2018 new women’s retro knitted jacket turtleneck lace bow sweater

I really do n’t know what kind of words should be used to describe our love for sweaters. If it is not a sweater, how tedious our dressing is flowing in four seasons. Girls who warmly stop in their hearts can’t help but be loved. They are a bit bright and delicate, but wrapped with sweaters can be better than too many beautiful. Fresh sense that can’t be controlled.

Manjushahua 2018 new women’s retro knitted jacket turtleneck lace bow sweater

As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with saddle, good boats with good sails, without much accident, everything will naturally return, so not a woman dares to wear such a bottoming shirt, but instead The fresh passion in the bones of youth girls, exchanged for the corresponding color, is the most beautiful but more red and white and blue.

New women’s retro long -sleeved shirt standing leader mouth lace edge slim bottom shirt

As a hidden fat man with a small fat on the inside of the thigh, it pays attention to whether the skirt’s tailoring and the version can cover the fat well, and as much as possible as possible. Its version is just right. The skirt, the skirt is just over the knee, exposing the calf; the design of the horse clip in the first half, increasing the waistline, lengthening the proportion of the body, and creating the effect of long legs.


See and not see the new women’s retro leave dresses in the spring of 2018, the new long skirt

No one likes to live in a static life. Naturally, no one likes to be unchanged. Wearing the dresses of the rotten streets in the wardrobe? Try the replacement plaid/although the checkered dress can be called a classic, becoming one of the essential items in the hearts of many people. This world is stable, and there are almost no women who can live in the wider field of vision, especially dressing up. No matter how demand for demand, it can be perfectly digested on the basis of trend


Left -hand flower fragrance 2018 new women’s retro vest dress grid waist waist literary middle skirt


A strong design of a sling skirt, the shoulder strap can be opened, the simple and generous collar design, modify the neck lines, the waist is designed with a pleated ruffled edge, the waist is thin, forming a wide skirt, a siege surround There is a capacity, using Korean velvet fabrics, soft, smooth, short and delicate on the surface of the surface, and not easy to get ball, hair loss, shirt or T -shirt inside, simple and versatile, elegant and generous temperament.


Backlight Dancer 2018 new women’s retro suspender dress V -neck flower waist long skirt


Want to know the popular elements that female stars can’t give up? From the basic plaid shirts to the retro checkered dress, they are their favorite items. Some people interpret it as British style. Some people wear leisure models

Begonia still autumn and winter 2017 new retro women’s clothing stands bowl bow lace face layer cluster chiffon shirt


Shirts are essential versatile items in everyone’s wardrobe. Beautiful shirts cannot be stolen in the wardrobe ruthlessly.

Snow Dance 2018 early spring new women’s retro lace long sleeve top butterfly knot literary and thin white shirt

An elegant and decent wild shirt must not be less. Wear the atmosphere alone and soft inside. This is a good choice. Modify the shoulder shape,; slim -fitting, thin, elegant, romantic and eye -catching, feminine; bubble sleeves are sweet and elegant, echoing with the overall style, play a strong retro style, enhance temperament of temperament


Bai Lu 春 2018 early spring new women’s retro lace shirt stitching lace embroidered long -sleeved shirt

Qingkong Singing 2018 Morning Season New Women’s Retro White Shirt Palace Palace Long -sleeved Pure Color shirt


The elegant and decent versatile shirt must not be less season. Wear the atmosphere and soft inside. This is a good choice. The monotonous body is full of femininity.