitting posture will affect our spine. This also made me aware of the seriousness of the problem, and quickly placed the order of the electricity and the electricity of the extremely innocent product.


The size of the desktop of the extremely innocent electricity and the desktop can be selected. The 1400*700mm I bought, put on a 27 -inch display and keyboard, there is still a lot of space after putting the decoration. Related, daily office or home life can be satisfied.

The desktop uses zero aldehyde iron sandwich and environmentally friendly desktop will not emit harmful substances due to long -term exposure. Whether the environment is humid or dry desktop, it will not deform, and it will not volatilize harmful substances due to exposure and other problems.

During the operation of extremely innocent electricity, the range of lift is 62-127cm. Both children and adults adjust the needs of different height groups and different work and office tasks. At the same time, meet the needs of standing office and solve the backache brought about by sedentary.


Because I have a long back pain for a day of work, my back is stiff. I like to stand in office at home. I often use about 110cm. Standing office can relieve the fatigue of one day’s fatigue. Prevent the body’s further discomfort.

The desktop is also very stable. I did n’t feel a lot of shaking during the daily rising decline operation. For this reason, I also sat on the top to experience it, which was really smooth. It also reflects that the load -bearing effect of the Ruyou Yinpin table is very good. I think the official publicity is 125kg. The editor is only 55kg equivalent to two adults to sit up.

In terms of security, the electricity lifting table has a blocking function. To explain it briefly, it is during the lifting process of the desktop. If you encounter external forces, this function will be stimulated to stop running. After the opening, the child has no way to touch the switch easily, and parents are very secure.


The two functions are very practical for friends who have children at home. They avoid the accidents of the table to the child, and do not have to worry about the safety of the child at work at work.

Generally speaking, mechanical and electrical products will have sounds such as air conditioning and computer, so this extremely innovative product lifting table will also have sound, but you don’t have to worry. During the actual use process, there is no big noise when the table is lifted. Speaking of the decibels of whispering, it does not affect our daily life.


The configuration dual motor design can make the lifting and more smooth and dynamic. While low noise, it can also avoid the table stuck in the desk stuck due to insufficient power.


Sitting reminds this function to be more humanized. We can design reminding time by ourselves, and we will send a prompt to make us activities to avoid the adverse effects of sitting on our body products for a long time.

I believe that the editor does not need to say more about the negative impact of the body for a long time. As long as we can often move more, the muscles can be relaxed, but because we work and study, it is difficult to achieve long -term activities, so external forces need to assist to assist in helping. us.


The computer lifting table can undoubtedly help us improve. The maneuvering table of the two thousand prices is used in terms of appearance, material components, or from the stability, smoothness, noise of lift, etc. Quite satisfied.