“Bei Power School Flower” is not very pure. Wearing yellow sweater with heavy makeup, temperament has changed a lot




Speaking of clothing color, many people take



List as one of the worst colors, not only will it look old -fashioned, but it can also create a dark effect, which is really unsightly and delicate.


However, this is not the case, many, many

Yellow clothing

It can show the effects of fresh age and fashion, whether it is skirt, suit or sweater, etc., and after the yellow style, it can shape different



, Show different charm.

Yes, it is true. After watching too many fashion street shooting, you can find that the yellow look is so delicate, not only can it be visually displayed

Different highlights

, Also look better.

Just like Zhou Ye’s dress, a yellow sweater and a yellow skirt, not only wearing it

Smart woman’s temperament

It also looks elegant and generous, plus red lips embellishment, more feminine, so it can be seen from the wear: Zhou also became popular after the red sweater was full of femininity, and the makeup is so beautiful. Essence

So don’t always feel that yellow is not good. As long as you master the appropriate way of dressing, or choose the right yellow clothing, you can avoid the old and tacky sense of wearing. On the contrary

Cavoral and fashionable shape

, Highlight the charm of wearing, so don’t wear black in winter! Look at the 4 sets of “bright colors” in Zhou Ye, with fashionable personality.

Suggestions about wearing yellow clothing

Choose the right yellow clothing


In clothing wearing, different yellow clothing can show different charm of dressing. Therefore, if you want to wear yellow out of refinement, then you must first

Choose the right clothing!

For example, the yellow skirt is elegant and dignified, the exquisite simplicity of yellow sweater, etc., can shape the charm of women on wearing, reflecting different styles and romance. If it is in the autumn and winter season,

Yellow sweater is more suitable for everyone to wear

Well, it can reflect the elegance and fashion of clothing, and it is warm and comfortable to wear.

Choose the right yellow color

Many people say that yellow will not be exquisite on wearing, and even some old and tacky feelings appear. In fact, in the opinion of the editor, most of them are because of you

There is no choice for the right yellow!

In all yellow systems, there will be different types of yellow, which distinguishes each color. Finding its own yellow can wear a delicate and fashionable sense, then

The choice of skin color is the most correct!

Women of yellow and black skin do not recommend choosing yellow with high saturation, there will be a visual sense of showing black and old. On the contrary, choosing Morandi yellow or brown yellow earth yellow with low saturation will be more elegant. charm!

About yellow wear area

In addition to the color of clothing, the area of ​​yellow clothing is also very important.

Modification and embellishment of a large area or small area

, Can make clothing different charm and layering,

The effects of wear are very different


If you feel that you can better control yellow, in fact, a large area of ​​dressing really does not have any sense of disobedience. It can not only create the charm of wearing, but also reflect a certain exquisite effect. There are many foreign spirits. On the contrary, the modification of small areas can also be brightened, and it will not appear boring and tasteless. On the contrary, it is more delicate and stylish.

Create a sense of layering

If you choose a long sweater, you can wear it like Zhou Ye,


Put a belt between the waist

, Can create a dress



At the same time, it can also show the proportion of wearing, which is more visually high and thin visually. This will be more friendly for small girls, showing a high sense of vision, and it looks like

More delicate

However, you can also see that “Northern Power School Flower” is not very pure. Wearing yellow sweaters with heavy makeup, temperament has changed a lot.

Different yellow clothing wearing demonstrations

Yellow dress+white shirt

No matter what kind of skirt, it has always been a single product that girls like it. Not only are they look good, they can also show more temperament and gas field. However, for the yellow skirts, there are more light colors and more colors. It is a bit of soft color, wearing it to show gentleness and quietness. At the same time, the suspender style is also suitable for most girls to wear. With white shirts, it looks good as a whole.


Yellow hooded sweater+blue trousers

A sweater is a very common item in autumn and winter. When the sweater and yellow form are blessed, wearing it will not only have any boring and dullness. On the contrary, it can shape the highlights of wearing. The version is also suitable for most girls to wear. With blue trousers, the color of the upper and lower colors is more eye -catching.

Yellow shirt+white skirt

Many people say that shirts are a very monotonous clothing. When the shirt is added with a yellow style, it can indeed shape the highlight of the clothing itself. At the same time And the form of a doll collar, it is easy to reduce the age! Wearing a white skirt in the lower body, the overall yellow+white, very delicate and foreign.

So girls with a personality will not only wear black! Looking at the four sets of bright colors of Zhou Ye, full of temperament, daily wear will not be very violated, but it looks better.