Great praise from the celadon bowl unearthed from South Korea 1500 years ago: the best Chinese porcelain

Source: Overseas Network

Chinese celadon bowl unearthed from South Korea

Overseas Network November 11th

韩国出土1500年前青瓷碗 专家大赞:最上等中国瓷器

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean Cultural Relics Department said on the 11th that a celadon bowl of the 5th century AD was unearthed in an ancient tomb group in Jiayuyi, Xian’an County, Qingshangnan Road.Korean archeologists praised that this is “the most advanced Chinese porcelain.”

Excavation site

韩国出土1500年前青瓷碗 专家大赞:最上等中国瓷器

The celadon bowl is a lotus pattern, with a diameter of 16.3 cm and a height of 8.9 cm. It has a history of about 1500 years.According to the Korean cultural relics department, the origin of the celadon bowl may be Hongzhou kiln.Hongzhou Kiln is located in Jiangxi Province and is one of the six major celadon kiln in China.

韩国出土1500年前青瓷碗 专家大赞:最上等中国瓷器

Celadon bowl excavation site

The Korean media said that the discovery of the celadon bowl is also a proof of cultural exchanges between Araga (the small country of the Korean Peninsula) and the Southern Dynasties of China.(Overseas Network Liu Qiang)