Why are Chinese boys obsessed with gray sports pants?

I don’t know when the gray sports pants have become the dream pants of Chinese boy’s dream.

Whether on the subway, on the road, or on the university campus, it has become the highest -hitting item.


“Gray sports pants are men’s black silk”


In the end what happened? Intersection Intersection


Each boy has a gray sports pants, if not, there are two. Throughout the year, gray sports pants are the top of male consumers’ favorite pants.

It appeared in the OOTD of Xiaohongshu bloggers, and also appeared in the posts that tiger fluttered.

On the university campus, boys wearing gray sports pants can form a continuous look, but you look down, oh it turned out to be worn by yourself.


In the trendy neighborhoods such as Sanlitun, a striped sports pants of a Thom Browne are synonymous with “trendy influenza”+”not bad money”. Although you can’t distinguish whether the gray sports pants who are walking around are wearing Fake.


The same star, put on it is the most tide cub in Sanlitun

When some people are still showing their ankles in order to dress cool, they must have arthritis by their mother all day long. Others have mastered the fashion password of “soil to the extreme”. The legs of the sports pants are stuffed into socks, so that the ankle that is not slender and swollen.

The popularity of gray sports pants, just like the wearing of socks and pants, can be called metaphysics. Because from all angles, it is not the most ideal pants of men.

Is gray sports pants really fashionable? The fashion emperor Karl Lagfi said that “sports pants are the symbol of failure.” In the eyes of many fashion people, when a man starts to wear sports pants, he has given up.


Even in the sports pants industry, gray sports pants are not excellent. Most boys choose loose models when choosing sports pants. Black sports pants are okay, but the fat gray sports pants will really make the height of the unhappy body worse.


If you accidentally have RAPPER vision

Is gray sports pants easy to wear? This is true. Once a boy found the most comfortable one from the sea of ​​gray sports pants, he may not want to change his pants in this life.


A netizen knows that men’s love for gray sports pants also has regional factors.

“Since I came to Beijing to study last year and spent a winter, I have also started wearing sports pants like autumn pants. Beijing’s winter haze and dust are scraped, soil smoke and dust are sticking to you. You do n’t know if you walk on the road. A lot of soil is sticky.


I walked through white pants and found that it was gray after a few days → → → turned into gray (the color became darker)

I walked through black pants and found that it was gray after a few days → → → turned into gray (lighter color)

In any case, you are very upset in these two situations, and you have to wash your pants.

But if wearing gray pants, even if you get gray, it is still gray and judge.

Comfortable, dirty, and versatile, these are the reason why gray sports pants are widely popular, but if you think that gray sports pants only stop there, then it is too underestimated.

When we search for “gray sports pants” online, we were surprised to find that the gray sports pants were not only conquered by men, but also many women.


Some girls said that when they looked at the boys wearing gray sports pants, they first understood how the boys looked at girls wearing black silk. Other girls’ hobbies are dancing in boys wearing gray sports pants in Douyin. Star -chasing girls call on the majority of men to wear gray sports pants.

I love dance with gray sports pants

After a serious surfing on the Internet, we finally found the popular password of gray sports pants.

The reason why gray sports pants can attract men with different orientation is that in addition to exposing abdominal muscles and waistlines like all sports pants under the sky, it is also an absolute advantage:



Compared with dark models, gray sports pants are more male, and they can outline the key parts of the male, which is looming.

American actor, singer nick jonas

Although everyone likes to compare the gray sneakers as black silk, the sexual charm of the gray sports pants is actually quite vague.

It is more like the cream of the semi -Tibetan forest nose, the blue dress of Yishazi, and the white pullover sweater in Jingchuan, the surface is pure and harmless, and the inner color is full.

“Pure Desire Celery” Yishazi and Jingchuanli


The desire of gray sports pants is more like the desire for sports. It reminds people that a messy boy got up from the bed and grabbed a pair of gray sports pants on his body. It was a kind of sexy full of sweat and sorrow.

It is easier for boys to wear only a pair of underwear and show muscle without reservation, and the gray sports pants that “still hold the pipa” are more likely to make people associate and produce curiosity.

This is not our nonsense. Black sports pants are just simple sports pants, but


“Male Bodhisattva”, “Crossing Cat Cat” and “Rubbing Men” have long been a related vocabulary of gray sports pants in contemporary context.

This is why the gray sports pants are short and fat, but they still rank in the sports pants.


At this point, we finally understand why wearing gray sports pants dancing has become the traffic password of many Douyin boys. This is about the “twist” of the sexual transmission version.

Tracing back, the wind of gray sneakers has been shaved for six or seven years. Not only domestic, but foreign boys have already knew about the “show” of gray sports pants.


If you search for gray sports pants on the encyclopedia dictionary Urban Dictionary, it will tell you that the gray sports pants are “The Pants That You Should Wear When With Your Girl;), and even showed women about gray sports pants between women. Example of screaming dialogue:


LAcy: Did you see aiden wearing those sweatpants !?

Kerry: OMG YES, HE DID It for us to see!

The entry for gray sports pants on Urban Dictionary


Foreign boys also set their autumn and winter every year

“Grey Sweatpants Season”

When the temperature gradually became cold, the boys could finally embrace their beloved gray sports pants without fear.

As early as 2015, Buzzfeed published an article entitled “Gray Sports Pants is the most important product of men”. But in fact, the connection between gray sports pants and sexual tension may be traced back to earlier.

American black writer Nichole Perkins recalled that she had been on a website called BlackPlanet, which was an online community of African Americans launched in 2001. On the website, many boys will show up photos of their own gray sports pants. There will be girls commented underneath. “Do you see what I see?” Other girls would reply to “I see it.”

In this way, gray sports pants have become a way to show sexual charm. Perkins believes,

This is the most secure way to show your own style without worrying about being stigmatized by society.

“Men of different body types -even if they do not have the same figure as Christ Hemsworth (the player of Thunder God in the Avengers” -can also get what they want to pay attention to. “

In Twitter,

#Greysweatpantschallenge (#challenge)


It has always been a hot topic.

In the ancient times, the boys were just keen to show their ideal sports pants they bought, and later gradually evolved into a gray sports pants and showed off their size.


The earliest gray sports pants challenge is still very simple

But by 2016, things gradually developed in strange directions.


Under the topic of #greysweatpantschallen, more and more strange things have begun to appear in the boy’s crotch. Bananas, pythons, pet dogs, suitcases, flat -screen TVs, Christmas trees, musical instruments, humanoids and even … roommates. It can be described as a lot of tricks.

Pulling the topic back, according to the data of the global fashion search platform LYST, the sales of gray sports pants have increased year by year. In 2019, it increased by 14%year-on-year compared with 2018, and in 2020, another 38%. Every year from September to December and March-April, it is the peak of searches for gray sports pants.

In a sense, gray sports pants are of great significance.

Men do not need to spend thousands of dollars to pursue a suit -style elite sex. They only need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy gray sports pants that are worn in autumn and winter.

The folds and shadows of gray sports pants can show their advantages to the greatest possibility and cover the disadvantages. A foreign boy described it as

Men’s supporting bra


Essence Girls may need to be purchased deliberately, but there is no gray sports pants in which boy’s wardrobe. It is precisely because it seems so ordinary and sexy.

Another interesting phenomenon is that men also experience the feelings when women were materialized in the past.


When they surf them on the Internet with a photo of themselves wearing gray sports pants, anyone can comment on their own, praise or vomit, such as a sentence that will always appear in the comment area

“Put the socks?”


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