Pathfinder GORE-TEX hiking shoe evaluation, this is my most satisfied pair of hiking shoes

I wonder if it was because of the age, when I was young, I liked gorgeous clothes and hats. With the passage of time and the circulation of time, I started to slowly like comfortable sports shoes. Pathfinder GORE-TEX is the most satisfactory pair of professional hiking shoes that I encountered after a long time after Xiaoyou’s heart. Why is it so sweet? Because only this pair of sneakers solves all walking needs, and it is perfectly solved.


◎ Sequence quietly

There is a well-known cause in psychology, that is, we often hear the “love at first sight”. It’s right.

At first glance, of course, the roadr Gore-TEX quietly seemed to be a virgin, very low-key, and deeply attracted me.

First of all, her beautiful streamlined shape. No, any one shoe is an art of lines, but the curve of these paths GORE-TEX is just like the perfect human curve, bumpy!


Secondly, her well -proportioned structure ratio. Needless to say, any shoe is a shape of the shape. If “ring fertilizer” is the characteristics of mountaineering shoes, there is only such a characteristic, but the pair of roads Gore-TEX is the main way to attack the walking function. The weight of “ring fertilizer” is greatly improved, and the pretty of “swallows thin” is highlighted, and the “ring fertilizer” and “swallow thin” have become a golden ratio.

Finally, her restrained mellow temperament. At first glance, these pair of road visitors Gore-TEX, it does not have a fancy design, it looks quite simple and thick.

◎ The text is moving and taking off the rabbit

1. Unlimited comfort, nourishing your feet and nourishing your body are more moist

From the pursuit of beauty, I feel more comfortable now, from eye-catching coats to pragmatic shoes. This does need to go through some precipitation of life, just like the pair of professional hiking shoes of the roadman GORE-TEX The comfort of its ironing makes people like spring breeze.

In general, when it comes to “professional”, what makes people think of is tall, which is cold and tall. The pair of professional shoes of the road detectors can both have a “professional” model, but it does not set up “professionalism The biggest reason for the shelf is due to its highly lightweight design.


Little friends also have a few pairs of hiking or hiking shoes, but they are very honest and sincere, and they usually only be tied up by my high cabinet, that is, basically except for special exercise, they can’t take several times a year.

However, because of the use of the Safree Rock Air Technology Osoles and Tolite Ultra Light Middle Due to the use of Safree Rock Air, the weight of the shoes was reduced by 25%, and the feet were extremely light.

Little friends’ daily favorite sports is riding, but riding shoes is really difficult to choose. Too lightweight, poor non-slip, good non-slip, and very bulky, but when I put on the roadist GORE-TEX, I deeply know and understand what is late to meet each other.


Wearing a road explorer GORE-TEX, not only is it very strong when riding, but also jogging in the forest is also very comfortable. Although it is the season when the apple bags are bagged, the refreshing apple aroma is unstoppable, the mouth and nose inhale is the fragrance of fragrance, and the softness comes from the soles of the feet. Such exercises are not happy!

Beautiful! Pathfinder Gore-TEX! Ride slowly, running gently, and walking slowly, even if it is just a short stop, there is always a thoughtfulness for you and accompany you!

Second, efficient and waterproof, only take care of the wind and rain

For a person who is accustomed to outdoor rain gear and riding a rain cover, like a little friend, there is a pair of outdoor shoes that can be waterproof and rainproof.


The reason why these pair of roads can be so confidently declared that this can be done because he uses Gore-TEX! GORE-TEX fabric has both waterproof, windproof, and breathable functions, which can effectively block all liquids outside the door. It is the standard for global high-end outdoor products.


For this reason, the little friend specifically measured the waterproof performance of the shoe. Needless to say, the sole thickness.

The water splashing water splash, but when the upper is crystal clear, the water that originally fell into the upper will quickly assembled into a bead, and then roll it out, and the shoe is not wet.

The little friend also poured the water. As a result, we can see through the socks, because after taking off the shoes, the socks on the ankle are wet, but the forefoot and instep are dry as before. Performance is so surprising. In other words, if it is not seeping through the tongue or ankle, the roadr Gore-TEX is not afraid of any rain and water.

3. Professional hiking, go through the mountains and plays everything


The most pleasing of this road visitor is also special and idle functions. The skills they rely on are its independently developed Safree technology outsole, and Safree is SAFE (security protection)+free (free walking).


Look! The bottom of the shoes is as solid as a tire of a large truck.


The thick -collision preservation layer is thick but not handsome!


Surrounding the support structure of the heels provides huge support for hiking.


It is precisely because of these special structures and designs that the road visitor GORE-TEX is very friction, and the non-slip performance is super powerful. Whether the little friend is the uphill of the cart or the car is lifted downhill, there is no slide on the soles of the feet.

But the most remarkable is his lightness, so that it can easily achieve daily walking such as walking.


Fourth, the quality of precision, wear -resistant, durable and personable


These shoes are not only powerful, but also meticulously workmanship. We can see the whole picture from one small detail after another.


This thin and neat pin is simply a craft painting.

Whether it is color or texture of the eye-catching T-FOM insoles.

Belt and shoe gangs … Whether from the perspective of the roadman GORE-TEX, it is a pleasing scroll. Pathfinder GORE-TEX is beautiful and really beautiful: when wearing it, it is a pair of comfortable feet shoes; when it does not wear it, it is a fine workmanship.

Wild flowers are everywhere, duckweed swaying, reeds lush, stepped on the brisk footsteps, shoes are handsome, and people are also personable!

The rapid development of modern high-tech is accelerating the simplified life of life. The era of large-scale outdoor sports bags with a large number of professional equipment should be gone. You can easily realize all your dreams such as working on weekdays, sparing time, hiking exercise, and exercise fitness.

◎ The beauty of the postal movement


Seeing her beautiful when she was quiet, she was wearing her beauty when she moved. This is the beauty of quietness.

Take your wife, carry back your backs, wear your feet, carry on the road, hold a single -handed kettle, bath the breeze, listen to the bird language, walk the river, and walk the forest, but smell the sound of water, the fruits are fragrant … I don’t know what else can make me so excited. All of this is because of the addition and participation of GORE-TEX, the roadkeeper, becoming more natural, harmonious, and ironing.

Because these pair of roads GORE-TEX have both the beauty of appearance, can be versatile, suitable for all kinds of travel, including work; but also a solid heart, her texture and material, so that she is solid and durable, no matter how far away, the road is far away. With her, you can go safely.

Because these pair of roads GORE-TEX have both waterproof energy and often float outdoors. How can you see rain and water? With her, you can worry about you; it’s very light, even if you walk away, even if you go far away, You will not be exhausted because of your shoes.

Is it true that it is really the advantage of my lover’s eyes. Why is it all in my eyes? I can’t give up a little suggestion. Even if it is a little bit fat, it is too thin to lose a little. Is it really a chaotic and fascinating house and Wu? Do not! You can try it!


Put on the road visitor GORE-Tex, and then work, the leisure of rest, the joy of traveling, the fun of exercise, the beauty between the landscape, the beauty of the static, and the shoe to the life.

At present, this shoe has been launched offline physical stores. Men’s goods number: KFAH81003, women’s goods number: KFAH82003, interested friends can go to the store to try it out before chopping hands.


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