Look at my colorful skate shoes, the more classic the better

On the importance of a pair of Vans, you will know after reading it

“Fricate friction, rubbing on this smooth ground”, what did you think of this song? That’s right, the pair of skate shoes, among the many skate shoes, the most common and most popular is VANS skate shoes, all kinds of colors, which makes you seem to wear the whole summer. Foot.


Look: low -top VANS skate shoes

This pair of VANS classic water ripples in the first year of re -engraving shoes have a variety of color matching and different colors to wear different styles. Xiaobian is curious, what will it feel like those pale pink Vans?


The blue dark -colored Vans, the absolute small fresh style, the low -top design, let the floral high socks embellish it, like a deep night sky, flashing a few unsightly stars.


Of course, we have to admit that the color of a pair of Vans is different, which will let the wearer wear different styles, such as the combination of black+blue, which is calm and contains a trace of vitality. The student party is the first choice.

In the Vans’s skateboarding series, this is also called lightweight wear -resistant casual shoes. The design style is more concise. The white shoes are particularly eye -catching, the upper is more elegant, and the casual shoes are the best choice.

Vans Chima Ferguson signed skateboard shoes. The white shoe tape in front of the shoe is higher, and the round transition design is added. There are many color options. Xiaobian feels that the pair of blue gangsters Vans It can definitely wear a different retro feeling.

The conventional Vans, of course, is also the most popular one. The visual impact of white wave patterns is very strong. No matter how you look, you feel so perfect. The proportion of blue is more moderate. The more you look at it!


Vans black and white style style, neutral, men and women can be perfectly controlled. The bright crystal blue color used in the upper and heels seems to have a kind of mint sprite flavor, refreshing and pleasant.


Vans Authentic’s shiny glittering women’s shoes. These shoes are currently only sold by a certain island state. Not to mention, there is a kind of Kawaii style unique to the island country, which is suitable for Kaisu girls to wear.

VANS classic print retro style, brown shoes gang brings a strong retro style, especially the printing on both sides of the shoes, making nostalgia also a fashion and a trend.

The typical Vans black and white checker women’s shoes, the shoes are slightly higher, the soles are thicker, black and white are spread on both sides of the shoes. Pure white shoes can wear the extremely clean atmosphere in any occasion.

Look2: VANS high school helpers




Vans SK8-HI Blue Black Color Color high-top sports leisure shoes. This shoe also has a low-ranking style, but the official name is different. In fact, there are two arc white lines on the tip of the shoe. End with the eyes. It is also Vans SK8-HI, but these pairs are the most basic, that is, the most classic style. The shoe gang is a high-top design, which adds three white lines, which is more distinctive and easier to distinguish.


Vans SK8-HI is a neutral style. Boys are wearing so handsome. Girls wear so beautical. White shoelaces are general standard for Vans. I have to say that if it is other color laces, the overall effect may not be as good as the overall effect. White.


Vans SK8-HI pure white model, the entire shoe uses white materials, the shoe gang and upper are integrated into one. If you do n’t look closely, you ca n’t tell the shoe help and the upper. Essence

Finally, I will introduce a Vans SK8-HI alien printed color scheme. If you do n’t look closely, you think it ’s a piece of mint leaf printed on both sides of the shoes. Little mysterious color.

Vans skateboard shoes have now become a leisure culture in a certain sense. Wearing Vans and leisure, are you still worried about your shoes?