The appointment page collapsed! Ling Na Belle was fired? Shanghai Disney responded …

Source: China Youth Daily

The setting alarm clock sounded,

The page of appointment was squeezed.


“Lingna Belle” was pushed up on a hot search.


20:00 on December 12th,

Originally Shanghai Disney “Top Streaming Star”

Three products of Lingna Belle

“Conventional Lingna Belle Plush Toys”

“2021 Christmas Series Lingna Belle Plush Toys” and

“2021 Christmas Series Lingna Bell Plush Toys Key Rings”

Time to open the appointment purchase channel.

According to the rules announced by Shanghai Disney in advance,

These three products are adopted

Online appointment+offline purchase method,

As long as the tourists who successfully make an appointment

You can ensure that you can buy the above three products,

Each one can be purchased at most two.

On the evening of December 12,

Many netizens set up alarm clock and stay in front of the screen

Waiting for the appointment channel to open,

But when the original passage is opened, the time

Many people find that the white screen of the appointment page cannot be opened,

Wait until the page is opened,

It shows that all appointments are full.

11-30cm dolls were fired to thousands of yuan

On the one side, there is a spit that netizens can’t grab,

On the other hand, Lingna Belle was fired.

December 14th,

“Lingna Bell’s doll price is too outrageous”

Rush on Weibo

Hot search first.

China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol) noticed,


On a certain e -commerce platform,

Lingna Belle Doll Price

It has reached thousands of yuan.

Consumer purchase record display,

The sales volume per hour is 2-7.

On multiple second -hand platforms,


Someone constantly hangs out of high prices,

Even bluntly start auction,

“The price is high”.

“The regular model has been released,

Christmas doll+pendant,


A set of 3500 yuan free shipping;

2300 yuan for Christmas doll alone. “


“Some people now set up a total of 3,000 yuan,

Shooting from 3,000 yuan,

Many sellers wrote like this.

Shanghai Disney response: The number of replenishments will be increased

For the problem that Lingna Belle is difficult to grab,

Shanghai Disney replied to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, saying that


The reason for the current shortage of supply is


Factors such as huge demand and epidemic in the short term

Affect the production bottleneck.

Disney will be in the next few months

Continuous replenishment and continue to increase the number of replenishments.

According to surging news,

For the question of “oxen priority” questioned by netizens,

Shanghai Disney said,

No “hunger marketing” will not be created.

Before the first batch of replenishment on December 12th,

It communicates with relevant government departments,

Carefully formulate and optimize the release plan,

The guidance aimed at both the prevention and control of the epidemic,

Also follow the principles of fairness and prudential

Provide tourists with opportunities for purchase.


Red Star reporter has also many times Ling Nabeel

The problem of scattered oxen in the second -hand market,

I call Shanghai Disney,

The other party said,

There is no way.


Disney’s official website display,

Lingna Belle is the new IP image of Disney,

It is a pink fox.

“She is a fox with curiosity,

And very smart.

She can solve the problem and solve the mystery

Find happiness … “

It’s such a

No new IP of a story,


But quickly won the love of young people:

Since “debut” on September 29,

Weibo#Ling Na Belle#Cord

Reading 600 million,

Discussion of more than 3.932 million times.

In terms of online language,

Young people are very “upper” to Ling Na Belle.

Talking about the hot reasons of Lingna Belle,

Li Shuanglong, deputy dean of the School of Journalism, Fudan University, believes that

Lingna Belle is not only regarded as a doll by netizens, just as a doll,


It is a “anthropomorphic” existence,

Satisfied the expectations of fans,


Let the fans have a “development” addiction.

Would you like to pay for Ling Na Baer?

“The price is high”.