Helping the new, Midea central air conditioner is the battery life comfort environment for the Harbin Nangang Taxation Bureau

The so -called “taxes of the country, the people of the people”, taxation is closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Maybe we have felt that the taxation is very related to ourselves, but with the development of the country, the improvement and strongness of education, agriculture, social security, scientific research, and national defense, the benefits of taxation gradually displayed in front of us. Giving full play to the role of taxation functions is an important guarantee for improving people’s livelihood.


Harbin Nangang Local Taxation Bureau, located at No. 12 Zhongxuan Street, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, mainly operates directly under the government and office agencies. It is one of the current main government office districts of Harbin. Since its construction, it has adhered to the purpose of serving the people. However, with the increase in time, the office facilities of the Nangang District Local Taxation Bureau have gradually aged. Among them, the energy consumption of the HVAC crew has increased. In order to ensure the good office environment and the efficient energy saving of equipment, renovation and replacement need to be replaced.

As the heating equipment supplier of this project, Midea Central Air Conditioning is designed to use screw -type cold water units in order to ensure energy efficiency. At the same time, in a limited space, the device is transported by the device, and the on -site split into four parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator and electrical control cabinet, and in the suction and exhaust device of the compressor, Orchids for disassembly and assembly. The entire design scheme not only solves the problem of low energy efficiency, but also solves the problem of installation, transports the unit safely to the computer room, and timely battery life for the comfortable environment of the Nangang District Land Taxation Bureau. Provide services to help.

MC high -efficiency drop -down screw cold water unit

1 efficient energy saving

Adopt a tip screw compressor technology, replenish qi increase technology, full -film -reduced evaporation technology, and cooperate with the new condenser to ensure high efficiency and unit energy saving.

2 Precise and stable

Motor closed design; the unit has a technological leading oil circuit control system to ensure the stable operation of the unit. Capacity adjustment adopts the control method of non -pole adjustment; precise control of water temperature.

3 Environmental protection low noise

The entire series uses R134A environmentally friendly refrigerants, which has high refrigeration efficiency; the use of full -film evaporation technology is more green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the machine keeps low and static operation, which can provide a more comfortable and quiet environment.

4 Intelligent control


The unit’s micro -computer control system has advanced estimated trends, remote control, self -diagnosis, adjustment, security protection and other functions.


In addition to the Taxation Bureau of Nangang District of Harbin, Midea Central Air Conditioning has established good cooperation with customers such as the Tourism and Culture Center of Guizhou Daozhen County, the Land and Resources Bureau of Jiangxi Shangrao City, and the Jingdezhen Public Affairs Service Center, providing a comprehensive air environment for various government agencies And thermal water system solution. In the future, Midea’s central air conditioning will continue to provide HVAC solutions for all walks of life with professionalism and quality services.