Brand tea companies maintain their advantages and new tea drinks stand out

Just in the past, “Double 11”, brand tea companies have achieved good sales performance with the help of e -commerce channels. For example, Dayi has become the first place in the “Double 11” tea industry for 7 consecutive years, and the sales of all channels of Bama Tea industry exceeded 203 million. Yuan, traditional tea companies still occupy the sales advantage; in order to meet the diversified market demand and cater to the taste of the younger generation, the various bags of bubbles and drinks, flower and fruit tea, and patchwork of tea launched by the new tea brand are becoming young youth. New favorite of people and capital.

Head tea companies occupy the sales advantage

This year Tmall’s “Double 11” continued last year’s dual -wave rhythm and lasted 11 days. From the ranking, Pu’er tea categories represented by Dayi, Zhongcha, and Chen Sheng and white tea represented by Fuyitang and white money, The categories occupy the top ten and half of the industry; the categories of green tea, black tea, flowers and grass tea represented by Yifutang, and Tieguanyin products represented by eight horses are in the top ten. Last year, the top ten cans of small cans, small tea mother -in -law and Lancang ancient tea were all on the top 10. As one of the representatives of net red milk tea, the tea Yan Yue color stood out and became a new business.

It is understood that during the pre -sale period, Dayi has released the “impact 7 consecutive championships”, and the ending seems to have no suspense: Da Yi defending Tmall and Jingdong dual platform tea industry. This is also the first place in Tmall’s “Double 11” tea industry for 7 consecutive years.

According to the data of Bama Tea, the sales of omni -channels of Bama Tea Industry exceeded 203 million yuan, an increase of 69%year -on -year. This is also the first place in the “Double 11” oolong tea category of Tmall’s “Double 11” oolong tea category for Baza Tea. It is worth noting that the data shows that on November 1, “Double 11” was officially opened. After the first round of payment, the major e -commerce positions of Baza Tea Industry ushered in their own “opening red”. Live Tmall and’s dual platform oolong tea category. During this year’s Douyin “Double 11 Good Festive Festival”, the sales room of Bama Tea Industry exceeded 10 million yuan, and on November 11th, it was ranked first in the Douyin brand list. As early as October 20, Baza Tea Industry officially launched the “Double 11” promotion cycle this year. In the pre -sale period, they entered the live broadcast room of Weiya and Lin Yilun. They were sought after by netizens with high -quality products. It was sold out instantly.

Yi Futang Tea Industry has stabilized the TOP10 list of Tmall Tea Industry with the “Payment of the No. 1 Buyer Industry Ranking”, and continued to lead Tmall Tea. On the day of “Double 11”, Yifu Tang Green Tea and Zilongjing Tea, West Lake Longjing Tea, Biluochun, Qimen Black Tea and other categories were among the best.

In addition, among the tea companies that are not on the list, Hui Liu Liu’an Gua Magnarian Sales is the first place in the entire network; the sales of the Phoenix Black Tea Line have exceeded 12 million yuan, and have won the Yunnan black tea sales champion for 6 consecutive years.

Bao tea is welcomed by young people

In recent years, bags of tea have been loved by the younger generation with the advantages of being able to use brewing and drinking for easy hygiene and maintaining the flavor and effective ingredients of the original tea. A number of new brands with diverse flavors and emphasis on value are becoming young. New favorite of people and capital.

Sort out and find that the Chali tea and tea Yanyue color in the list are all the main convenience and delicious pocket tea, and the patchwork made from the combination of raw materials such as flower tea, herbs and other raw materials.

According to the “Double 11” war report in Chali Tea in 2021, its entire network sales exceeded 100 million yuan, of which 8 million packages were sold for peach oolong tea.

At the same time, the bubble tea of ​​Yifu Tang is also very popular. On the day of “Double 11”, on the Tmall sales platform, Yifu Tang’s substitute tea and sub -category combined flower tea, re -processed tea/formula tea/seasoning tea, seasoning tea, seasoning Sales on the list of categories such as/flower tea, jasmine tea and other categories are among the best.

In addition, Naixue’s tea, who has not been listed on the list, also ranked among TOP2 of Tmall “Double 11” this year with the hot sales of tea gift boxes. The data shows that only 10 minutes after sale in the early morning of November 1st, Naixue’s tea The total sales volume exceeded the whole day of last year. Looking at the “Double 11” this year, the growth of new tea drinks has become the biggest highlight.

It is worth noting that, due to the impact of the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, more and more consumers pay attention to health. From the perspective of market conditions, compared with previous years, Chenpi mandarin tea has risen, an increase of 9999.99%. Of course, from the perspective of the transaction index, the growth rate of tea powder/tea cream/tea essence/tea liquid/tea honey category is still advanced, an increase of 2947.29%.

Judging from the number of sellers distributed by the sub -industry, the number of tea/flowers/fruits/re -processing tea is the largest, followed by black tea, green tea, oolong tea, Pu’er tea, white tea, black tea, yellow tea, tea cream/tea/tea Essence/tea liquid/tea honey and citrus citrus tea.

In addition, except for Yifutang is a professional e -commerce in the top ten lists, everything else is a traditional brand company. During the “Double 11” period, compared with the unit price of high -customer unit prices of more than a thousand yuan such as Pu’er and White Tea, the low unit price of Yifu Tang’s transaction data is more inclined to the real C -end consumption.

At the same time, there are some notable phenomena. With the rise of emerging e -commerce platforms such as Douyin, the policy of anti -monopoly of the platform’s economic antimony is accelerating. Consumers’ choices of e -commerce platforms reflect the changes in the e -commerce industry under the influence of the policy industry. Essence Big data shows that the head effect of the e -commerce platform’s head in 2020 is weakened, and emerging e -commerce platforms are rising.