Do you really know outdoor hiking shoes?

What is the experience of bad outdoor shoes in the wild?

For ordinary people, no foot shoes will tragedy.


For professionals, inappropriate shoes mean injury and even life -threatening.

For a country, an inappropriate “palm” means the rise and fall of the country.


A pair of good shoes avoids you embarrassed in front of everyone; a pair of good shoes, you can step forward without a boyfriend; a pair of good shoes can win a war.

So today, Ono will talk to you about the things of outdoor footwear.

Common outdoor shoes include hiking shoes, hiking shoes, off -road running shoes, etc. Today we start with the hiking shoes below the snow line.

We are no strangers for outdoor shoes hiking shoes, and they look very simple, but the core technology and functions in the shoes are believed to not everyone know.


Hiking Shoes usually weighs about 300-450g, and weighs between mountaineering shoes and off-road running shoes. The structure can be roughly divided into large parts, midsole, upper, lining, laces, and tongue.


Walking shoe wear -resistant non -slip part

Osoles refer to the part that directly contacts the ground, which plays a vital role in the entire shoes. The main role is wear -resistant, followed by non -slip.


The non -slip nature of a pair of shoes is reflected in the texture of the outsole.

Generally, the leisure shoes are simple and the direction is simple; but as outdoor hiking shoes, in order to cope with the complex outdoor environment, the texture is complex, the direction is diverse, and the teeth lines are deeper. This is also the element of a good pair of hiking shoes.


The wear resistance of a pair of shoes is mainly reflected in the material of the outsole. It is usually natural rubber and artificial synthetic rubber.

natural rubber


Very soft, excellent elasticity, suitable for all kinds of sports, the disadvantage is that it is not wear -resistant. Indoor sneakers are mostly natural rubber.


Artificial synthetic rubber


There are many types, including air rubber, carbon rubber, viscous rubber, hard rubber, etc.

Sticky rubber

: It is characterized by good flexibility and non -slip, which is generally used on indoor sneakers.


Air rubber

: Add air to the rubber, it has a certain shock absorption function, but it is not abrasion and is not widely used.

Hard rubber

: The most comprehensive rubber in rubber materials, non -slip and wear -resistant, widely used for multi -functional shoes and basketball shoes.

Carbon rubber

: Add carbon to ordinary rubber to make the rubber more abrasion. Most of the running shoes use this rubber. And there will be BRS marks on the back of the sole, indicating that the outsole uses carbon rubber.

“Top Stream” -Vibram in the bottom world-vibram

It is a company founded by Italian Vitale Bramnni in 1937. The main business is the manufacturing and research and development of the sole. Almost all outdoor shoe manufacturers have in -depth cooperation with Vibram. This yellow vibram logo is synonymous with high -priced and high -priced high -priced high -priced.


There are many series of Vibram products. The common: Light Weight, GRIP (Grab) Climbing (climbing) Safety (security) and Flame Resistance (flame retardant). Unfortunately, shoe manufacturers only have yellow labels, but do not indicate which Vibram base is used.

In addition to the Vibram brand, the tire plant Michelin (Michelin) Continental has also entered the outdoor field in recent years, fighting with it, and gradually occupying a part of the shoe outsole.

Middle bottom:

Hiking shoe support shock absorption part

The midsole materials of hiking shoes usually include PHYLON, ethyl acetate (EVA), and polyurethane (PU).

Both PHYLON and EVA belong to the same attribute class, that is, engineering plastics, the difference between the difference between the two is different. EVA belongs to the first soak, PHYLON is secondary hair, and the pHYLON after the second foam is better than the EVA material, which has better cushioning and elasticity. Compared with the PHYLON midsole and EVA midsole, the biggest advantage of the PU midsole is that it is good for elasticity and toughness.

On a lightweight road, it is difficult for the shoe factory to shake the “top flow” status of Vibram, so they usually make articles on the midsole to launch the midsole products that both ensure stability and elasticity and comfort. PHYLON, EVA, and PU are mixed in three materials, and the multi -layer midsole design of PU+EVA, Dynapu, compression EVA, and double -layer EVA is launched.

Upper and lining:

Hiking shoes waterproof and breathable part

Some manufacturers’ outdoor shoes have good waterproof performance but poor breathability, which will cause the heat to produce the heat generated by the feet, or it is difficult to dry after the shoes are wet. Shoes do not choose waterproof and well -protected mountaineering shoes.


In fact, as long as the balance point is found between waterproof and breathable, this “paradox” can be solved. Fortunately, since the outdoor waterproof and breathable big gangster Gore-TEX fabric is born, the hiking people no longer have to tangled between the two of them. The relationship.


Another big man in the outdoor -Gore


Gore-TEX fabric is a light, thin, sturdy and durable film exclusive invention and production of W.L.Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore). It has waterproof, breathable and windproof functions. Breaking the disadvantages of general waterproof fabrics cannot be breathable, so it is known as the “cloth of the century”.


The main principle is to stretch the polytetrafluoroethylene material with a waterproof and windproof function to allow it to have a moderate diameter micropore. This micro -hole can discharge the gas molecules with smaller diameter. The stretching thin -film error channels are superimposed layer by layer, forming waterproof and breathable fabrics on the market.

The principle sounds simple, but like how to control the size, density, uniformity, etc. during the stretching process, these core technologies are difficult to master.

Shoes and tongue:


The binding system of hiking shoes

The shoelaces play the role of fixed shoes and feet. A new type of fast tie technology allows the wearer to easily complete the tie and solution process. It uses steel wire instead of traditional shoelaces, and is adjusted by a round knob to relax. This system can be applied to almost all types of shoe categories, completely replacing traditional straps. The more representative is the BOA lace system.

Although the BOA lace -up system is convenient and fast, under the complex road conditions in the wild, there are shortcomings of low reliability. Therefore, the system is applied to the off -road running shoes that pursue speed, but it is less applied in hiking shoes.

The tongue refers to the part of the brand logo and product size. Its role is to prevent sand and stones from entering the shoes, wrap and protect the feet. When buying hiking shoes, try to choose shoes with a wide and good package effect.


After knowing these knowledge of outdoor shoes, you will easily find a pair of good shoes that are suitable for you, but what is a good pair of hiking shoes? In the subsequent articles, we will share with you, so stay tuned.