Steaming oven homemade fruit, low sugar without sugar, super simple production

The first cup of self -made fruit tea this summer, I didn’t expect it to be so delicious! In your spare time, use the Kaido steaming ovens to bake a furnace of dried fruits, soak a glass of fresh fruit tea to make you refreshing the whole summer. Grapefruit, orange, dragon fruit, kiwi and other colors of fruits and water collide with gorgeous colors. Don’t look too beautiful ~ A cup of belly, vitamin C is full. After the fruit slices are dry, the sweet and sour taste of the fruit is concentrated, and the fruity aroma is super strong! Even if you eat it directly, you are definitely clean and sanitary zero -added healthy snacks!

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4 grapefruit 4


4 red heart dragon fruit 4

2 kiwi 2

2 lemon

2 oranges


Practice step

1. Prepare ingredients


2. Clean

3. Cut into a thin piece of about 6mm

4. Remove the seeds and put on a grill


5. Put in the preheated Kaido steaming oven, use the hot air to grill the flow mode for 7.5 hours. The water content of the dragon fruit is large and the area is also large, which requires 1-2 hours.

6. Take it out


7. Eat the jar is sealed and stored



1. If you like to eat preserved fruits with a little juice, the slice is thicker. If you like to eat crispy pieces (such as apples), you can use it a little bit. 2. Put the tank after making it. If the fruit with a little moisture is best to eat it within a week, if it is a very dry crispy piece, it can be a little longer. 3. Crispy chips may be softened by moisture, just go back to the furnace to bake.

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