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Ferragamo Firagamoto Trip Duty Free Shop Quote List

Look at a man’s temperament and taste

Three parts: leather shoes belt watch


Skin shoes should be bright

⌚️ Watch to brand good style classic

As for the belt, it is more necessary to pursue the brand.

Today, Xiaobian is recommended for everyone.

Italian brand you are sought after by men

Ferragamo Fragamo



Classic metal horseshoe LOGO image,

Simple but not simple, you can be casual, there is a business use

That is, doing work in get off work, so I’ve been sought after by countless men.


With pure metal, wooden, wood and metal


Very rich choice, there is always a suitable for you

(Korea duty-free shop real shot recommended – offer offer)

Shine classic horseshoe buckle: 325 US dollars 375 dollars

Black painted and hoist: $ 355 440 US dollars


Classic needle buckle: 285 US gold gold copper buckle: 399 US dollars bright black painted buckle: 355 US dollars 375 dollars

Fragamo belt leather super good

All are pure Italian calfskin, soft and comfortable wearing comfort

Moreover, the metal head buckle is made of very high quality steel.

Especially in the mall light, especially

Wood head buckle fashion smell is more

I have been used for more than 2 years, nor bad, leather is still like new

Starting or hitting, it may be broken, very durable.