Didn’t save the costume drama? These female stars’ costume styles are more strange than one …

“Biography of Jianan”, can everyone chase? There is no suspense, Ju Jingying this time again because of

“Semi -permanent costume”

Mocked by the entire network to the sky ~


She scanned a few stills, and took a conscience and said that she was beautiful, but she was really different from the “ancient style beauty”.

In addition to her most exquisite Korean makeup, as much as possible, it also includes this

Ding Ling Dang’s headdress


This drama is purely historical, and the director has not been too deeply studying the clothing. If people look good, they will be done.


However, Ju Jingying is really obsessed with this curtain, and brushed the new drama


“Hua Rong”

When I took a Reuters, I almost gave me a whole merit ~


Suddenly understand the origin of this “semi -permanent costume”,


The shape of each drama is almost the same



Think of the ancient ugly man who talked about before, and then look back at the present

Female star’s costume

In fact, many are not good.

The costume of high -value actresses is generally ugly, but


Aesthetic controversy caused by makeup is not strong

Staged several times a year.

Especially the recognized fairy characters, once they are stunned, it will be terrible.


No wonder many people sigh:


In today’s costume drama, there are fewer and fewer real beauties at a glance.


At present, it is relatively high in acceptance of early costume


83 version of Honglou Dream

The positive drama represents is indeed a classic. No one can surpass the level of service more than 30 years ago.


There are not many films in the costume in the 1980s, but


Well -made

, Especially palace dramas

The style is bright and magnificent,


The charm of female characters is infinitely magnified.

That’s how can a fan on the head that can be entered the country.

Natural Beauty Age

By the beginning of the 20th century, the costume style suddenly became diversified.

“Moving Flower Cars Marry the Right Lang”


The clothing can be called the internal entertainment costume ceiling!

The aesthetics are completely out of date, and the Jinyi Huadong, thick makeup, and full of beads can’t stop the temperament of the beauty.


“Sword” series

Also full of memories. The first shape is simple and fresh. At that time, Tianxian was really tender!

Zi Xuan of Xianjian 3 is amazing! It’s a pity that Tang Yan has never seen Tang Yan’s lap.


But in those years of domestic costume dramas


Aesthetically fascinating

The shape of the thunder is also a big grasp.

The strange costumes of the Seven Fairies period, the main value can be played, otherwise it will be unsatisfactory ~

After a long period of time, the costume circle was almost available

“Yuzheng Aesthetics”

Rule, full screen is

Color bombing


Another 10 years ago


“Zhen Huan Biography”

Finally, I broke the deadlock again, which made people see the dawn of costumes.


Not the current actress is not beautiful enough, but a lot

The crew’s aesthetics can’t keep up

, Plus entertainment

Cosmetic atmosphere

Influence, costume styling will inevitably rush to the streets frequently.


Can a beautiful woman at a glance at a glance at a glance sometimes not only look at their faces,


Artist’s acting and kimono

of equal importance.

The most typical problem is that the screen has been dominated for many years

Korean big flat eyebrow

It is really rigid in the costume drama ~

Most authentic

Willow leaf fine eyebrow

It is the finishing touch of traditional makeup, but it feels that many makeup artists are not good at it now, and they also test their faces.


Foggy eyebrow


This long eyebrow shape is more natural and easy to control, and it is quite pretty of the atmosphere of the beauty of costumes.


Then there is eye makeup and lip makeup. I don’t understand why the current costume characters are blackened.


Smoked makeup+big red lips


Intersection Doing the most ruthless things under the tenderation of makeup, is it called a highlight of the villain character!

The details of the makeup must also change with the background of the times, such as

Tang Dynasty Open


, Makeup is naturally bright and gorgeous,


The Song Dynasty is restrained

It looks more bland and elegant.


How can ancient style makeup not mention Master Mao Geping? The girl Wang created Qiaoqian Qianqian is beautiful, so she is really beautiful!

Let’s compare it to see what the money -saving crew created

Wang Yuyan of different versions

, Why is makeup more and more vegetarian? The new version of direct lipstick is saved ~

Pursuing nature is right, but also wants to

Consider the role needs

Bar. Should be bright and bright, who wants to see a fairy sister who is ashamed?

Makeup is too perfunctory

It will cause the audience to play in minutes. Modern hair hair+popular hair dyeing, determine that this is the costume drama?

The ancient hairstyle that could not be sophisticated relied on the crew’s bold creativity. for example

The big light of the clear light of the clear light+high erection bun

, I feel like my hair hurts across the screen ~


Reba, this Tang Dynasty hairstyle, why leave such a two -pinch of greasy

Dragon Beard Liu Hai

Intersection From the beginning to the end, I wanted to give her the root clip countless times.

To say



The high rate is high, and the Xianxia drama is really a representative.


The same girl hairstyle with the “small bone” with “Flower Thousand Bone” has become a way

The standard of the heroine of Xianxia

Essence It’s not new to see too much ~

Let’s talk about it


, The most critical part of costume shape! The traditional headdress recorded in the book includes


步 flowers, beads, steps

such as,


It is the highest -etiquette heavy worker headdress.


The complex aesthetics of the coordination of the headgear and the hairstyle

It is also necessary to combine the background of the times to evaluate the identity of the characters. Like in different versions

Yang Guifei


, They are all pearls and gorgeous, no one will stab, because this is her characteristic.

Girls in the Song Dynasty





It’s a highlight. However, compared to “Qing Pingle”, the bangs of “Knowing” are a little worse.


Although the large -scale costume dramas are all there

Work hard to restore historical makeup

, But the effect on the female star is good or not.


Zhang Guifei in “Qingpingle”


Flowing crown

Is it exaggerated? But because of respect for historical facts, the perception is still very bad! U1S1, can really support it with the face ~

“Feng Qiuhuang” is miserable, all the members are facing


Sewing machine head and flying bun


Although it is restored to the Wei and Jin style, it is still spicy to the street after all.


Speaking of the problem of costume costumes, Xianxia drama is still

“Homogeneity and monotonous”

Seeze areas. Either all the members put on the white mosquito net

Either the Copy predecessors copy and paste. Remember good,


“Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”


The fairy gauze skirt with the fire with the fire is a precedent.


Since then, all the crews of all walks of


“Bai Qian Same” produced by the assembly line


You can make a mahjong in a play.

A creativity is amazing once, and is repeatedly abused naturally

Aesthetic fatigue

In fact, the net red fairy skirt is pretty good, at least aesthetic. This


Mythical drama that is not ocean

Isn’t it really Gaia Legend International Fashion Show?


It is also at the bottom of the bad drama. The service of the “Sea Muyun” next door is really attentive. The first time I get to Zhang Junning’s beauty! I can support a few more episodes at this demon girl.

In the past ten years, the historical costumes in costume dramas have been discussed the most

“Yu Mom Aesthetics”

Essence Early



Tucao is very powerful.


“Beauty Mind”


Once out, I finally pulled back a game.

All are beautiful

what. I want to be fascinated by Hanfu when chasing this drama!



“Yanxi Raiders”


The Qing Palace clothing, all used in the Morandi color system, successfully played a costume color matching color.

The only thing that has made me miss in the past two years is


“East Palace”

Xiaofeng in it, a beautiful one

Exotic red dress

, Turburned the God of God.

As the saying goes, radish and cabbage have their own love. Whether the female star’s costume looks good or not. Presumably everyone has different interpretations.